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Claire Hyslop
· March 18, 2018
I have used Liz’ services to keep my horses in tip top shape for years. A fantastic, professional service. The horses are always at ease and enjoy their massage. Liz has ‘fixed’ any issues that my have had.
She is very knowledgeable!
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Emma Warren
· November 1, 2017
Had our 1st pole work clinic last wk with liz learning lots for exercises over poles in hand and ridden been working on them over the last wk and an amazing improvement in my horse so pleased can’t for the next one �� highly recommend See More
Hannah Louise Mayoss
· January 27, 2018
Very professional, friendly and efficient, noticed a massive difference to my jumping horses. They always perform so much better after a treatment from Liz. Well worth it!
Elise Gayler
· August 15, 2017
Can't thank Liz enough for all the work she has done with my event horse Freddie - Equine in Motion has been a big part in keeping Freddie not only loose and supple throughout the eventing season but ...also helped improve his length of stride by building his core strength with the use of stretches. I can feel the difference in my horses way of going every time Liz visits and plays a very important role in the support team! See More
Laura Simpson
· April 16, 2018
Liz is so knowledgeable and very thorough. I highly recommend her! ��
Carla Louise Manning
· May 28, 2017
Liz provides a first class service. She has treated my current horse for the last two years (and my previous horse for more years than I can remember!) and the transformation has been amazing. Liz pro...vides you with a full plan and exercises to do between treatments to keep your horse in tip top condition. Highly recommend! See More
Jane Cumberlidge
· January 10, 2016
Liz and I worked together for a number of years whilst she was in Scotland. Where there are hoof imbalances inevitably they are reflected further up in the body and vice versa, therefore it is critica...l to address both. Liz has played a vital role in regaining soundness for a number of my clients' horses.
Her input was invaluable - not only in terms of the treatments she gave the horses but also in being able to discuss the movement patterns we were seeing and the likely causes. She was able to give me immediate feedback on the effect of changes in hoof balance to the upper body balance and muscle tone.
Liz has great indepth knowledge and skill which translate into eagle eyes and magic fingers. It was always a pleasure to watch her work and see just how much the horses enjoyed the experience.
Liz is highly professional and a joy to work with - I just wish you were still here Liz! I can not recommend her highly enough.
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Zoe Blackwood
· July 18, 2016
Liz has worked with my mare over the past few years and has always done an excellent job. She's always happy to take the time to explain extra exercises and pass along info which is very useful. My ho...rse has shown an improvement in her body and shape over the years and has definitely benefited from Liz's treatment. I'm always happy to leave my horse in Liz's hands and would recommend her to anyone! See More
Viv Anderson
· January 28, 2016
Liz has worked on all my horses over the years - she is professional but also friendly & caring about them. She has helped my daughter with her current horse with exercises and encouragement & positiv...e comments about the way she has improved - she has also helped me with my long term horse who she genuinely cares for and has encouraged me in many ways with his issues and problems. I would recommend her 100% & I have to say her moving down south has been a loss for all of us up her in Scotland & a definite gain for all of you down there See More
Kate Williams
· January 6, 2016
I first met Liz in Scotland in 2009 when I returned to the uk from overseas. She was an integral part of helping me to re-train my Spanish horse to use his back end properly following treatment for ul...cers which he had likely had undiagnosed for a couple of years.
Regular assessments and treatment from Liz allowed monitoring and adjusting of his work combined with the inclusion of appropriate ground work and pole exercises helped progress his training and he is now able to work comfortably and happily at a relatively advanced level (limited only by his rider!).
I am very happy that Liz has now also relocated to Sussex and am looking forward to including her in his training again, and also for my younger Spanish horse!
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Morag Snow
· July 18, 2016
I have used Liz for the last 4 years now. She is extremely knowledgeable about what she does, very attentive and listens to what I tell her about any problems I am having with the horses which she ...treats. She is an important cog in the wheel of keeping my horses on the road, sound and happy. They all go to sleep when she starts working on them inc hormonal stallion!! See More
