Speaking Competition in HKU
Speaking Competition in HKU
Speaking Competition in HKU

Have you thought of getting tattoos? Do you think tattoos should be banned in school?

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Don't Lie !!!

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I wish I didn't sleep through my music lessons.

Things get in your eyes !!!


Check it out.

Heaven may only be 3, but she's already an amazing dancer. She and her mom brought the moves to prove it. Check it out, and see the big surprise Ellen had fo...

Please make a sentence with the world 公主病 .

Great Videos.

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Naughty Boy - La La La (Making of) ft. Sam Will Smith

From Naughty Boy's debut album "Hotel Cabana" AVAILABLE NOW - Download: Watch the Hotel Cabana trailer at F...

La La La (Naughty Boy song)
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"La La La"

La La La "啦啦啦"

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From Naughty Boy's debut album "Hotel Cabana" AVAILABLE NOW - Download: Watch the Hotel Cabana trailer at F...

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◆Dead president 美鈔(不是:死了的總統)
◆Service station 加油站(不是:服務站)
◆Rest room 廁所(不是:休息室)...
◆Busboy 餐館勤雜工(不是:公汽售票員)
◆Dry goods <美>紡織品 <英>穀物(不是:乾貨)
◆Heart man 換心人(不是:有心人)
◆Tea shop 茶館;小吃店(不是:茶葉店)
◆Senior citizen 老年人(不是:高級公民)
◆Wash one's hands 上廁所(不是:洗手)
◆A busy body 愛管閒事的人(不是:忙人)
◆A black sheep 害群之馬(不是:一隻黑羊)
◆Be taken in 受騙,上當(不是:被接納)
◆Pull sb's leg 開玩笑(不是:拖後腿)
◆African American 美國黑人(不是:非洲美國人)
◆Eat one's words 收回前言,改正錯話(不是:食言)
◆Mad doctor 精神病科醫生(不是:發瘋的醫生)
◆Eleventh hour 最後時刻(不是:十一點)
◆Personal remark 人身攻擊(並非個人評論)
◆Sweet water 淡水(不是:糖水或者甜水)
◆Confidence man 騙子(不是:信得過的人)
◆Criminal lawyer 刑事律師(不是:犯罪的律師)
◆Dressing room 化妝室(不是:試衣間或者更衣室)
◆Horse sense 常識(不是:馬的感覺)
◆Capital idea 好主意(不是:資本主義思想)
◆Familiar talk 庸俗的交談(不是:熟悉的談話)
◆Black tea紅茶 (不是:黑茶)
◆Green hand 新手 (不是:綠手)
◆Have a fit 勃然大怒(不是:試穿)
◆Black art 妖術(不是:黑色藝術)
◆White coal (作動力來源用的)水
◆Chinese dragon 麒麟(不是:中國龍)
◆Red tape 官僚習氣(不是:紅色帶子)
◆China policy 對華政策(不是:中華政策)
◆White man 忠實可靠的人(不是:皮膚白色的人)
◆Black stranger 完全陌生的人(不是:陌生的黑人)
◆Eat ones words 收回前言(不是:食言)
◆An apple of love 西紅柿(不是:愛情之果)
◆Handwriting on the wall 不祥之兆(不是:大字報)
◆Bring down the house 博得滿堂喝彩(不是:推倒房子)
◆Blind date(由第三者安排的)男女初次見面(並非盲目的約會或者是瞎約會)
◆Roadside business 汽車飯店;汽車旅館;汽車影院(不是:路邊店 )
◆American Dream 美國的生活方式,美國人的自由民主觀念(不是:美國夢)
◆Yellow book 黃皮書(法國政府報告書,以黃紙為封,不是:黃色書籍)
◆Blue stocking 女學者,女才子(不是:藍色長筒襪)
◆American beauty 一種玫瑰,名叫美麗動人(不是:美國美女)
◆English disease 軟骨病(不是:英國病)
◆Indian summer 愉快寧靜的晚年(不是:印度的夏日)
◆Greek gift 害人的禮品(不是:希臘的禮物)
◆Spanish athlete 吹牛的人(不是:西班牙的運動員)
◆French chalk 滑石粉(不是:法國粉筆)
◆In ones birthday suit 赤身裸體(不是:穿著生日禮服)
◆Make ones hair stand on end 令人毛骨悚然,恐懼(不是:令人髮指,氣憤)
◆Think a great deal of oneself 高看或者看重自己(不是:為自己想的很多)
◆Pull up ones socks 鼓起勇氣(不是:提上襪子)
◆Have the heart to do 用於否定句,忍心做(不是:有心做或者有意做)
◆What a shame 多可惜,真遺憾(不是:多可恥)
◆You don't say 是嗎?(不是:你別說)
◆You can say that again 說的好(不是:你別說)
◆I haven't slept better 我睡得很好(不是:我從未睡好過)

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EnglishTV added an event.
July 1, 2014


Supported by
British Council Hong Kong ...
Hong Kong Cyberport
Hong Kong International Education Expo

English TV is organizing a FREE workshop on Speaking & Writing English more like a Native Speaker.
Outstanding participants will be invited to be our writers or presenters. A FREE Web TV account for 1 year will also be provided.

Session A: 5th JULY 2014 (SAT)
Session B: 12th: July 2014 (SAT)
TIME: 12:00noon – 2:00pm
VENUE: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Old Wing, Hall 3G (To be held during the Hong Kong International Education Expo 2014)
SPEAKERS: British Council Representatives, RTHK Presenters, TV Presenters & Guests
REGISTRATION: Required (By Fax, Email or WhatsApp)
TEL:2882 9997,
WHATSAPP: 96109599

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Sat 12:00 AM UTC+08Unit 1103A, 11th Floor No. 359 - 361 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2 people interested