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Không để các bạn phải chờ đợi lâu, sự kiện kỉ niệm 01 năm ra đời #ENVY sẽ có sự góp mặt của ca sĩ Thảo Trang, nhóm nhạc trình diễn saxophone và violin bắt đầu từ 6PM.
Không khí sẽ còn nóng hơn sau 9PM đến tận sáng hôm sau với sự xuất hiện của nhóm nhảy đến từ Nhật Bản gồm 04 dancer nữ.
Họ đã từng giành chiến thắng tại Dance Delight Osaka không chỉ về showcase mà còn ở cả mảng thi đấu battle....
Nhóm từng tham gia nhiều show diễn và Workshop tại Nhật, Mỹ, Châu Âu và vào ngày 18/10 này nhóm sẽ có mặt tại #ENVY.
Đó là [AD] chưa kể đến sự góp mặt của đông đảo của các DJ khắp Sài Gòn và những show diễn có 1-0-2 đã ghi đậm dấu ấn riêng cho #ENVY suốt 1 năm qua.

Following The Grand Opening in 2016, #ENVY is now celebrating The 1st Anniversary on Wednesday 18th October, 2017.
Thank you for supporting us through all our good and hard times! We couldn’t have made it this far without all our beloved and supporting customers.
On this celebration, we will have have special performances from singer Thao Trang, Japanese Hip-hop dance group, Live saxophone & violin, International aerial dancers with the best theme show over the year and our DJ Residents to make an exceptional memorable night to you all.
We encourage everyone to participate our event. Happy 1st Anniversary.

#BOOKNOW: 028 39 138 168
🏤 Add: 74-76 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia ST, District 1, HCMC #Website:
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FULL HOUSE 🔥🔥🔥 Yên tâm nếu bạn tới trễ sẽ còn nhiều điều thú vị đến từ các DJ khách mời và các nghệ sĩ chuyên nghiệp sẽ khiến cuộc vui của bạn vui bất tận sau 2AM tối nay!!!!
XEM XONG CLIP NÀY CHỈ ĐỢI TỚI NGÀY GẶP #BEARGRILLZ Một không khí nhạc thuần Dubstep sẽ đổ bộ cực mạnh vào ENVY thứ 5 tuần sau ngày 28/09/2017!!! Các raver đã có đồng bọn để rủ rê tới Envy Club chưa nào >_< Tranh thủ Book bàn ngay và luôn nha các bạn ❤ 📞 BOOK NOW: 028 39138168 🏤 Add: 74-76 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia ST, District 1 #Website : #Instagram: #envyclub #artclub #dubstep #trap #entertaiment #asia #vietnam #saigon #theartofnightlife #beargrillz #sep28 #thursday #ThisBudsForYou #Budweiser #Decidenow
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Greg C Franklin
· June 2, 2017
Although it's not really my type of scene, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Club Envy, for one main reason - the high-caliber aerial performers.... I'm used to seeing this kind of thing regularly at home in the US, but this is the first time I've seen it here in HCM, and the performances were phenomenal. That's honestly the one & only reason I'd go back - to see more from these incredible aerialists. At least in the regard of unique & high-quality art-tainment, this club gets it. See More
Bee Simone
· May 29, 2017
I'm not typically a fan of clubs, but Envy is my exception in Saigon. The live aerial performances are enough to draw me and my friends in. 80s night is heaps o...f fun, but the music on other nights is mediocre. I hope to see the club continue to grow and improve, its such a nice atmosphere inside and it's awesome to see gorgeous ladies flying through the air! See More
Aaron Ward
· May 25, 2017
Hands down this club goes above and beyond with creating a unique environment for its customers. I have never seen such impressive aerial performers which defin...itely give the club a exclusive vibe which grew me back in 2 days in a row on my short visit. When I come back, it'll be to watch the amazing performers you have working for you. See More
Emma Case
· May 25, 2017
Great club, good music, a little expensive but the aerialists make it more than worth it, the flying ladies on silks give it that special vibe that sets it apart from anywhere else in town. I'd like to see more aerial performances at Envy!
Hạ Trịnh
· June 12, 2017
Excellent customer service! Envy Club makes you feel like a VIP since the moment you stepped inside! Every staff was working hard to make sure you were having t...he best night out of your life! The music made it pretty hard for you to stop dancing to. The crowd was friendly and enthusiastic enough for you to join in and dance your heart out :))
Also I was a bit too much into the exciting music that I dropped and lost my makeup palettes during the night. I contacted the club the next day to ask for the lost stuff and luckily enough, the security guys got it and returned the stuff to me.
