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Turismo: Por fin un verano tranquilo en la costa: UK actúa contra el fraude de la diarrea. El Gobierno de May ha adelantado que modificará la ley para que los turoperadores se sometan al mismo régimen de costes que el resto de las empresas demandadas por motivos de consumo
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Image may contain: outdoor
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For those of you who use buses and your family and friends, particularly at busy times...... When a bus driver says to you "I'm sorry I'm now full!", he says to... you for your safety not because he doesn't like the look of you or because of the last idiot who stepped out/pulled out in front of him, where he saved another life thanklessly this morning. Yes! There is space beside the driver and luggage racks for you to stand. But neither you nor that driver know what is around the next corner.
Take a look at these 2 photo's...... Would you really want to STAND beside the driver???....... NO?? ..... That horrible bas***d of a bus driver has probably just extremely thanklessly saved your life too, but guaranteed you will have made him feel like a really bad person for it. IT IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!!!
Apologies for referring to your driver as him. There are many excellent life saving, safety conscious, law abiding (and gorgeous!!) female bus drivers too.
Say "Thank you" to the driver who might have just saved your life, and get to where you're going safely and comfortably on the next bus with space for you.
Wishing all drivers and passengers (and even pedestrians) lots of Love and Peace always xxxx

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