Season 6 of the award winning show VICE on HBO will be featuring once again Kimberly Shappley and her transgender daugter Kai. They are updating their story on having to move from Pearland to Austin so that Kai can finally be treated with dignity and respect and live her authentic life at school. Please watch and share this trailer!- Link here-->

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More Than Half Of Transgender Teachers Surveyed Tell NPR They Are Harassed At Work…/more-than-half-of-transgender-teacher…

An NPR survey of trans- and gender-nonconforming teachers found that, despite the challenges they face, a majority of these educators try to integrate LGBTQ topics into their classes.
Man Defends Transgender Co-Worker, Decries "Bathroom Bills"
This #TransTuesday, Equality Texas showcases the inspiring words of Ana Andrea Molina at the Capitol in Austin. Molina is a Latina Houston transgender activist who founded the Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas. Please watch and share with the hashtag #TransTuesday.
Texas Clergy Against Discrimination​
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Harry George
· November 17, 2017
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Sam Rose Montemayor Morales
· July 23, 2017
Thank you for all you do to protect our rights went Tuesday to the rally and back on Friday for the hearing on SB3 -SB91 in front of the Senate committee
Christina Fleisher
· September 22, 2014
We are all for it ive been married to my wife for little over a year! We moved to texas AUG OF 2014. I still have my new jersey license. Ive tried to get my texas license and it was a no go bc my new... last name doesnt match my birth certificate. I was told to stand in front of a judge and get a court order to do a name change. I legally changed my last name but texas doesnt recognize our marriage. Its BS. And not cheap! Also getting same sex couples on a birth certificate is something else we need to work on. We had to deal with this as well bc our son was born here feb 9th of this year. And same sex couples arent aloud to be on the birth certificate . I refuse to be treated like this its not far. You can have some illegal immigrants jump the boarder and get a texas license but because I married a woman its like we are aliens. Please help us with equality for all so no one has to go through what some of us are goin through right now. Thank you :) See More
Karen Fuller
· March 21, 2017
I attended Advocacy Day yesterday and was blown away by the turnout. I am so glad I went. I actually saw both of my legislators and got to talk in detail to one of them!

To anyone who thinks Senat...e Bill 6 is a good thing, I have a question. Will someone be standing outside the bathroom checking birth certificates on everyone who goes on? I mean EVERYONE. I pray the people in Austin come to their senses and strike down this ridiculous bill. See More
Harry Mathewson
· July 30, 2017
I love Equality Texas as a gay man with a Trans girlfriend and a deacon in an LGBT Church this has become a real passion for me.
Christopher Maurice Guynn
· November 22, 2016
Being a Texan by Heart, I find it inspiring that before the flood comes there is preparations being started to ward off the rain. It is imperative this take place, this is the 21st century. Stop the Madness~
Roderick Tanner
· March 25, 2016
Being a 70 year old African American born and raised in San Antonio TX, I experienced discrimination from childhood to adulthood. While serving in the US Army, 1962 - 1969, discrimination still reared... it's ugly head. DISCRIMINATION in any form should be banned! See More
Renee Baker
· February 26, 2017
I am so proud of Equality Texas! Thank you for championing transgender rights and more! ! Yay! !
Savanna Noël Braun
· March 7, 2017
Thank you for all of the very important work you do!
Glen Head
· October 26, 2015
What a great job informing us of how and what is going on around us and nationally.
Kevin Lofgren
· April 29, 2015
Thank you on behalf of straight people like me who care about everyone's equality.
Tu Katner
· March 11, 2017
Keep fighting the good fight! Texas is lucky to have such an organization, and we sure need it.
Lacie WatsonHughes
· February 28, 2017
Thank you for being a voice for those who are silenced, ignored, overlooked and unjustly vilified in our society.
Jahn Warner Laster
· February 26, 2017
equality for who?equality for who?equality for who?
Fletch Friedrich
· March 1, 2014
I'm grateful to Equality Texas for providing not only a voice for us, but keeping us up to date on the latest, most important news regarding equal rights.
Melissa Dunn
· May 24, 2015
Love these folks!! They never stop! They work hard to make Texas fair and equal for ALL!!
Christie Moore
· January 9, 2015
Come on Texas!
We should be leading the country, not being laughed at by it!
Ben Charles Hauge
· July 20, 2016
As a Gay Man I stand with my LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters of all ages in Texas and Nation Wide
Sae Stark
· March 20, 2017
Thank you for continually fighting for human rights for EVERYONE #YallMeansAll
Bobby R. Davis Sr.
· July 28, 2014
Thank You for helping try to make my family legal.