Can't be happier!
Thank you so much Envy!
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Kucmo Nguyen
· July 21, 2017
They serve some fake ass liquor but it's a fun club. They get to over charge us for fake liquor but won't let us pop bottles.
Ngoc Le Tuyet Nguyen
· April 26, 2017
I love the vibe and service here so much. Envy tries their best to make themselves stand out such as inviting world-class DJs or creating different kinds of eve...nts. Anyway, should they be more strict on all DJs' performance, this club can be the greatest in Saigon. Tbh, the switch between two tracks of some DJs on some days here isn't that smooth. As you know, once you run a business, the stability plays an extremely important part. Overall, I will come back and I hope Envy can make themselves even better in the future. See More
Thai Nguyen
· May 25, 2017
Ho Chi Minh city is emerging into the main stage of international entertainment. The venues in the city over the years have tried and failed to sustain their en...ticement to the music club industry. Many have failed to meet specific key criteria that has been standardized over the years all over the globe. Ibiza, Miami Beach, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Beijing, Seoul, etc.. all have these 3 categories; Decor & ambience, musical talent & equipment, service quality & live acts. The most outstanding club venues always have live action performers who added the unique key ingredient that made the music come alive. Going to a club without performers are as boring as a ballet without music. Being this said, Club Envy is the only venue I would ever go to in HCMC strictly because of their above and beyond dedication to service quality in providing superb Cirque Du Soleil-ish aerial acrobatics to bring entertainment to a whole new level. Absolute Game Changer!! See More
Adnik Hoyle
· June 18, 2017
Easily the best club I've been to in Saigon. Good atmosphere, professional sound set up and great staff that are having a good a time as the patrons. Definitely a cut above the rest!
Shandy Roque
· May 25, 2017
The drinks are a tad bit too expensive but I love their themed parties and aerial shows. Jade White flies with such grace like a butterfly floating through silks and hoops. I'm happy to pay the premium, knowing that the location is funding such well-choreographed performances.
Khiem Nguyen
· April 26, 2017
Went twice at Envy and wasn't deceived at all about the service.
Music is good & staff is very nice even when the club was packed the 2nd time.
I asked to charge my phone and they gave me a proper ticket so I didn't have to worry.
Phy Nguyễn-Phan
· April 26, 2017
Like the review, it was ok. Why? Cuz last time we came there and had no reservation, but instead the receptionist was annoyed and tried to stop us at the front ...door, that night was normal, not so packed but she overreacted. Even if we didnt have reservation and we kindly told her, at least she could do her best job as a receptionist like contacting and arranging a table for us, not chasing and stopping us like we were criminals. See More
John Vu
· July 22, 2017
One of the best clubs in Vietnam. My goto club while I was in Vietnam! David Tran and his team always showed me much love and a great time while I was there. Memories to definitely remember!
Prince Slater
· May 25, 2017
No other club can compare to Envy. After bringing my friends, they couldn't help but agree. Prices aren't as high as others, the staff is polite, it's comfortab...le and appropriately flashy. What especially sets Envy aside from the others is their Aerial performances. A one of a kind kind of show in Saigon! Keep it up! See More
Lam Huong
· June 16, 2017
Everything so good , only one thing! The guy ask to take picture but i never see my pics with my friends here!! If u dont want to post so dont ask then!
James Huỳnh
· May 6, 2017
What's a club. Very good music, awesome atmosphere, staffs friendly, drinks good :)) Will recommend for friends to come here to enjoy it
Muhammad El Kalza
· May 15, 2017
Music needs to be better, the mixes seem like they are pre-recorded. Heard the same songs 3 times in a night. Otherwise it's a great venue and staff is very friendly .
Phú Huỳnh
· June 10, 2017
The worst service club I have ever experienced, the attitude of security guys is super super rude and bad, will never be there!
Jeremy Lemaire
· June 28, 2017
Amazing Club, great service, super nice shows and the music is perfect to have a fabulous night out!
Nguyệt Phạm
· April 22, 2017
Best club in town, lovely, friendly and helpful staffs. Music is great. And yea finally i found a decent nightclub with dance floor out in Saigon. Highly recommend