Elaine McCreadie
· June 16, 2017
Liz is fabulous with Sandy, knows him down to a tee and spots any changes no matter how long since last visit! Would recommend to anyone! Leaves you with plenty to practice when's she's gone lol x
Gail Brogan
· April 20, 2016
Liz is fab! Introduced through a friend she is treating my horses and they love it - very chilled out boys! She has an instinctive ability to get the measure of the horse quickly and is very engaging terms of explaining in layman's terms what's going on and how we can support the horses when she is not there. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Liz See More
Mhairi Turnbull
· January 12, 2016
Liz is fantastic. Both in her skill and knowledge of Equine Physio and her kind hearted approach to even the most difficult of customers! She made a huge difference to Barney whilst he was in work, on... box rest and during recovery and Liz always spent time to understand what would be best for Barney. I shall always be grateful for everything she did for him. See More
Caroline McGrath
· October 19, 2014
Have used Liz for many years and have found her to be an honest, conscientious, hard working lady who is clearly devoted to what she does. She travels regularly throughout the country such is the dem...and for her services. She regularly assesses my sports horse both pre and post competition. She also advises on a course of exercises as homework to help release tension. Through the last year I have seen such an improvement in not only him but many horses that she treats. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has a horse whether retired, hacker or top end competition. She is an all round lovely person and came very highly recommended to me and therefore I have no hesitation in doing the same. Just wish she would start doing humans. See More
Rose Macpherson
· October 10, 2014
I have used Liz Briscoe for several years now and she is an invaluable member of the team. Liz is very knowledgeable and open minded about treating the horses weather it be for regular maintenance or... rehabilitation and always has fresh ideas for each individual. The genuinely cares about the animals she works on plays a significant role in maintaining the horses in peak condition. I know that my horses would have no hesitation in recommending Liz and her services and I have to agree with them! See More
Claire Noller
· July 18, 2016
I've had Liz work on my own and my clients horses since she moved back to sussex. I Love her holistic whole body approach and have seen big changes in some of the horses way of going and comfort level...s. Her knowledge and getting to the root of most issues is second to none highly recommended. See More
Wendy Brown
· December 20, 2015
I have used liz for many years now and can highly recommend her. She has been an integral part of my boys recovery from an injury. Liz is punctual, professional and her indepth knowledge and skills ...provide an essential holistic approach to maintaining good horse health. See More
Jodie Kovacs
· May 31, 2017
Liz is fantastic, very professional and brilliant with the horses. The results I've seen after just 2 treatments, and my horse enjoys every minute of the deep tissue massage. I will be booking regularly.
Mary Paterson
· October 27, 2016
Ive had Liz work on all my horses over the years and she always does a stellar job, she's part of the team that keeps my horses fit and healthy, don't wait until your horse has a problem, be pro, prevent and maintain, your horse will feel the benefit of it �� See More
Wild stallion Burnett's Bravado....
Great example of a client doing one of my walking backwards exercises - notice how each foot takes an active step....

Sussex people.....

Full or part livery available in Woodmancote, West Sussex. Lovely quiet yard, 23x40 sand school, full set of showjumps,  horse walker, secure tack room, 24/7 turn out and parking for lorries/trailers.  Lovey hacking very close to the South Downs, knowledgable yard owner who treats every horse as i...

This is from a very small study I think and now 10 years old, plus the conclusion is slightly paraphrased BUT interesting study on muscle activity if this is what you think you are achieving in lungeing with one of these aids on.....

Image may contain: outdoor
Chiltern Vet Physio

Are training aids effective?

A recent study looked at 9 horses lunging on 15m diameter circle under 4 different conditions:

1.No aids ...
2.Side reins
3.Pessoa training aid
4. Only the back strap of the Pessoa


At walk, the muscle activity in the back muscles was greatest without an aid

At trot, the muscle activity in the back muscles was greatest without an aid and with the pessoa

Conclusion: Side reins and pessoa do not increase use of the back muscles to stabilise the back more than when lunged freely!

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