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There are no difficult children - there are difficult parents. According to psycologists it is the parents who are largely responsible for how their children ultimately turn to be.

India`s enduring prosperity allowed for great progress in science, technology and the arts. The most visible examples are the great stone temples that stand today. These temples were expertly carved using simple iron chisels and hammers. Knowledge was thought in many schools. The world`s first universities were built, including Takshashila, Nalanda, Vikramashila and Vallabhi. Students entered Takshashila at age 16 and studied the 'eighteen arts and sciences," which included medicine, surgery, astronomy, agriculture, accounting, arch...ery and elephant lore. One could later specialize in medicine, law or military strategy. Nalanda was described by Hsvan-tsang as a centre of advanced studies with 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers.

All these achievements created what historians call "classical age." India developed strong moral values and noble ethical principles. High standards of intellectual and artistic sophistication and refined patterns of living were set that served as models for following generations. Its prosperity, stability and religious harmony encouraged scientific and artistic achievements that set standards for the entire world.

You can find answers for these 7 common parenting problems by attending this talk :
Why doesn't your child TALK to you ?
How can you make your child LISTEN to you ?
Why doesn't your child STUDY ?
What makes your child LAZY ?
How do children become SPOILT ?
Why is your child ADDICTED to... ?

Entrance Fees: RM10 ( Temple Donation)
Language : Talk will be in TAMIL.
Entrance Age : 12 years onwards
Seats : Call and book your seat.
Light refreshments will be served.

Note : Only serious knowledge seekers are welcome

Contact : Bavanee 0192635903/ Rajeshwary 0104035903/ Hemalatha 0133505903
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