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Dear subscriber!
This is the farewell letter. Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to this page.
Was great having you all here.
It will be even greater to see you guys on the new one!
This month we are going through rebranding which also includes renaming. is called Events.Byzantium from now on!
Subscribe to our new page! Don't miss the cutting edge updates from the blockchain events worldwide as well as contests with awesome rewards!

Have a great week!
Byzantium team

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Byzantium proudly presents #NonStopRoadShow. We'll tell you how blockchain events are a good reason to see the world. Join us on our first stop, the United Kingdom.

Blockchain community is getting closer. Being a part of it gives a fantastic opportunity to see the world and meet new people. Visiting blockchain events, you’re gaining insightful knowledge and visiting places. They may not always be that famous, b ...

Las Vegas never sleeps. Money flows through its arteries. Cryptocurrencies are becoming the fresh blood. Experts will discuss changes that blockchain brings about at TRANSACT 2018. 50 cent and Snoop Dogg have already bought some coins. Will you?

TRANSACT is the one show focused solely on the business of payments technology. Powered by Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the world’s largest payments industry trade group, TRANSACT is the place where financial institutions, networks, paymen ...

We are glad to inform that Byzantium|Events and Cointelegraph. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News became official partners! Our friends hosted a lot of fantastic blockchain conferences before, and now they want to bring something new and cool to Berlin! Get to know what it is on our blog!

Roughly two months after the big and successful event in Singapore, BlockShow team comes back to announce BlockShow Europe 2018 - the brand’s third big conference dedicated to discovering the hottest innovations, trends and sensations currently happ ...

LOOK OUT! Something enormous is incoming. Byzantium prepared for you the TOP-5 of the biggest blockchain conferences of this spring!

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ATTENTION! We are happy to announce our first crypto event “Byzantium Talks: Bukovel Edition”. Scammers and representatives of regulation institutes are not invited. Join our warm atmosphere and meet new or old friends on 17th of March!
Follow us to get further updates first!

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To live and let live. In 2015, Mr. Jedlička declared that Liberland would always support cryptocurrencies. Now, freedom develops further. d10e will make their first blockchain conference there. Get to know how to visit:

Speakers ...

Sector Sigma on the Wheel of Fortune! These guys do gaming events, but their last year's blockchain one was a blast! Get to know what's next from them on our blog!

With the ink barely dry on the final dates for SiGMA 2018, the available expo space is going fast. Even at a glance, the floor plan is filling up fast. As things stand, 80% of the available space has already been assigned. This already makes the show, sch ...

The S.C.A.M. Summit is incoming! Dr. Pepe will teach you how to invest your money in shitcoins and waste them with maximum speed!

Hugh Laurie or Jennifer Aniston? Who of them has Bitcoins? Play our exclusive trivia now and get to know who of celebrities trusts in cryptocurrencies!…/earn-your-first-bitcoin-by-choos…

Moscow Calling! A colossal blockchain summit is incoming! GrowUp presents International Blockchain Summit Moscow with 800 attendees, 30 speakers, and 20 projects. Get an exclusive 30% discount by using our promo code summit30!

30% discount on tickets with promocode | Promocode: summit30International Blockchain Summit Moscow - is a grandiose event, where 30 world known experts from the sphere of cryptocurrency and technology Blockchain are meeting to share their experience in wo ...

Maximizing networking effect - Byzantium Broadcasts #2

Artem Azarov told Byzantium Broadcasts how to achieve strong cooperation with the biggest influencers at blockchain events. Learn more about his techniques:
It’s an open secret that any major event is a crowd of potentially useful contacts. People often underestimate this opportunity and do not make necessary arrangements to maximize the networking benefits.
To get the most out of it, stick to three following steps. ...
- Preparation. Look thoroughly through the list of speakers and attendees of the event in advance. Choose the ones who might be of your interest. E-mail or link each of them via social networks to introduce yourself and schedule a meeting.
TIP: Huge conferences often provide special software (e.g. mobile apps) to connect participants. Use it to your advantage but don’t leave it too late - prudent attendees schedule meetings beforehand and may pull out your opportunity to gain most desired contacts.
- Face-to-face contact. Equip yourself with a fair number of business cards and go ahead! Try to reach as many people as you can but don’t spend too much time on empty talks. Use your pre-arrangements to identify yourself and break the ice!
- Follow-ups. Sort out all collected business cards and send a follow-up e-mail to each person you found common ground with. Express your gladness of getting connected and formalize the points of your discussion and all reached agreements. This way, you are much less likely to miss something important or lose a useful contact.

I hope you found these tips helpful and will use them next time!

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The founding fathers of Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, heralded the city would become the innovation center. The Prophecy will be fulfilled when a huge blockchain conference arrives there! Get to know where it will happen on our blog.

March 13, 2018, the Kyiv Blockchain Forum will be held at the OASIS Concert Hall "ULTRAMARIN", been a significant industry event of the year. The focus of the event is successful platforms and trends, ICO analysis and selection of the most promising inves ...

Hey, guys! Our contest is over and we’re happy to announce the winner. [Dramatic drum roll] It is @98id98. Enjoy your new picture by Byzantium and continue to be lucky! P.S. We will announce something amazing soon!

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Pick up a 6-leaf clover of the best blockchain conferences from Byzantium fields! Hit the jackpot by visiting only the best March events!

Byzantium will gift you a bit of luck. The 6-leaf clover of the best March conferences is a magic plant that brings prosperity to your business and life. It only grows on fields of our blog.  Pick up one and get a perfect opportunity to make the righ ...

Hey, guys! Hurry up and catch our special community discounts on February events!
• International Blockchain Summit Moscow - 15% discount on tickets with promo code | Promo code: eventcha15…/international-blockchain-summit-m…
• FINTECH WEEK TEL AVIV - 20% discount on tickets with promo code | Promo code: EV20…/2nd-annual-fintech-week-tel-aviv...
• Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand - 20% discount on tickets with promo code| Promo code: BBCThailandPR…/blockchain-bitcoin-conference-tha…
• Cryptocurrency World Expo Berlin Summit - 30% discount following the link
• TechNOVA: Blockchain Summit 2018 - 10% discount on tickets with promo code | Promo code: eventchain10…/technova-blockchain-summit-2018
• Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel - 15% discount on tickets with promo code | Promo code: bbisr15…/blockchain-bitcoin-conference-isr…
• Cryptoconomy Summit - 10% discount on tickets with promo code | Promo code: EC010410

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