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A little #warmup in the morning wakes up the body and makes you energized for the day. #engineeringstrong #fitness #earlymorning #yoga #sunsalutation #inspiration #active #wayoflife #outsideyoga #outsideworkout
Working on the #frontsquat. Perfecting the #technique. If you want to check the #barpath for your own lifts 🏋️‍♀️, search for the Iron Path #app in the App Store. 󾔥#practicemakesperfect But you don't want to be perfecting the wrong technique. #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #oly #olympiclifting #fitness #liftingweights #liftingspirits #alwaysgettingbetter #efficiencyiskey
Heavy one-arm kettlebell swings will fry your core!


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How to strengthen the abs?

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Dr. John Rusin

If you're going to flex the spine in training, you better damn well dynamically stabilize it under total control. Most people aren't ready for an advanced ab va...riation like the reverse crunch because they simply don't know what it is to stabilize the shoulders, core, and hips together as a functional and synergistic unit.

But for all you stud athletes out there who have mastered the proper brace at the core and stabilizing musculature, your next progression is dynamic stability. This variation builds loads of tension and activates multiple layers of the abdominal for a serious training effect.

Use your hands gripping the bench overhead to stabilize the shoulder complex and thoracic spine and a foam roller pinned between your lower leg and hamstrings to lock in a neutral-ish position at the pelvis to avoid excessive fulcruming flexion and extension. And finally, the slower you move and harder you contract, the tougher this movement gets. Program in pristine sets of 8-12 reps once got twice a week if you've earned the right to advance your ab training beyond isometrics.

Now, if you want to overcome your injuries while getting in better shape than ever before, get access to my FREE Restart Kit at today!

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The key to shoulder training is to maximize muscular tension while minimizing joint stress.

Intelligently Build Your Shoulders To Get Out of Pain If you want shoulders that aren't chronically broken down and pissed off, you better hammer the backsides of your shoulders with concentrated volume and emphasis every day you walk into the gym. Think of building a thick upper back and big, round...

What do we know about Central Nervous System fatigue?

The research shows that low intensity, high duration exercise causes far more central fatigue than short, high intensity exercise.

The research does not show any relation between the amount of musculature involved in an exercise and the amount of CNS fatigue it induces.


CNS fatigue is largely acute. It normally doesn’t take days for the CNS to recover. The CNS can recover within minutes.

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You know how squats and deadlifts tire you out so much? Why it takes days to

How To Objectively Interpret Information In The Fitness Industry?

Use the acronym READ. It stands for Research, Experiment, Analyze and Decide.

The Age of Mystical Misinformation In The Fitness Industry As fitness professionals or enthusiasts we all have our pet peeves about the industry. I guess you could say the same for any type of occupation or hobby, but since my world is saturated with fitness news it becomes more prominent and freque...

What to eat and what activities to do for muscle recovery?

Poliquin Article on a wide range of topics from strength and muscle mass gain to nutrition and supplementation.

"High tension is a signal to the body to hold onto muscle when you are in a deficit. This can be done with heavy weights or by purposely contracting the muscles hard during an exercise."

When you reduce calories for fat loss, tension-focused resistance training is better for preserving muscle than high rep training. Here's a sample routine.

“Do you have stubborn lats that refuse to grow?” Well, yes I do. I might try the rotating lat pulldown.

Build your lats with this unilateral pulldown variation. You'll get a growth-inducing stretch at the top and a hard contraction at the bottom.

I love Olympic weightlifting. It's challenging, it's humbling, it's complex. But it's not for everyone. More likely than not, it's a bad way to get fit.

And one other thing, don't do jumping drills if you are overweight.

These exercises and training methods have their place, but they're stupid choices for most gym goers. Here's why.

Learn how the reverse hyperextension exercise can help with chronic low back pain.

Back injuries are the most common of all orthopedic injuries and they happen in gyms and the workplace a lot. This week, I'll show you how to perform the reverse hyperextension exercise, a very useful tool for people who cannot bend forward without feeling pain due to a previous injury. If you

The fasting mimicking is perhaps the only intervention shown to reduce diseases and extend longevity in mice and partially reverse the effects of aging on many disease risk factors in humans.

Evidence suggests fasting could help prevent aging. One researcher says the fasting-mimicking diet offers similar benefits with fewer restrictions.

How to position the neck during a kettlebell swing?

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Chief SFG Brett Jones covers acceptable—and problematic—neck position in the kettlebell swing. Brett will be hosting a Live Q&A Video session on the swing and other things right here on FB on Wednesday at 10am Pacific—don’t miss it.


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Testosterone Nation

Sprinting: it's like jogging for people who want to look good naked.

Bulk vs Steel! 💪

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596,601 Views | The Ultimate Lifting Experience

Old school worlds strongest man contest

How to play with a band for shoulder stability.

239 Likes, 4 Comments - Vitas Naudziunas (@vitasphysio) on Instagram: “RESILIENT ROTATOR CUFF 🙌 - This is an awesome drill by my friend @af_move . Give it a try and check…”