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Bob Belmont
October 6, 2012

Make it out to Immanuel this Sunday@10:30 AM to meet our pastoral candidate Dirk McIvor and stick around for a BBQ after the service!

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Jeff Gibbs

If God's story ended with Jesus dead, there would be no good news for us. Jesus would be still under death's mastery, as Paul implies in Romans 6 when he says ...of the RISEN Jesus, "Death no longer has mastery over him." And we would be in our sins--imbedded, trapped, abandoned in our sins to this day (1 Cor 15:17). But God's story did not end with Jesus dead--he who was abandoned for us now is risen as the only Son, as Paul preached about Psalm 2:7 in Acts 13:33, "You are my son; today I have begotten you." Mystery. Mystery. Mystery. Death is overcome in Jesus, and in Him, for us. Death is revealed for what it always was--an evil tool of sin and Satan. Mystery. Jesus is raised forever to immortal life, and new life now comes to all who trust in him, who are joined to his death and to his resurrection in baptism. Mystery. And promise. Help me, O God, to believe this! Help me to rejoice in it! Help me to live in it--in Jesus' new life, and in the promise of final victory on His Day.

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He Is Risen!!!
Easter @ Immanuel
9:00 AM Breakfast
10:30 AM Worship

"These people in our text aren’t the only people who needed a place where things are 'right,' are they?

Do you have any prayer requests? Do you have any needs? Do you ever find you are unsatisfied, worried, burdened, depressed, insecure . . .

Is anybody today still longing—still thirsty—for that place where 'things are right?'"

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Had a blast at our Nerf war tonight!!

Ice is melting, things are happening at Immanuel!

-NERF WAR scheduled this Friday the 13th, at 6:13 PM! Bring your guns, your kids (if they want to play too;)), and have fun!

-Also, this Sunday we will welcome Rev. Dr. David Veum, President of Lutheran Brethren Seminary, to our pulpit!


Keep warming up, and see you soon!

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". . .Well you have to have this context in mind as we come into our text today and consider the fact that Jesus came to be baptized by John. . .
Think about that, would you? Jesus came to John, to be baptized in John’s baptism of repentance, so he might confess . . . his . . . sins?

What does that mean? Wasn’t Jesus sinless?


Does that confuse you? Does that cause you to stop and think, ‘hold on, what’s going on here?’
It should! It confused John the Baptist! Did you see that?
. . ."

[Click link below to listen to the whole sermon]…/up…/2017/01/2017-1-8-DJB-sermon.mp3

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For all those iced in today, today's readings are:
Psalm 45:7-9
Isaiah 42:1-7
Romans 6:1-11
Matthew 3:13-17


Sermon will be posted shortly!

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Friday the 13th is coming up . . . what better day could there be for a NERF WAR at Immanuel!!!

Mark your calendars, invite your friends; Friday, January 13th; 6:13 PM, NERF WARS Immanuel!

--Parents, you can bring your kids and let them play too

"This . . . this unity in the son-ship of Jesus Christ; this promise of the inheritance extending to you too, on account of Jesus Christ; this truth that our life is hidden in the one true, perfect, blameless, eternal son of God, is why Matthew wrote the way he did, and it is how God has chosen to reveal himself—to make himself known to you. In humility, mercy, and grace."

"Today, Christmas isn’t a day that stands alone as an isolated event in history, it’s part of the climax of a story that God began telling from the creation of all things.
The Word, God’s Word—the Word that created all things (God spoke and it happened—that’s the way things work in Genesis 1), that Word had always existed, created all things . . . and as John tells us today, Christmas is really about that “Word.” Because that all-powerful eternal Word, became flesh and dwelt ...among us."

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"What’s in a name . . .

Did you notice one of the strangest things in our text just now? The angel tells Joseph to call the baby Jesus. Joseph calls the baby Jesus . . .

but Matthew tells us that all of this happened to fulfill the word of the Lord, spoken through Isaiah, which said:


'and they will call his name, Immanuel.'

Was somebody not paying attention here? Did they get that wrong?"…/…/2016/12/2016-12-18-DJB-sermon.mp3

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". . . And we know that Jesus did not free John the Baptist to be the head of his army, or to have a seat in his inner political cabinet. Jesus did not try to establish his Kingdom here. His Kingdom broke in wherever he went; people were healed and received God’s word; but more than that, it was established forever as he purchased the redemption of all people through his own blood, and rose to eternal life. . ."

[Click Link Below to Listen]…/…/2016/12/2016-12-11-DJB-sermon.mp3

Christmas Party Today At 2:00PM!!!

Join us at Immanuel this afternoon, for Christmas treats, games, decorating, and an all around good time spending time together!

"Advent, like Lent, is a time when we focus on repentance, but hopefully this is not something relegated to certain seasons of the church year, or something that you only consider when you’re in church, hearing the Word of the Lord.
We are moving into the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses this year, and it is good that we remember their content, as summarized in thesis number one: When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said, ``Repent'' (Mt 4:17), he willed the entire lif...e of believers to be one of repentance.
Repentance should not be something we consider seasonal, a one-time event, or a demand which we need to fulfill for every single one of our sins; repentance should be a lifestyle, the attitude of our heart, the posture in our prayers..."

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". . .Is there a challenge there for us? . . .

Does it ever occur to you that our “minimum standards for living” are probably higher than what the true King Jesus probably ever had on this earth? . . ."

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