Jam Art Supplies, Exposure Gallery & Studios, and Falls Foundry collaborated on a workshop on photographing your art led by Brett Jorgensen. We had a great time.
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IDEO is a leader in design thinking. The process to innovation moves from gathering Inspiration → insight
From IDEO design thinking series:

Unpleasant as it may sound, you have to get out of the building, leave your desk, and talk to people to get powerful insights with the potential to change your business. But how do you use empathy to better understand the people you’re creating for? We use the following four approaches to gather inspiration, beyond our own experiences, and ground ourselves in the needs of our customers.

We use observation not to judge or draw conclusions but to get curious. We observe carefully what people say, what they do, and more importantly, we seek to understand what deeply matters to them.

Learning from extreme perspectives can stretch your thinking, help you to see beyond your assumptions, and bring about bold new ideas.

By creating space for genuine encounters and meaningful conversations with others, we develop deeper empathy for the people we’re creating for. These spaces make people feel at ease and encourage them to open up and share their unfiltered opinions.

Through immersive empathy experiences you can get beyond a solely intellectual understanding and gain a more visceral sense of another’s perspective.

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Design thinking is a creative problem-solving process that uses elements from the designer's toolkit like empathy & experimentation to arrive at new solutions.

Another opportunity for that next level of business depending on where you're starting

Do you need to make a HUGE impact to your business this year? Is this the year it HAS TO happen? If so, keep reading.

I started my business in 2003 helping smal...l businesses around the US. Quite honestly I fell in love with the process of growing a business. Since then I have worked with hundreds, maybe over 1000 directly.

During that time I have discovered many simple but impactful tactics a business owner can do to dramatically improve their business in a short period of time.

Each company I have owned has focused on deploying these tactics for our clients. Without question the clients who focused on dramatically improving their business did.

I decided that in my current company we are not helping small businesses fast enough. I have amazing clients with amazing results but I want more people to know these things.

So I decided to start a project called 100 Day 100k. The idea is simple:
1. Gather a bunch of entrepreneurs who are willing to focus on their businesses over the next 100 days

2. Show them my best tactics

3. Keep them accountable daily to implementing those tactics.

4. Give them a support community of each other to have comrades in this journey.

Last week I opened the doors early and people started joining. And now I am asking you to join IF:

1. You are an entrepreneur running a company that current generates revenue.

2. You are willing to do whatever it takes to hit better numbers this year.

3. You can put your ego in storage for the journey

4. You need a community to keep you dialed in.

If this is you or someone you know then please visit my project site. You can check it out for a week for free. If you decide to stay it is only $99. That will give you 1 years access to the community.

If you have questions, ask away.

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We at Alluvio are crazy. Crazy about business growth. We have a combined 30 years experience in helping small and medium businesses break through.