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Elizabeth Marleenwitit Roberts
· February 15, 2017
I was currently employed for Family Dollar for a year-and-a-half as January 24th I was fired.. I work at store 236 in Americus Georgia from April 2016 through A...ugust 2016 I was assistant manager acting store manager back to assistant manager back to acting store manager until August 19th 2016 I became the official store manager I did not have manager training I was just put in the position so I did the best that I could do with the common sense that I had to run a store I had to do the schedule every week unload a 500 to a 700 peace truck by myself every Thursday no matter if it came at 6 o'clock in the morning 9 o'clock in the morning 4 o'clock in the afternoon it was the manager's responsibility to unload the truck on top of that I had to deal with one assistant manager that was unable to help unload the truck because of her age and her disabilities my second assistant manager she had no clue to what she was doing until the district manager started having an affair with her... every week she would let me know when he was coming to do a store visit because he would text her and let her know I'm in the store the six hours by myself helping customers doing planogram checking in vendors working like a slave I would do the schedule by the end of the week I would have to cut back hours because they are not giving enough hours to help the coverage in the store they work the managers like slaves if you have worked for Family before you know exactly what I'm talking about working 52 hours or more a week for salary Family Dollar does not care about their employees or managers so I know they're going two try to deny my unemployment but if I get denied 4 violating a policy the district manager should also be fired violating a policy and that assistant manager should also be fired I really don't want to give named up but my district was 570.... a couple of days before I got terminated my DM reached out to the assistant manager and told her what was going on with human resources and what they were trying to do to me so she came to work the next day and told me that was very unprofessional of this district manager to tell personal business to another associate that shouldn't have known anything that was confidential..... I have been waiting two weeks to hear from the unemployment office if I don't get results that I am looking for the names of my former district manager and former assistant manager will be revealed.... so the new acting store manager she got sent off for two weeks of training which I had no training I feel like yes it was a racial thing because I am African-American and she is white there has been another incident with another manager violating company policy but she did not lose her job she just got demoted but I lost my job.. See More
Reida Lynn Wilson
· February 13, 2017
Store number:7505
6099 Fairystone Park Hyw
Bassett VA 24055...
2/11/17 @12:34 PM

I came in and spent 27.53$ on Saturday. I paid for the items with my debit card and ask for 25$ cash back. The first swipe said that it had timed out. The second time ended up being a duplicate transaction. Times 3-7 were all insufficient funds. I got no further than that. I was told nothing can be done that my card was being declined. I checked the bank right then. The amount that was spent at the store. (27.53+25)52.53 was missing leaving only 11 in my bank account. Common sense would say that my card went through the first time and that insufficient funds was bc it took the money out the first time. Not how the store associate saw it. Not only did I not get my money back, I was embarrassed in front of a crowd of people. The associate that rang me up ask how did she know that amount was spent there, and that I needed a receipt and bank statement to prove it... yes, the associate that had just rang me up said how did she know that money was taken out there. Anyway, as you can tell my family is on a budget or that wouldn't be the only money in my bank account. I have had to do chemo and it's not cheap. I still haven't gotten my money back, this is after providing them proof as well as calling their corporate office. I visited this particular store several times a week as the closest store besides one that is 15 miles away... I won't be visiting this store anymore. It was a horrible and embarrassing situation. I understand technology breaks but to have the associate and manager call me not only a thief but a liar is unforgivable.
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Sharon Dunbar-Lewis
· February 8, 2017
Today is not one of my better days. My pain level is through the roof. However, I had some errands that needed to be taken care of. So, i got out to do what I n...eeded to do. On my way home, I stopped at Family Dollar in Palmetto to do some shopping. I asked the cashier if I could use the restroom. She said we don't have one. So I had to leave there and walk to another store to use the restroom which was a task all in itself because today my legs feel like they weigh fifty pounds each.
This really bothered me, so I went back to Family Dollar and asked to speak to the manager. I told her what happened. She started with, we don't have. I then cut her off and said you do have one because I've used it before. Then she claimed that it is not working. She claims there's a problem with the pipes. Then I politely told her that if that's the case, the cashier could have said it's out of order instead of saying we don't have one. I then told her that I'm a disabled person and today I can barely walk on my own and I had to go to another store to use the restroom and almost wet myself. So, with that being said I told her that she never have to worry about me shopping there again. As the manager she didn't do anything to make me feel better. Not even an I'm sorry, which would have made me feel a little bit better. I then asked her if she was handicapped and that happened to her how would she feel? She was speechless at that point and had nothing further to say.
I now know how some handicapped people feel when they're discriminated against. You never know how a person feels until you've walked in their shoes.
I'm done venting now, have a blessed day.
