'"The Singularity is Where?"

A dialogue event with Daniel Pinchbeck & Jason Silva

Daniel Pinchbeck, Evolver's Executive Director and New York Times best-selling author of "2012," and Jason Silva, National Geographic's "Brain Games" series host and futurist, meet on this rare occassion to discuss the implications of the present, the meaning of the future, the destiny of technology, and the "far antipodes" of the mind. Will humans merge with super-intelligent machines? Will climate change force a rapid transformation of human society? Will shamanism and science converge in a new hybrid? 

Presented by the Evolver Network

Supported by Unitribe, Souldish, C-Realm, We the World, Planet Heart's World Peace Earth Day Celebration and The Psychedelic & Entheogenic Society of NY

Tammany Hall 
152 Orchard Street

Saturday, March 30th at 7pm
Doors at 630pm 

$10 advance/$15 at the door
Limited seating 
Purchase tickets here: http://bit.ly/Wv4lu8


About the panelists: 

♢ Jason Silva:

Jason Silva is a television personality, media artist, filmmaker and techno-philosopher. 

He has been called "A Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age" by The Atlantic; "A performance philosopher" by the TED Conference; and "Part Timothy Leary, part Ray Kurzweil, and part Neo from The Matrix."

His non-commercial series of short videos, aptly named "Shots of Philosophical Espresso," explore the co-evolution of humans and technology. They've gone viral with over 2 million views and "play like movie trailers for ideas" (the Atlantic).

From 2005 to 2011, Venezuela-born Silva was a presenter on Current TV, the Emmy-winning, independent cable network started by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, where he hosted, wrote and produced more than 100 hours of original content. He left the network to become "a part-time filmmaker and full-time walking, talking TEDTalk."

At TEDGlobal this past June 2012, Jason premiered "Radical Openness," a new short video, and did a main-stage Q&A afterwards. Many have called Silva an "Idea DJ" and a poet, describing him as "a re-vitalizer and remixer of optimism, and above all, a curator: of ideas, of inspiration, and of awe... like a trumpet player or modern-day digital Mingus, he jams, riffs and rhapsodizes through a tumbling thicket of ideas with such a sharp and vital alacrity that it can take the breath away."

Jason has keynoted events for Intel, Microsoft, IBM, SXSW and many others. He also hosts the new TV series "Brain Games" on National Geographic Channel, premiering this April. 

♢ Daniel Pinchbeck

Daniel Pinchbeck is the best-selling author of "Breaking Open the Head," "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" and "Notes from Edge Times." He is also Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Evolver Network. 

His essays and articles have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Wired, Dazed and Confused and many others. He is the Executive Editor of Evolver Editions, a publishing imprint with North Atlantic Books. He is the featured interviewer in the documentary "2012: Time for Change."'

✰"The Singularity Is Where?"✰ A dialogue event w/ Jason Silva & Daniel Pinchbeck