From our policy director: My first response to the sea of “me toos” on Facebook over the past few days was to wonder how anyone out there could possibly not already know that women and teenage girls are routinely subjected to sexual harassment and sexual assault in our culture. But maybe too many of us have silently accepted it for too long.

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No other developed country except Russia has our level of income inequality.

Dispelling misconceptions about what’s driving income inequality in the U.S.
Molly Moon Game Changer Award
Who says jazz is dying? Five Feet Up, a group of Roosevelt and Garfield high school students are playing at EOI's annual dinner!
Washington's New Paid Family Leave

Does raising taxes on the rich really trigger their migration to more obliging states or countries? This study of every million-dollar earner in the US shows otherwise.

Does raising taxes on the rich really trigger their migration to more obliging states or countries? This study of every million-dollar earner in the US shows otherwise

Our system is demonstrably the most upside-down city tax structure in the country. Seattle’s new progressive income tax is a reform that helps us begin to turn the system right-side-up. If we can raise revenue more equitably, we will also be able to lower sales and property taxes to help alleviate the cost of living for everyone else.

Seattle’s progressive income tax on the very wealthy is a right-side-up reform that allows us to solve problems together, and equitably.

Philadelphia's working hard to attract Amazon.

“We’re willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Amazon chooses Philadelphia, whether that requires tax incentives, infrastructure upgrades, or filling the Schuylkill River with concrete to create more parking,” Mayor Kenney continued. “I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until it’s all official.”

PHILADELPHIA—Convinced they will win the highly competitive contest to host the e-commerce giant’s new offices, optimistic local officials have preemptively razed Philadelphia’s entire Center City district to make room for Amazon’s second North American headquarters, sources said Thursday.

The bill set to pass the House on Thursday chooses to take from high-tax Democratic states, particularly California and New York, and give to lower-tax Republican states that President Trump carried in 2016, particularly Florida and Texas. It allows for tax increases on millions of families several years from now, if a future Congress does not intervene, but not for similar increases on corporations.

There are tough choices at the heart of the Republicans tax bills speeding through Congress, and they make clear the party values deep and lasting tax cuts for corporations above all else.

The Great Recession triggered a sharp, prolonged decline in the wealth of American families and, despite the recovery in the housing market and stock market over the last decade, U.S. household wealth has not fully recovered.

Average wealth has increased over the past 50 years, but not for everyone.

How we passed paid family and medical leave through a sharply partisan Washington Legislature.

Spoiler: it took the Economic Opportunity Institute and the Washington Work and Family Coalition 20 years.

Late in the evening on June 30, 2017, the Washington State Legislature adopted one of the nation’s most comprehensive paid family and medical leave (PFML) policies. The vote was strongly bipartisan…

The goal of city policy should be improving the well-being of its residents in a broad range of categories, a challenge requiring policies that do more than just spur GDP growth.

The H.O.M.E.S. — Housing, Outreach, and Mass-Entry Shelter — program would allow the city to provide for the people who are not profiting from the tech boom in Seattle without halting prosperity. It would mean Seattle watches out for its heart, not just its pocketbook.

In old mythology, during the reign of Zeus and Hera, there lived a large tribe of tiny people called the Pygmies. Only two and a half feet tall, they were industrious craftspeople, creating the fin…

Oxford scientists find priceless conclusion: people vote more in states that expanded Medicaid due to the Affordable Care Act. Give people healthcare, they have time to care about other important things.

<div class="title">The Politics of Policy: The Initial Mass Political Effects of Medicaid Expansion in the States</div> - JOSHUA D. CLINTON, MICHAEL W. SANCES

We crunched the numbers. Education in WA is still grossly underfunded, whatever the Washington State Legislature says.

The Washington State Constitution states: “It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders, without distinction or prefer…

The anti-tax lobby told voters they would get something for nothing: the state or municipality would tighten its belt a little, it would collect big money from low-level offenders, and everything would be fine.

Deep budget cuts ensued, and the onus of paying for our justice system – from courts to law enforcement agencies and even other arms of government – began to shift to the “users” of the courts, including those least equipped to pay.

In the United States, a system of modern peonage – essentially, a government-run loan shark operation – has been going on for years

Reducing benefits, limiting COLAs and/or increasing the retirement age will diminish economic security for nearly every American.

It will disproportionately affect low- and middle-income families, women and all workers of color who, unlike wealthy individuals, often do not have significant retirement savings and must work further into old age in more difficult and physically demanding jobs.

The next time you hear a Very Serious Person’s pronouncement about Social Security’s supposedly impending doom, remember: an individual’s interest in seeing Social Security thrive…

“I’ve got economically zero unemployment in my city, and I’ve got thousands of homeless people that actually are working and just can’t afford housing,” said Seattle City Councilman Mike O’Brien. “There’s nowhere for these folks to move to. Every time we open up a new place, it fills up.”

SEATTLE (AP) — A homeless crisis of unprecedented proportions is rocking the West Coast, and its victims are being left behind by the very things that mark the region's success.

Congratulations Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream for winning the Family Values at Work Game Changer award for championing paid family and medical leave in Washington State!

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Nov 16 - Join us to hear National Book Award finalist Richard Rothstein discuss the laws and policies that promoted racial segregation in the past, and the discriminatory patterns that continue even today.

Even if you aren’t a manager at your company, you can make an impact when it comes to pushing for paid family leave. I’m now working as a volunteer coach with the non-profit PL+US (Paid Leave for the US), which has a new program to support and train other people who want to create paid family policies in their workplaces.