Rain session #1 - The Unquiet Grave (Cover Penny Dreadful OST ...
Enlia - The Flower Tempest
Enlia - Beautiful Nightmares

I wish you all a happy new year 2018, filled with love, success and good health.

2017 has been challenging for me, both on a personal and professional level. You'll have to wait more to be able to buy Original Songs For Your Dreams' physical album, and to hear The Void's EP. Though, How I Travel At Night's physical version will be purchasable soon on Bandcamp and I truly hope you'll feel all the effort and love I put on it.

2018 will be intense as well, since I'm going back my day job as a full-time speech-therapist for at least 5 months. Being a session-singer was truly an amazing experience. Unfortunately, my incomes aren't stable enough yet for me to work full time in it. I won't give up on music, and keep you updated on all the future releases.

Thank you always for your support, take care

PS: almoooost there

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TODAY IS RELEASE DAY ! A few months ago, Neon Insect (talented Abatron's soundtrack composer, who's actually taking care of my next EP's mastering) asked if I could make a remix for his new project. I ended up choosing "The Council" and put a dreamy / IDM / Chill feel to it.

I've been producing for 12 years now but this is my first remix and I hope you'll all like it. A few years ago, I just didn't see the point of doing remixes, especially if the original song is awesome al...ready... Turns out that it is just a really fun thing to do. I may do it again in the future

Also, you can read some nice reviews and interviews about the record there:…/artist-you-should-know-neon-in…/…/

The whole record is available now on Bandcamp (meet me at track n°4 )

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Recently I drew your attention to the new upcoming release by German artist Neon Insect, “Glitches” and it’s been generating a lot of interest internationally in the IDM, Glitch a…

Aaaaaaand How I Travel At Night's physical album is ready to be sent everywhere for 11€ (including shipping)

11 euros sur Bandcamp et 8 euros si vous me l'achetez directement en mains propres avec un gros bisou et une dédicace en plus
PS: maintenant je suis sur Rennes.

15 track album

'Céleste' is now on Youtube ! ^-^

Thème musical de la Gardienne Céleste: Artwork par d'Hoffryn. Pour plus d'info...

For drone / weird shoegaze lovers, I had the chance to record some vocals for the first track of CoH's album 😊

9 track album

Merry Christmas to all of you

Paradise Lost (featuring my buddy Inspir is now available on Deezer on Dance Mix Interactive compilation 👻🤸‍♀️

Dance Mix Interactive by Various Artists - Year of production 2017

Today, I am releasing an emotional soundscape, at least for me. Filled with emotions, because of the place it depicts - a chapel - because of the haunting vocal...s, and the harmonium in the background, that speaks to the soul. Because I've been able to rely on the help of many friends for this one, Marta (aka El Grey), Enlia and "Les Amicroches" (hello Benjamin). And last but not least, because of my father Jean Marie, who actually restored the harmonium you can hear in this soundscape. Enjoy Chapel Voices. And if you like it, don't hesitate to drop a little work or comment below, to thank the people who have been involved in this one. I am sure they'll read.

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There are beautiful acoustic spaces around us that we barely notice. Places like churches and chapels, are beauties for our ears too. These places really shine when one starts to sing...

Is it a new cover ? Oh wow, yes it is. It's been forever 👻

Forever Young (Cover Alphaville)
Plays from SoundCloud

When you unintentionally delete your stems.

All my Bandcamp discography is available for free now 🤖🤸‍♀️

Enlia crafts ethereal dream-pop that blends atmosphere, texture, and haunting melodies. These qualities have led to two self-produced, full-length albums – Original Songs For Your Dreams (2015) and How I Travel At Night (2016) – as well as numerous singles and guest spots. 2017 will see Enlia provid...

All new and shiny !

Enlia shared ID3's post.

ID3's new album is OUT ! If you're fond of trippy electronic music, I fully recommend it. Also, meet me at track 14 to hear "Ostracised", a downtempo song we worked on together

So Today is release day of my Debut album 'Here, There and Everywhere'! It has been such an interesting journey in its conception. From the very beginning I kne...w I wanted to AGAIN change and develop a sound that is as unique as it is beautiful.

You can listen to the record in its entirety here on Apple music and any streaming service.

I hope the record is as interesting a journey for your ears as it was for me to create.


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Listen to songs from the album Here, There and Everywhere, including "1Ntro", "It's Been so Long", "Go to Sleep" and many more. Buy the album for £12.64. Songs start at £0.79. Free with Apple Music subscription.

Happy Halloween ! Are you scared of me ? 'Cause witches love candy !

ID3 Feat. LaMeduza - Blossom

Taken from ID3's forthcoming debut album "Here, There and Everywhere" (feat. LaMeduza and Enlia) - out Nov 6th.
Big thanks to 17tumba for the premiere!

Drifting away.. iD3 Feat. LaMeduza - Blossom Taken from iD3's forthcoming album "Here, There and Everywhere" (feat. LaMeduza and Enlia) - out Nov 6th. Follow...
© el gallo deportivo / enlia Vocals and top line: Enlia : Music / lyrics / mix : El Gallo Deportivo : https://www.faceboo...

ID3's Debut Album "Here, There and Everywhere"
Feat. LaMeduza & Enlia

OUT SOON (Nov 6th)!…/id3-here-there-and-everywhere 1. 1ntro 2. It's Been so Long 3. Go to Sleep 4. Blossom feat. LaMeduza 5. What's Out There 6. Plumbus 7. Several Tables 8. Jade Rabbit 9. DMT feat. LaMeduza 10. Insomniac 11. Shatner's Bassoon 12. Odd Socks 13. D...