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In his thirties, Paul discovered more about his Italian heritage by visiting family abroad and learning how to make popular Italian dishes. He now shares his roots with his family by making them the same authentic foods. What are some meals or dishes that remind you of your heritage?

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How many different homes or apartments have you lived in throughout your life?
Use #52Stories to help record your personal history:

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Recipe Story: Rocky Road Fudge
Printing Family Ordinance Cards from Home
I Couldn't Explain the Feeling

What is the most important family heirloom you have? What have you done to preserve it?

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When she was 9 years old Joella undertook preserving family recipes, stories of her ancestors, and why these dishes had special meaning her predecessors. This humble binder begun by a little girl has become a treasure to her family. Did you save family recipes like Joella?

Joella Peterson and her mother, Lucy Peterson, display a family recipe book that Joella created when she was 9. The book has a recipe for each of her ancestors.

Do you have #family heirlooms that you don’t know how to store? While the basics are to keep them clean and cool, take a look at a few other tips for storing clothes, jewelry, and other family artifacts.

The other articles in this series cover a variety of specific types of family history items. But what about family heirlooms that don’t fall into one of these tidy categories? These heirlooms…

Not everyone has specific traditions in their home, but many have foods they remember being a part of holidays or celebrations when they were growing up. Ekitzel didn’t have many traditions in her family until her cooking hobby created one. Discover how Ekitzel’s kind gesture to her family on a visit home became a food tradition. What recipes accompany traditions in your life?


Have you inherited a family Bible or treasured scrapbook? Have you put it in your family library? The next time you go to grab it you should pick it up by the middle instead of by the binding. Take a look at a few more tips to help you preserve your family treasure:

One of the most treasured family history possessions a person can inherit is a family Bible, sometimes complete with a front page with family names and dates going back generations. A close contend…

What kinds of things did you collect and display in your childhood bedroom?
Use #52Stories to help record your personal history:

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How do you organize, store, and preserve your research? In case anything were to happen, do you have a backup?

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Heath Jones had the pleasure of bringing some joy to his grandmother when he and his friends with Task Force History found a Civil War–era ring while scanning family land with a metal detector. The land once had a home on it, but it was destroyed before 1913. The ring they found is a wedding band made of copper and gold plating, and it likely belonged to Jones’s great-great-aunt or great-great-grandmother. Jones’s grandmother lost her parents and her childhood home at a young age, so presenting her with this piece of her family’s past was a tender experience. #metaldetecting #AlabamaHistory #CivilWarHistory

While Jones, Romine and Camp were all excited about finding the ring, it was Jones' grandmother, