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About Evan
  • no compass comes with this life just eyes so to map it out you must look inside sure books can guide u but ur heart defines u
Favorite Quotes
  • Life is but a dream to me
    I don't wanna wake up
    eightteen odd years without having my cake up
    So I'm about my paper
    24/7, 365,366 in a leap year
    I don't know why we here
    Since we gotta be here
    Life is but a beach chair
    Went from having shabby clothes
    Crossing over Abbey Roads
    Hear my angels singing to me
    Are you happy Ev???
    I just hope I'm hearing right
    Karma's got me fearing life
    Colleek are you praying for me
    See I got demons in my past
    So I got daughters on the way
    If the prophecy's correct
    Then the child should have to pay
    For the sins of a father
    So I barter my tomorrows
    Against my yesterdays
    In hopes that she'll be OK
    And when I'm no longer here
    To shade her face from the glare
    I'll give her my share of Carol's Daughter
    and a new beach chair