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Jimmy D Paige Jr
· 19 hours ago
Upon entering the store in camden ny ..we were not greeted in any way instead i heard .."who the fuck put these over here? Thats not where they fucking go" i as...ked if they carried koolaid ...she said very sarcastically " of course we do its right over there.....i walked over and did not see any koolaid....i then noticed that they did have flavoraid...(not quite the same) as i started to leave and she asked ( in a very pissy tone ) You didn't find it? My wife replied that its not what i was looking for and we recieved a reply of... "well we should be drinking fucking juice anyway" i am pretty sure she was the store manager but didn't take the time to look at her tag....i abruptly left....because if she had one more rude thing to comment ...i would have backhanded her and give her a little lesson of when and who to speak to in such a rude manner.....i will personally tell everyone i know to avoid that politeness or customer service what so ever and one of the most disturbing management situations i have ever seen... See More
Mose Green
· February 8, 2017
I have a partner that has worked for the same store for over 14 years...
He loves his customers and knows almost everyone that walks in the door he knows their ...whole family and have seen them raise their children ... always say's hello and offers to help anyone that needs it...

My problem with this company is that they are forever cutting payroll and now threatening to cut hours, How is it a good employee that never calls in sick and is always there for your company come to be threatened that they may cut your hours from 40 to 32 or less...

Why does a company do this to a long term faithful employee? its not like your company doesn't make enough money to justify having full time caring employees...
The way Family Dollar (Dollar Tree) lacks respect for their employees I'm amazed they can get anyone to work for them at all...

He believes in spending his money with your company but I refuse to give you one of my dollars and certainly express my thoughts to others when I can ...
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Emily Harper Houghton
· February 2, 2017
Store number 10100 in Columbia, SC, has had their external alarm sounding for 2 days now, and it is much louder in the neighborhood behind it than it is at the ...atore, as the noise reverberates off the brick houses. The poor employees are having to work with the alarm screaming inside too! The cashier I spoke with had a headache yesterday and she couldn't tell me what, if anything, was being done by the management to resolve the problem. There was an electrical issue earlier in the day which caused it but why isn't the problem fixed by now?? It kept waking me up many times throughout the night. The alarm should be disabled if it's not working properly. Several neighbors have called/emailed the company and the responses have ranged from unhelpful to downright rude! This is disturbing the peace!! It's shameful that Family Dollar would do this to the neighbors and its own employees. The store is also located directly across from 2 schools, so they must hear it as well. Have some respect! See More
Jennifer L Willmott
· February 5, 2017
I've tried to catch some sales at my local stores with coupons, and the associates pick and choose which ones they will take. They won't even attempt to scan th...e coupons even though there are no restrictions, and/or has exact product on the coupon. Most importantly associates are very rude. Also they claim if a product is free with a coupon they cannot sell the product.
Examples: stay free pantiliners $2/2 excludes 20 and 22 count. Grab 2 of the 18 count, and they won't scan the coupon. Another example tried to purchase the degree deodorant on sale $1.47 tried to use my coupon for $1.25 they won't sell they want me to get the more expensive item.
From now on I will keep my business at Dollar General. If it's a store policy for customers to be unable to use coupons on sale items it should be clearly stated!
Dollar General has better staff, better customer service, and understand how hard people work for their money and want to help keep some of it in their customers pockets!
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Anna Collins
· February 19, 2017
Since the passing of the no one time use bags law has been passed here in California, I would like to know why family Dollar is selling a brown paper bag that i...s poorly made when the law states that stores will offer a reusable heavy duty bag for 10 cents. The current paper bag starts to fall apart once you pick it up off the check out stand and then all the stuff that was just purchased falls all over the ground and you have to go back and pick everything up. The bags offered for the dime were supposed to be multiple use and as of currently they are not. If this could please be fixed. See More
Tamika Orr-Smith
· February 5, 2017
I went to family dollar ealier to day to pick up some items at store #02456 6830 Miramar pky Miramar fl... And I won't be back ...first off they were very unpr...ofessional the cashier was arguing with the customer rand me up forgot to give me my paid for items behind the counter because she is distracted...I goes back with my receipt to get them and I was told I have to come back because no one is there to rewind the cameras...oh no! ? 👎 just lost a custo for life ✋✌ See More
Nancy Scott-Robbins
· February 14, 2017
I was in your store on Beechmont Ave/Ohio Pike in Cincinnati last Friday. I purchased a box of your Tollhouse Crackers and on Monday when I opened the package make a snack for my grand daughter I found that the box had been taped by someone on the staff and some of the sleeves of crackers had been taken out. Not worth driving back to the store as I live 30 minutes away. Will not be going back to that store again as they have some real sketchy sales policies. See More
Valentina Orsini
· February 3, 2017
Love Family Dollar but today had a really bad experience There having a special digital 5 dlls off when you spend 15 dlls on three 12. Pack Sodas and 2 bags of... potatoes chips that where on sale for 2 for 5 which it equal to 15 dlls. Bought other things well the problem is when they rang everything entered my cell # it didn't gave me 5dlls discount . They said because it's different brand I showed them the special wihich were the same. They kept saying no I was so mad and just left . I didn't wanted to argue no more . Still kept my groceries See More
Cherlinda Evans
· February 6, 2017
