New post added at - Errant Gods Launches TODAY

It’s finally here! Happy Halloween! Links for purchasing your copy of Errant Gods can be found at the bottom of this post.

This book has been a long time in the making. It is a milestone in my fight against my Personal Monster ™. It’s a victory, but I didn’t do it alone. In truth, I may not have started it if it hadn’t been for the encouragement and support of my wife.


Errant Gods is dedicated to the real Supergirl, my lovely wife, Melissa. People sometimes look at me funny when I call her Supergirl or laugh when I say she’s the real Supergirl, but that’s only because they don’t know her like I do. They didn’t see her step up when I couldn’t. They never saw her take on all the responsibilities in our home while working full time–and while she was doing that, she was also holding me together. Many of the things Hank remembers about Jane pulling him through his illness are my memories (sometimes dramatized, true, but based on truth, none-the-less)–being Batman, the Calculus of When, SUV Therapy, the Amish Farm Game, all of it’s real, and much, much more.

Not many people know that the character Jane in Errant Gods is based on my wife. The last three lines of the book are 100% true, 100% heartfelt. She would tell you that Jane’s character is highly fictionalized, but the essence of the character isn’t fictionalized at all. No, in my eyes, the essence of Jane’s character is 100% Melissa, and not only do I want the world to know that, but I want her to know that. I’d be lost without her.

I love you, Supergirl, and I thank you for everything you do.

Here’s the information for Errant Gods:


(also available in your local Amazon market -- ASIN: B076VVZV74)

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