We are at the Northwest Ministry Conference this week. Of course, what ministry conference would be complete without a 45-minute lecture on how a reductive interpretation of Genesis trumps centuries of scientific inquiry? This is Tom Hoyle, explaining to youths and those in youth ministry, what's wrong with theistic evolution. This kind of toxic nonsense happens everyday in the church.

Kevin is a friend, very active in the online community, and he needs help. Please help if you can.

Hurricane Harvey's unprecedented flood waters have seriously afflicted one of the most prolific and respected members of our online community, leaving two to three feet of water in his home. News from authorities isn't great, with Harris county saying it could be WEEKS before floodwaters subside....

Our thanks to Phil Ledgerwood for letting us share his excellent post.

Tyler’s note: The following is the latest from GOE friend and certified next-level baller Phil Ledgerwood. Check out his blog here. A week ago, I participated in a discussion over coffee with…