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Hello there,

Saddled as we are with a thoroughly grim world landscape right now I thought everyone could do with a bit of cheering up. So here we are with the result, my new Facebook group about eyebombing: EyebombThereforeIAm.

I've been eyebombing things myself for ... I dunno ... about six years? and I thought I would share my hobby with you. If you want to see more of my stuff or be kept up to date with my news, you can always visit my instagram page:



or you can join the EyebombthereforeIam email newsgroup here: http://www.subscribepage.com/eyebomb

or you can join the EyebombthereforeIam facebook group here:


or you can do all three if you're really up for it.

Eyebombing is the art, if that's the right word, of adding googly eyes to inanimate objects to give them a personality. Feel free to join in and post your own eyebombs or other people's that you have found, which amused you. Officially, the eyebombed object should be in the public domain and you should photograph it and then walk away, leaving the eyes on. Purists wouldn't really call an eyebomb from around your home a 'proper' eyebomb.

Then again, when did I ever do anything by the book? As far as I'm concerned, if it's funny it's pukka. Everyone's contributions are welcome so feel free to share them here. If Armageddon hits, at least we'll die laughing.

One caveat though, try to avoid being offensive. So eyebombing war memorials, statues of Buddah, Ganesh, the Jesuses on crucifixes etc is right out.

Otherwise, the world's your playground. On you go.

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Carol McGuire
· April 28, 2017
So fun and quirky! I look forward to seeing what cute new ideas appear and I'll never look at ordinary things in quite the same way again!
Kate Taylor
· April 27, 2017
How can you look at these pictures and do anything but smile... love it. x
Patti Elliott
· May 30, 2017
Makes me smile. We all need more smiles in our lives.
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Mary McGuire
August 4Instagram

What I love about #eyebombing is that it's interactive. The pic on the left is one of three #eyebombs I did on a bollard in Bury. The one on the right is how it... looked after someone had 'corrected' it from mybomb to theirbomb of King Kong.

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We're getting there with the poll. I've refined it and if you are happy to, please can you vote again!


If anyone is interested, I've put up a poll with some suggested titles for my eyebombing book. Feel free to vote. You can find it here:


I'm not the only eyebomber, thank you to eyebombing bulgaria for this one!

Aparentemente, basta você colocar um par de googly eyes – olhos arregalados de brinquedo – em qualquer coisa, para que essa coisa ganhe uma carinha assustada ou alegre. É nessa missão que acredita a Googly Eyes Foundation, um movimento maluco e bastante alegre que se dedica a espalhar os olhinhos pe...