And the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is UKRAINE!

Here were the results of the televotes:

1. Russia...
2. Ukraine
3. Poland
4. Australia
5. Bulgaria
6. Sweden
7. Armenia
8. Austria
9. France
10. Lithuania

Dear EBU,

When will you accept that Eurovision's latest voting model just doesn't work?

Poland got 7 points from the jury (yes seven), but 220 points from televotes, i.e. the people of Europe! How is that fair?

Russia was the favourite of televoters with 361 points but only got 130 points from the jury.

Will you just listen?

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Did Sweden ever get this guy to write one of their ESC songs?

Pop quiz: Who has been the most influential and powerful person in pop music over the last 20 years? Britney Spears? Madonna? Michael Jackson? Beyonce...

This 20 year-old girl won The Voice in Italy last year and she will be singing for Albania in Eurovision this year. Shame she doesn't have a great song for ESC, but it will be great to watch a great singer anyway. Bring it on!

Some friends have been asking me why I'm not into Eurovision any more.

Well I haven't lost interest. I just don't want to waste time predicting results any more, because my theory (split the songs into 4-5 categories, pick a winner for each category and those are the top 5) only works for televoting; i.e. when voting is more democratic. For example this year UK televoters' favourite was Poland, so they should have gotten 12 points from the UK, instead they got 0 points!

One ...of the biggest criticisms of Eurovision was political voting. It was based on a horribly wrong assumption - in fact if it was true, the same countries would win the competition every year, whereas a different country has been winning it for many a year. But the organisers of the contest (EBU) didn't understand this and decided 50% of votes should come from national juries. That made the whole contest really political. See the Poland example above - how can they explain that?

So until they go back to 100% televoting, I'm not predicting...

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No live commentary this year, or any year until they ditch the jury and give full voting power back to the citizens of Europe, the televoters!..

Eurovision Winner updated their cover photo.
May 14, 2013
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EBU has revealed the split jury and televoting results for this year's Eurovision Song Contest Final.

Televote results are:
1. Sweden
2. Russia...
3. Serbia
4. Turkey
5. Azerbaijan
6. Germany
7. Romania
8. Albania
9. Greece
10. Ireland

Jury vote results are:
1. Sweden
2. Serbia
3. Albania
4. Italy
5. Spain
6. Estonia
7. Ukraine
8. Azerbaijan
9. Moldova
10. Germany

You can find the full list below:

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Today, we can reveal the split jury and televoting results for this year's Eurovision Song Contest Final and both Semi-Finals. Both, the juries and the viewers at home agree on the winner, Loreen with Euphoria. She also won the second Semi-Final.

So whose your top 5 this year and why?

Disclaimer: My methods to pick the top 10 worked for the televoting system in the last few years, i.e. when viewers in all participating countries voted by phone/SMS. This year the professional jury system is reintroduced and it counts for 50% of the vote for each country. I don’t know how that will affect the results. The below explanation is what... would happen if the winner was decided purely by televoting.


This year, I categorised the songs based on their speed (beats-per-minute) first:


9 ballads (60-89 bpm): UK (3/4 120 so I assumed 60), Bosnia & Herzegovina (61.75), Azerbaijan (62.65), Estonia (63.30), Iceland (67.50), Albania (75), Serbia (79.50), Hungary (80), Spain (84)


5 mid-tempo tunes (90-119 bpm): Denmark (95), Turkey (102), Moldova (107.50), Germany (108), Greece (110)


9 dance tracks (120bpm+): Malta (122), Romania (127), Norway (127), Ukraine (127.50), Cyprus (131.50), Sweden (132), France (137), Italy (140), Ireland (144)


3 confused (starts <120bpm ends >120 bpm): Lithuania (124), Russia (126), FYR Macedonia (130)


Then I went back to my notes and marked the outstanding ones in each category and picked the top x in each category based on the distribution of songs (e.g. 9 ballads / 26 total songs x 10 = 3.46 songs from that category in top 10):-


Ballads (3.46): Serbia, Iceland, Spain

Mid-tempo (1.92): (Greece), Turkey, Moldova

Dance (3.46): Cyprus, Sweden, Italy

Confused (1.15): Russia

So it could be another song from the ballad/dance categories (0.46 x 2) but I opted for Greece instead (laziness).


This is how I get my top 10.


Then I put those in a play list and compare against each other.


This year I love Russia’s novelty factor and the songs from Italy and Cyprus.


I would like Italy to win because it is the only grown-up song amongst the 26 finalists or Cyprus to win because their song makes me happy! It’s a little difficult for Cyprus though; they got their best result in recent years in ESC 2004 in Turkey with Lisa Andreas (5th place), but Ivi has a real chance to top that!


I think bookies’ favourite Sweden should follow them.


Then Spain and Moldova/Turkey…




Would the professional jury system stop Russia from winning and shift the vote towards Italy or Sweden or even Serbia? We will have to wait and see. I will report later tonight or tomorrow!

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01 UK - Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Will Set You Free

We kick off the contest with the oldest singer, Engelbert. The song is slow (technically 3/4 waltz @ 120 bpm) and boring for a show where you have to stand out amongst 26 songs. The age thing is also interesting; BBC may have thought sending a 76 year old could be e...

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I will be commentating on Saturday's final. I am now enjoying the semifinals. Well kind of... First two acts were out of tune.

And here is the original version of the winning song. It would have no chance amongst other powerful ballads this year so it was good that they remixed it.

Jennifer Braun, Finalistin von "Unser Star für Oslo" singt den Titel "Satellite".

Here is one of Satellite's composers...

MySpace Music profile for John Gordon. Download John Gordon Pop / Rock / Indie music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read John Gordon's blog.

60% of tonight's songs were slow, 40% were up tempo
Top 10 places were shared by 5 up tempo (one of which is a rock tune) and 5 slow songs
More interestingly top 3 places went to up tempo songs.
So we know what's going to happen next year!

Also, I wonder how many of you got the order right. There are some betting companies that follow my site (and now tweets?) some I'm being extra careful not disclosing my top 5 but maybe I'll change that too next year and share with everyone where I put my money...

So the final top 10 countries were:
1. Germany +
2. Turkey +
3. Romania +
4. Denmark -...
5. Azerbaijan +
6. Belgium -
7. Armenia +
8. Greece +
9. Georgia +
10. Ukraine +

So instead of Ireland and Iceland that I predicted, Belgium and Denmark ended up in the top 10. 80% accuracy is OK but 4 out of 5 for top 5 is poor performance I think. I better prepare before the live show next year.

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What does this song remind you of? Lena represented Germany in Eurovision 2010 with the song "Satellite". Relive her live performance from the final held at the Telenor Arena, Norway.