What's up stumpies, today we wanted to hear from YOU on what you thought of the change to the vehicle policy. If you don't know about it, basically student's will no longer be able to use drive ESF vehicles; an employee from ESF must operate the vehicle for them, or atleast be in attendance during the duration the vehucle will be used. Also students will not be able to drive a vehicle unless they have had their license for atleast 3 years. More info about this rule can be found from contacting USA or Student Affairs

This has not gone into effect yet, and is still in the discussion stage, but what do you think of this rule? Leave a comment or email us at

There is something for everyone in this month's issue!

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Dear ESF Community:

Per the request of interested outside parties, including ESF alumni, the following is a copy of the email sent by Dr.Quentin Wheeler, President of SUNY ESF, on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2018 announcing his decision to remove himself from office. The following text is unaltered from it's original form.


"Opposition to initiatives focused on the financial, academic, and research foundations of the College have become a distraction to our students, faculty and staff, and the administration. Because I am the face of the change represented by those initiatives, too much attention is being diverted from the necessary work of the College by my continued presence. Therefore, I have decided that it is time to step down as president. I will do so effective June 30 to make way for ESF’s next chapter.

It has been an honor to serve as ESF’s fourth president. From its founding in 1911, ESF has been the source of an excellent education and solutions to forest and environmental problems. To ensure similar excellence and impact in the future, we have set the College on a course leading to secure financial footing; a diverse and inclusive community; and national visibility that can attract a larger, broader pool of student applicants, and new individual and foundation donors.

During my tenure, we have worked to become idea entrepreneurs, leveraging what we learn about the environment and sustainable options to inform the public and increase ESF visibility. Examples include our founding partnerships with The Conversation and the Planet Forward initiative, and the creation of a storytelling studio for our students. Other initiatives build on ESF traditions, such as the founding of a Roosevelt School of Conservation on the centennial of the Roosevelt Wild Life Station.

Of all the great aspects of ESF, none has impressed me more than the quality of our students and the atmosphere they create with their energy, optimism, and sense of a shared purpose to improve the world. I am deeply appreciative of the time I have been privileged to work on their behalf.

I am grateful to the faculty, staff, students, and administrators who have been partners with me in exploring new ideas, daring to dream big, and taking risks that open new doors to the future. ESF is poised to emerge as a national leader in environmental education and research. The nation desperately needs such institutional leaders.

I will do everything I can to ensure a smooth transition. I thank those who have inspired me, and I wish the College every future success.


Quentin Wheeler"

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Sorry for so many posts today, but there is just so much happening...
BREAKING NEWS. Oakie the Acorn has lost in Mascot Madness to Eddy Rondack in a landslide of 50.09% to Oakie's 49.91%

BREAKING NEWS: President Quentin Wheeler has just announced in a letter to the entire school that he will STEP DOWN AS SUNY ESF PRESIDENT. He will remain active as president until June 30th, and then will leave his current position. More information can be found in his letter to the campus sent to everyone via email

Check out our most politics heavy issue to date! But don't worry, we kept the focus to the politics you all care about, campus politics. Read about how students have been impacted and how they feel about the recent events on esf campus. If that doesn't interest you, then read about the only thing better than campus politics, THE MICROWAVE! Or do a crossword

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Depressed to be back from spring break? Well we have something to make you feel better, THE NEXT ISSUE OF THE KNOTHOLE!
To be released this week at a campus near you!
Now please enjoy this gif of puppies

The microwave is finally in Gateway and, as quoted from Ben Taylor: "A real leader brings you microwaves, not speeches."

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That's us irl at the Winter Carnival. Popcorn, a raffle, and doodling all in one place!

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Come see us at the Winter Carnival! We have a popcorn machine, and a chance for YOU to appear in the next issue!

Don't forget out "Dear Mr.President," event is still underway! Especially if you couldn't make the USA lunch or did not get a chance to voice your thoughts, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Write on as many or few words as you wish your thoughts or concerns about anything ESF related you think people should know.

All submissions can be sent to or uploaded on the ESFgo app.

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It's been over a week since the town hall, TELL PEOPLE HOW YOU FEEL! Knothole is reviving our Shout-Out series starting with "Dear Mr. President...". Write whatever you wish to say about the school and your concerns in as few or many words as you want, and the Knothole will publish them (anonymously if desired) in our February issue. ONLY RULES are no vulgarity, threats or outright insults, we will monitor the submissions for anything too innappropriate, and most importantly, it must start "Dear Mr. President".

all submissions can be sent to or uploaded on the esfgo app with the subject "Dear Mr.President"

We're bringing you one more thing to be thankful before you leave for break, the Latest Knothole!! Learn what happens when you summon Eustace B Nifkin, what scares stumpies the most, how zombie ants are a thing, and so much more! Great poetry, art, and articles, what are you waiting for?! Now available in every ESF building.

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Hey guys! We just added some more cool Old School stories. If you think test are bad now, find out how bad they used to be! Or even more interesting, the big debate today is microwaves, but it used to be... a vending machine in Marshall. Read these and other great articles on the ESFGO app.

TLDR: READ The Knothole!!!!

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