CRISPR revolutionizes medicine. Learn more about Pardis Sabeti and her mission to protect humankind from deadly infectious diseases

Learn more about Pardis Sabeti's fight against infectious diseases.

Some liquids are challenging and need special consideration for safe and accurate liquid dispensing. Learn more about it here!

Handle fuming acids and other challenging liquids with ease!
Handle even small volumes with the tips of your fingers! Learn more about the intuitive and convenient speed adjustment of our Easypet® 3 here:
At our 1st Stem Cell Community Day we brought together experts from industry and academia, to discuss recent achievements, challenges, and chances in stem cell bioprocessing for research and commercial manufacturing. Save the date for next year's Stem Cell Community Day on April 24, 2018 | Dusseldorf, Germany:
It takes 8 minutes to get a hard-boiled egg - or to pre-cool our Centrifuge 5424 R from ~ 21 °C to 4 °C. Convince yourself and get more information here: