Ferrybridge wasn’t on free vend as expected - not a problem, found nice Pod-Point location near by, at Premier Inn.
Netflix mode on 🙂👌

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Breakfast for both 🙂

On the way to Stockton-on-Tees

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Just in memory of late spring 2017, journey to #Orkney 🙂 found some random pics and vids, so added them together 🙂
Even at 94% it still gives 10kw output 😃 #ABB #Power
Some of my followers been asking about LED headlight performance, so I decided to upload video. Please choose HD option as it will be compressed by FB. Video been filmed at 22:45 in the late evening, not proper night yet

Original plan was to take a nap for 30min, then leave with 90%+ straight to Doncaster.
Didn’t happen, strong side wind - higher consumption, needed to stop for extra 5min top up at Woodall, and only then will drive straight to Wheatley shopping area.
Full charge there and then Type 2 on the way home (while taking another nap) as need near full battery for tomorrow early morning - need to drive to Stockton-on-Tees and back.

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Quick top up, to reach Trowell Northbound

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First and second paid charge today.
First was 5min top up and added 3.9kWh, then went to destination, and came back, and then stood another 15min and added 8.9kWh.
Heading to Donnington services now

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Next to Ioniq 🙂
Need full charge and then straight to destination 🙂

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Quick zap after coffee 😃
Another DC/CCS on FV

Been driving at 65-75mph GPS, arrived with 25%, left Woodall with 71%


Next destination - Donnington services, just 11 miles far from here

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21 mile (34km) later, 20% left from 60, been driving not slower than 65mph to heat the battery up and it’s at 5 temp bars now and charging! AC/DC on FV

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Left home with 42%, 20miles later arrived with - - -, and 7% left. Battery still at 4 temp bars, will switch off battery cooling, still charging pretty slow.
Leaving as soon, as 60%. Next stop - Woodall Northbound.
Going to Birmingham and back.

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Yesterday - today journey, 797km (498miles) total, I was lucky - absolutely all charging stations were free to use, Ecotricity rapids - on free vend, and some at Nissan dealerships 🙂
Another journey this following Saturday: Scunthorpe - Stockton-on-Tees - Scunthorpe. Short one in my terms 😃
Battery never exceeded 6 temp bars, longest distance between stations was 110km (yesterday, 50/50, motorway/London driving), and 88km today; 15.1kWh regenerated, max speed - 120km/h (75mph), avg speed including charging - 39mph.

#Nissan #eNV200 #ukcharge #evroadtrip #electrifytheworld #ev #electric

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All 8 bays empty 😳
Final charge today while doing shopping

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Both on free vend at LFE.
Zoe is on charge on the opposite side 🙂

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Feeling lucky. Stopped for a toilet break, got FV on RHS and double icing on the top of it.

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