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239 Reviews
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Pamela Amoako
· December 12, 2017
I never received my products. I ordered my products on 11/23/2017, a week later I inquired about the status of my order and received a message from Tonya stating that the butter was on back order, an...d they did not have an exact timeline of when it would be sent. So I waited another week and reached out I received the same canned response. My question is if that is the case why does it not say that on the website. People are still ordering with no indication of the "backorder" status. A good business should inform customers, but Entwine is taking money and not informing customers. I want to support a black business, but I refuse to give my money to a company with such poor customer service. I have requested my credit card company to step in, and I will be reporting this on all of their social media and the BBB. See More
Earon L. Howard
· February 19, 2018
I love and want to support black businesses but customer service is a must. How can you expect to keep business going when you never have the products people order but yet you took my money. It has ...been 3 months and no product, I'm done. I love you products but it's not worth the hassle and I will let my bank deal with you. I'll go back to Kera Veda. See More
Taunshea Williams
· February 8, 2018
This was the first product I used on my hair 6 years ago on this date and I love it. I ordered some on the 3rd of this month and received it yesterday and was excited to twist my hair but when I opene...d my mailbox I found this my package was stuffed and broken. See More
Frances Smith
· December 20, 2017
Still waiting on my black Friday order and they claim they don't know when it will be shipped. Horrible service and their products are not worth the aggravation. SMH.
DrLashonda Reid
· November 2, 2017
I've been using these products for almost two years and received orange hydrator. How can I send this back and get the right product? How do I get a refund? If you knew about this, why would you conti...nue send this out to your customers? See More
Alexis Cooper
· September 11, 2017
love these products. work very well on my 4c/b fine low porosity hair. actually have definition and it stays for at least 24 hrs. A bit pricey but i love them
Shea Carmel
· May 12, 2017
I do have to say that as a brand new customer I am very frustrated with Entwine Couture.

I definitely do want to support your company especially since I want to look for new natural hair care produc...ts.

I won the $20 entwine couture money from your live Facebook session this week, I emailed you guys all my information like you told me to, and more than 48hrs later no response from anyone.

Today, I received my first order from you guys. I ordered the you+me hydration and growth audition collection. I received everything except for the leave in. Can you please complete my order and send me the leave in, if you can't do that I would like to proceed with a return and full refund. Hope to hear back from you very soon.
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CeeJa Elle
· December 2, 2016
I have been ordering from this company for years because I absolutely love the products. However, the customer service is horrid. I placed an order three weeks ago. The label for my order was made but... was never shipped according to the tracking info. I have left messages, because you never get a live person, and have sent emails but have received 0 response! They received my payment but I haven't received my products. As one of the other reviewers said they should have a 5 based on the products but customer service....a 0!! Truly frustrated with and disappointed in this company! See More
Virgo SeventyThree
· April 6, 2017
What I'm not liking is your automated message via email.... I have yet to try your Creme Hydrator due to it being a bad batch (orange color). I have sent the unused product back to your company and ...I have not heard anything as of yet. I'm really trying to give this company a chance as you state in your advertisement that comes along with shipping. Entwine wants us to promote in store, but you guys have to work with us.

I can't give a true review if I don't have the correct product... I can only give a true review on your customer service skills.


