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Compo, Sort Me and Half Me now support @sketchapp plugin update system. Install latest versions: #sketchapp

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Introducing imgproxy by Sergey Alexandrovich, a fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote images.

imgproxy can be used to provide a fast and secure way to replace all the image resizing code of your web application (like calling ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick, or using libraries), while also being able to resize everything on the fly, fast and easy. imgproxy is also indispensable when handling lots of image resizing, especially when images come from ...a remote source.

imgproxy does one thing — resizing remote images — and does it well. It works great when you need to resize multiple images on the fly to make them match your application design without preparing a ton of cached resized images or re-doing it every time the design changes.

imgproxy is a Go application, ready to be installed and used in any Unix environment — also ready to be containerized using Docker.

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imgproxy - Fast and secure microservice for resizing and converting remote images

Congratulations to our client OnboardIQ for raising $9M Series A!

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A week ago our Martian Andrey Sitnik has released the Size Limit tool for use in CI servers to prevent JavaScript libraries bloat:

If somebody will add a huge dependency to the project, Size Limit will throw an error and your CI will reject the pull request.


To get the real cost with all dependencies and webpack polyfills, Size Limit creates a webpack project and adds your lib as a dependency.

The best thing about Size Limit is that it shows the exact reason your library became huge, in a graphical way — thanks to Webpack Bundle Analyze.

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Compo, Sort Me and Half Me have been updated and must work well under Sketch 45 from now. #sketchapp

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Our very own Andrey Sitnik, the creator of PostCSS, will talk about Stylelint in Rio de Janeiro tomorrow at #FrontendRJ.

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Anton Lovchikov the Martian designer released a simple and clean iOS checklist application — all by himself, with no coding help.

Did it ever happen to you? You’re already on your way to the airport, but suddenly it hits you: you’re not sure if you’ve packed everything you needed — or if you forgot to water the flowers.


It is quite helpful to think about recurring issues as lists of items. Unlike to-dos in personal productivity software, you can reuse lists as much as you like. It’s natural to check every item off to be sure you did not forget or miss anything.

DoubleCheck was created specifically to work with simple lists. It is designed specifically for one-hand operation — to let you check all the items in a list while you’re still busy handling something.

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Мы ищем Ruby-разработчика в команду Амплифера. Он будет вместе с нами улучшать продукт, повышать производительность и делать Амплифер удобным, а пользователей счастливыми:

We're looking for Ruby-Developer Team Amplifera. He will be with us to improve the product, increase productivity and do amplifr convenient, and users happy:
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Check out overmind by Sergey Alexandrovich, an advanced process manager for Procfiles and tmux:

Now in Homebrew: `brew install overmind`

overmind - Process manager for Procfile-based applications and tmux
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June 11
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Поздравляем Виктора Соколова с получением лицензии частного пилота! Комсомолец — на планетолет!

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Max Filatov implemented Kubernetes RBAC support for Deis:

For those who is not in the loop: Deis is a PaaS on top of Kubernetes (think “Heroku on top of Kubernetes”); we use Deis in a lot of our new projects to simplify deploys of 12factor (Heroku-like) applications.

Дизайнер марсиан Антон Ловчиков проведет онлайн-брейнвошинг «iOS-программирование для дизайнеров».


Мобильному дизайнеру полезно знать, как программисты собирают приложение из статичных макетов. Это помогает разговаривать с разработчиками на одном языке, быстро предлагать хорошие и дешёвые в разработке решения и самостоятельно собирать быстрые прототипы для тестирования дизайна на устройстве.
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May 19
Чтобы снизить издержки, компании на рынке доставки программ питания стандартизируют продукт. Elementaree же прошлой осенью запустили для своих клиентов персонализированные предложения. CEO стартапа Ольга Зиновьева о том, почему, в отличие от большинства, она верит, что это сработает

Tomorrow, our very own Andrey Sitnik will speak in Stockholm about Logux — CRDT, GraphQL and distributed systems

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New post: Fighting the Hydra of N+1 queries in Rails!
Thoughts on how to tame it, gem bullet, introducing gem rspec-sqlimit, ActiveSupport instrumentation.

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