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After TWO DECADES of work, the Economic Opportunity Institute secured PAID FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE for all workers in Washington State. Starting in 2020, the government will provide economic security for people who need to take time off to take care of themselves or loved ones. Next challenge: Equal Pay for Women!


EOI received a large grant to research ways to improve health care coverage in Washington.

But we are not doing it alone. We are taking a community-based approach, inviting input from local stakeholders and marginalized communities who have the most to gain or lose from changes in healthcare policy.

At EOI, we are now six weeks into our health policy work through the Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority grant to develop policies for the preservation and expansion of health c…
Washington's New Paid Family Leave
Seattle's Fair and Necessary New Income Tax on the Wealthy
Nicole Grant - GiveBIG to EOI

Since the founding of the United States, the “rules” of our economy and society have threatened the health, safety, and economic security of women of color.

From channeling them into low-wage work and making them targets of predatory lending to depriving them of access to comprehensive and quality health care, this country’s rules—the policies, institutions, and common practices that undergird our economy and society—fuel glaring disparities and inequities.

At the root of the child-care crisis is something obvious: Employers aren't paying parents living wages.

Boeing's silence on Trump when other corporations condemn him is a tacit endorsement of Trump's racism.

Watching the nation’s white nationalist-in-chief Donald Trump yesterday was a wrenching experience. Trump defended white supremacists, saying that people who associate with them aren’t all “bad guy…

NYC thinks it starts all the trends, like Shake Shack. But for taxing the rich, that's all Seattle, baby.

In Seattle, It’s been big news that New York City-based Shake Shack is opening its first location here, ironically kicking out a coffee shop in...

I remember when I graduated from college and Social Security was first passed - so many older Americans had nothing to retire on. 82 years later, that's completely changed.

When I retire in 35 years, I hope Social Security is there for me.

OPINION | We are disappointed that at a time when the agency is already underfunded and understaffed, SSA is continuing to offer inducements for senior staffers to retire early.

“That nerd identity is really damaging to women,” Mr. Ensmenger said, “but it’s also damaging to minorities and to a lot of men who don’t want to subsume their identity in that.”

That’s why the consequences of the Google memo could reach far beyond the particular case, influencing which young people choose to go into technology, and which products they make that affect every aspect of our lives.

In truth, interpersonal skills like collaboration, communication and empathy are vital to career success in technology.|By Claire Cain Miller

Even as insurance coverage has expanded, deductibles and copays on many policies have risen, leaving patients to shoulder more of the financial burden for their health care.

A decade after the death of her husband, Fumiko Chino is studying the strain that uncovered medical costs put on cancer patients, even those who have insurance.

"If we truly want to honor our history and preserve what makes Seattle a welcoming place for current and future generations, everyone has to do their part.

If we want the next generation to enjoy the same public services our families depended on — great schools, libraries, after-school programs, and more — we need to pursue progressive change that works for everyone, not just the wealthy who have benefited the most from Washington state’s strong economy."

By James Hong and Erin Okuno Special to Northwest Asian Weekly Note: This is a response to a commentary that ran in the July 15 issue of our paper, “It’s a crime to be rich,” by Ruth Bayang, which …

Love the smog soup? If Trump gets his way, this may be a fixture in Seattle.

Pyramid schemes designed to prey on rural economies that are faltering:

According to LuLaRoe’s retailer map, it only has 10 consultants in all of Manhattan, which has a population of 1.64 million. By comparison, Casper (Wyoming) has nine sellers servicing 60,000 citizens.

In 2016, the US Census Bureau stated that the median rural household income is 4% lower than it is for urban families, and income inequality is also higher. Job growth in metropolitan areas has far outpaced that in rural areas since 2008, and the job market in these regions has shrunk 4.26% in the same time.

One of America's most popular business opportunities is financially jeopardizing millions.

This feels like looking at pictures from college. "I was so pretty then, what happened?"

This chart captures the rise in inequality better than any other chart that I’ve seen.

Inequality makes it harder for economies to benefit from innovation. However, if people have access to credit or the money to move up, it can offset this effect.

A world where a few people have most of the wealth motivates others who are poor to strive to earn more. And when they do, they'll invest in businesses and other areas of the economy. That's the argument for inequality. But it's wrong.

Amazon workers in Massachusetts may be eligible for food stamps - meaning the government is subsidizing the low wages.

Amazon's new warehouses are part of the jobs boom. Here's how much they pay.

Whether you have health insurance or not, you're still paying an insane amount for healthcare.

Adam Ruins Everything

Here’s something ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING thinks a new health care bill could address: Why do hospitals have fake prices?

Some rich people in Seattle have compared paying fair taxes to persecution, rape, and attacks on the disabled. Don't be fooled.

As ballots are counted across King County, it looks like Prop 1 has failed. It had a worthy purpose – making art more accessible to low-income residents – but it was paid for with yet another sales…

Thank you, Satterberg Foundation, for a grant which will help us advocate for affordable, quality childcare with well-compensated teachers, reform our state’s regressive tax system, fight for women’s pay equity, and other causes!

The Economic Opportunity Institute has received a $300,000 grant from the Satterberg Foundation, which will be distributed as three annual $100,000 disbursements for general operating funds. The gr…