Waiting on my Creme Hydrator
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Stacey Brown
· June 15, 2017
I love the products but I recently purchased your butter creme hydrator from a local beauty supply store and it is orange. Is this the new color because what I had before was white? Is this a bad batc...h and should I be taking this back for a refund? See More
Fedeline Jean
· April 6, 2017
I hate your customer service and I have not tried your product. I am still going to invest because I am going natural and nothing seems to work for my 4 c hair. But this is this the worst experience e...ver ( seriously). You guy products are way too expensive to have this kind of customer service. Very discouraging for black company and to motivate me to comeback. See More
Lauren LeLe Jarrett
· December 13, 2016
only reason i am giving a 3 instead of anything less, is because the product is one of the best i have used on my hair. however i am VERY disappointed in the LACK of customer service i have gotten reg...arding my recent order. placed the order for over $60 worth of product on Nov. 26 and have yet to receive it. label was created but no shipment. i have tried reaching out via twitter, telephone, and email to no avail. i'm saying, if you all are backed up on orders, maybe due to the holidays, 1. let people know or post on your website and social media, 2. maybe don't charge my money until my order actually ships. i was just telling a friend today that no matter how good a product or service is for me, if customer service is lacking, i will not pay my money for it. not worth the headache... See More
Sadiqa Gerri
· August 31, 2016
I've used Entwine for approx. 3 years now. I love the Creme Styler Jelle!! There was a time I wasn't able to get it due to financial constraints and I definitely saw the difference using other produ...cts. Nothing works like the Jelle...not frizzy, definition outstanding, elongation is perfect. I've never waited more than 1 week for my shipment. My only wish is that it can be in stores here in Delaware or at least Philadelphia so I don't have to pay shipping. :-) But I'm hooked so I'll buy it where ever it is and however I can. See More
Shan-Nel D. Simmons
· September 13, 2016
Their products are great and deserve 5 stars. However, customer service is horrible. Cannot get a live person when you call. They guarantee to respond to email within 12 hours yet it has been 72 hours... and no contact. Still haven't received my products and it's about to be 18 days since the order. Is everything OK over there? Have you gone out of business? See More
Shalecia Carter
· December 7, 2015
The product works great with my hair. I ordered for the first time on Black Friday and my order just arrived today. So the shipping time definitely didn't hold up. I had to order Act 1 from Amazon bec...ause it wasn't listed on the website. The Amazon order came in 3 days. The pricing is so much more expensive even with the Black Friday coupon. Not sure if I'll be ordering from EC direct site again.

I did have to call customer service and the woman I spoke with was most unhelpful. Told me that someone would be calling me back but couldn't give me a timeframe to expect the call. A week later and still no call.
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Eileen Pogson
· March 23, 2017
I'm totally disappointed, placed an order 3 weeks ago and finally got my products today. One of the jars was less than half of the products. I understand that things settle in transit. But the amou...nt of product in the jar is less than acceptable. Don't know if I would order again. Getting through customer service is not easy! See More
Shanté Mua
· September 26, 2016
Placed my order 11 days ago (sept 15th) and the funds were immediately taken out of my account. Shipping label was created on Sept 19th. and it said "Please allow 48-72hrs for your order to be packed ...and shipped). Here it is Sept 26th and the post office has yet to receive my order. I called and left a message last Thurs (no returned call). I left and email on Friday, no one has contacted me. I don't care how good these products claim to be I live in the suburbs of Chicago an order should not take this long. Bad customer service and I'm highly irritated! See More
Rhonda Marie Brown
· January 14, 2017
I haven't received my order and customer service is terrible. When I receive my order I will change my rating, but customer service is key and first impression is key to me and I'm a first time so I doubt I'll order again. See More
Nicole FashionablyLate Samuels
· May 15, 2015
ABSOLUTE Best hair products for natural hair..kinda pricey but worth soon as I start running out I reorder so I always have a backup..only downside is their shipping, took almost 1 month and ma...ny emails (19) and numerous phone calls to receive an order I placed, and even with regular shipping it can take up to 10 days to get it in the don't wait until you're products are finished to place another order ..another downside is the phone# that's provided is not a direct number to entwine couture, it's actually a third party separate company..All in all I give the products 5 stars all around but shipping & delivery time I give 0-1 star. See More
Cathy K. Brinson
· February 23, 2016
Wasn't for me. I need a leave in that's thicker. The Butter Creme Hydrator was the best of the line. The other products were just ok. After all the good reviews I really wanted to love them.
Demi Wal-Rut
· June 2, 2015
I purchased the trial packet to try the products.
I tried the system and I love it.
My hair feels soft, hydrated, and healthy. My curl pattern is mostly loose(3c/4a). I noticed I have less shrinkage... and my curls are defined. I love these products.
Thank you
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Yvonne Marion
· April 3, 2016
The products itself deserve almost 5 stars, it's the cust ser that is horrible. Its hard to find any one or place that actually sells the product(I still am not sure why that is) and trying to get som...eone to call or email you back is almost impossible. Smh!! Get it together please. See More
Patrianna Hemmings
· February 13, 2015
CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!! I purchase a set of products on the 30th January, I have yet to receive it. They charged my account and haven't shipped my product yet. They have promised to contact me my shipment is pending (no one can explain what that means either) I have been told consistently I will be contacted and haven't heard ANYTHING yet to bring resolve.