Especially terrible is the one that I live near. The workers are very rude and today one of the cashiers was texting while she waited on customers. I had a retu...rn and a purchase. After my return I was ready to make my purchase but for some odd reason the girl decided to start cashing people out that were behind me. I just left my items on the counter and left. I have no idea what was going on with that. See More
Joe Johnson
· February 16, 2017
Opened up my toffee peanuts today, had a nice manful n im tossin em back. I feel a few stuck together abd thought it was weird. I pull it out of my mouth and it...s the finger tip of a samn latex glove. Toffee coated and all. Lil peanuts stuck on it like a turtle candy. A toffee coated laytex filled turtle. Im sure you can imagine my disgust. What if this nasty worker has the itis? I have pictures but cant find where to upload them. Lexington ky. See More
Loretta L Sanchez
· February 16, 2017
I went into one of your stores today and had the most horrible experience in there.You have now lost my business..I asked a employee about the price of the sham...poo and a coupon I had,she said no I couldnt use it.I told her its in your policy that you take coupons and she said not on sale items.I then walked around and I seen the assistant manager and I asked her and she said she no too Ok no big deal but I was in the line at the check out and the cashier gets on the phone is talking about me.I was so embarrassed,customers was walking out because she was just talking on the phone about me.Not once did I give her a hard time,I only told her what was in the policy.Im done! See More
Julie Fern
· February 2, 2017
Ok I have a family dollar four blocks from my house. I get an add from them in the mail. Ok two things in the add caught my attention one was coffee and the was 50% off winter clothing. So I picked out a real cute shirt and a container of coffee nothing was on sale. I showed the cashier the add oh that sale is not at our store. I called there BS the last in front of me got the exact same shirt I did and other things and it was on sale and when I check out I have to pay full price. Never shopping at that store again. I will take my business to Wal-Mart from now on See More
Pinedo-Topete Vanessa
· February 19, 2017
Grateful that we have family dollar in Salton City, but the worst staff ever. Every time I walk in there and it is the evening employees for sure something goes wrong or they are extremely rude. Specially the male manager. The store like always a horrible mess.
April Westfall Chaffin
· February 9, 2017
So. I went to the Family Dollar right next to my house and I bought Aly a little pair of gladiator shoes and a purse. We get back to the house and she decides s...he wants to wear a different dress. So I take the shoes and the purse back and GIVE IT TO THE CASHIER to hold behind the counter until I'm ready to make my exchange. She leaves it on the counter, rings someone else up while I'm shopping and let's another customer accidentally take my bag. After waiting about 10 minutes for the manager and the cashier to find my bag I tell the manager that the shoes are the same shoes (different color) and the purse was off that rack of $5 purses there. I let her know that I don't have a lot of time because I have to get a little girl ready for her dance. She goes and looks at the camera and sees that the customer did accidentally take my bag (through no fault of my own). She rings up the new shoes and the little baby leggings I had and tells me that it's going to be $17 and some change. I ask her what about my items that were given away. She said that she couldn't do anything about them because I didn't have the receipt (was in the damn bag that I gave to HER casher) but not to worry she would call me if the lady returned it. Yall. I went tf off on Janet the manager of the local family dollar at 2030 Watson Blvd, Warner Robins Ga. Yeah it's only $15 but how you gonna do that to someone who comes in almost every day? See More
Essence Samone
· February 11, 2017
I've been shopping at FD since 2005 and I have never been treated the way I was treated yesterday I made a purchase of what I though was $60 turns out my card charged $120 and when I brought my bank statements to the manager I was told the following "I don't like how you came at me so you can call corporate and fix it yourself!" I will never shop at family dollar again and I have contacted my bank to let them know that family dollar stole my hard earned money See More
Connie Baum
· February 8, 2017
Today, my husband visited Family Dollar and called me to tell me of the "buy one get one half off" deal on All rugs. So excited I ran to Family Dollar after I ...finished work chose two rugs and shopped some more with a friend... until we are ready for checkout. The cashier rings up the rugs and I ask her the price (as many times there are errors). It's regular price, no discount comes up on the system. I tell her about the discount sign I saw and she goes to check it out. Unsure of what to do the manager runs over to the aisle of the rugs and comes back saying there is no sign. I'm like "sir, the sign was there about ten minutes ago when I walked in to the store... my husband sent me a whatsapp picture of the sign earlier in the day too... and now he goes and temoves the sign and tells me in my face with a huge smirk "sorry there is no sign anymore."
How stupid do you think I am. I ask for the manager. He says he's the manager. And then he goes on "Please move on so the next person can pay." Seriously is that a manager or what?!
I have his name. If it helps I do not know. I've got a picture of the discount sign that's been visible from morning till late afternoon but WOULD NOT be honored! And the customer service...very disappointing...very unprofessional. First time ever where a store wouldn't honor their own discount sign and as soon as I mention the discount to the cashier... the manager runs over takes away the discount sign and says "there is no sign there anymore. You must've been dreaming?!
Incredible! No words!!
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Gabrielle Eileen Marie Pierce
· February 17, 2017
Well that was pointless...
Never spending my money here again that's for sure...
Even the BBB says you don't handle your customer complaints... ...
I hope in the future your train your "managers" the correct way to address a service animal on the property, pretty embarrassing for a customer to be unlawfully drilled and screamed at from across the store about an ESA.
Or is it policy to waste law enforcements time and illegally detain me for an animal?
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