'Friday, July 12, 2013 Keizer, Oregon 

The Main Event
4 Vs. 3 Handicap Elimination Tag Team Match 
DOA/PNW Heavyweight Champion Wade @[100005189914058:2048:Hess] (with @[100000245547552:2048:Nate Andrews] & Nick The Bartender), J_SIN @[780792210:2048:Sullivan] & @[100000227024482:2048:Exile] vs. Dr. @[100001716962087:2048:Kliever], @[100002100230769:2048:Patrick Large], @[100000374728671:2048:Draven Vargas], & "Gentleman" George Michael (with @[100002091732639:2048:Mary Jane Payne]) 
30 Minute Iron Man Match For The Pure Wrestling Title 
@[100001256363077:2048:Ethan H-d] (c) vs. Quiz 
Submission Match 
Jeremy @[100005360442247:2048:Blanchard] (with Mister Ooh-La-La) vs. Mike Santiago 
4 Team Gauntlet For The DOA Tag Team Titles 
C.J. Edwards & Ricky Gibson (c) vs. The Honor Society vs. Draven Vargas & Patrick Large vs. Jorel Nelson & Kellen Raeth 
Ladies Rematch 
Betty Black vs. Mary Jane Payne'

DOA Pro Wrestling Presents "History Of Hate"!

· Hosted by DOA Pro Wrestling