Considering I was intending to distribute these products I would rather purchase products and their company can deliver consistent and timely customer service, not to mention keep their promises on turn around time for delivery; 3-4 days, is that right?

This type of business transaction can truly effect the buyers option of Entwine Couture and thus I am NOT IMPRESSED!
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Lety Lety B
· January 30, 2016
I actually love the products but I placed an order back in November but only got a partial order. I have written and emailed several times with no response. I have requested a refund but no response.... Since November!!! Anyone having the same problem? See More
Aplekuaa Aplekuaa
· December 11, 2015
Still waiting for a call back about my missing order. I started calling since Monday ( today is Friday ) CS always says someone will call but nothing yet. I just want the products I paid for with my h...ard earned money See More
Tatiana's Blessed
· October 11, 2014
Met some beautiful people behind this great product at Circle of Sisters. One of the representatives asked to trial hair my daughter twist out, we returned to let her untwist it. Extremely happy with ...the products purchased! Thank you ladies and gentleman (: See More
Jetanna Sledge
· December 23, 2016
This my first time ordering from Entwine I placed my order 12/11/2016. I am very satisfied with the services I received my products 12/23/2016 a day early so I am very satisfied customer. Yes I wil...l order again and tell people about this product. And customer services was excellent. Cant wait to try these products. See More
Watson Natalie
· May 5, 2014
Tried my EC products I purchased at the ATL hair show and I love it! I look forward to buying more at the next hair show (or on black Friday lol), since they apparently need to be used together and no...t mixed w/other products. Didn't care for the shrinkage (or the price...companies are making a killing on black hair period), but I'm glad I tried it. Great product. I will definitely repurchase. See More
Jasmine Jenice Owens
· August 27, 2014
I bought the Creme Jelly Styler this past Friday and I absolutely love it. My hair has great definition and is super soft. I look forward to trying the rest of the Entwine products. This is definitely... going to be a staple product and I'm only on second day hair! See More
Narda Christian
· August 7, 2016
I only used the hydrator butter creme and I love it. It's the only thing that I've used that keeps my hair moisturized.
LaShai McNeal
· June 15, 2014
I placed an order on May 25th and I still have not received my order. I've called seven times and each time I was told someone would call me back and I still have yet to hear from someone!!!
Paula Bland
· December 10, 2014
Love these products, I won my first samples and after that it was on and poppin'. If you want moisture, definition, and manageability get some Entwine in your life!
Marlene Rogers
· March 9, 2017
Placed an order in November 2016. Received the order a month later but It was incorrect. I tried calling, sent over 10 emails. No response. The product is great if I can actually get what I paid for...
Sonja Aultman
· May 10, 2014
i love ec products my hair is moisturize to the max my styles last forever and my hair is so soft you can sleep on it!!!!
Monique Mosley
· February 14, 2015
Im a licensed cosmetologist in MD & GA. This product is the best there is for natural hair care. I love the entire line and use it on all my natural clients! I have worked with the company when they w...ere present for the Natural Hair Show.I love this product and so do my clients. See More
Sherri Guishard
· May 7, 2016
Began using these products several months ago. I love the moisture my hair holds after using this product line. Just ordered more today!
Lissa Rosalie
· April 22, 2015
I Loveeee this line ...My staple products are the Aragon oil..leave in potion and cream styler
Cynthia Walton
· January 27, 2015
I think all my sisters need to follow Entwine. It is for the sister who likes to look good and who knows what looking good means.
Renee China
· August 4, 2015
I have finally found a product for my low porosity, 4c hair that works great!!!!!! I love it! !!!
Enjoli Francis
· February 20, 2015
Best products ever. I use no other styling products when doing my hair or my children's.
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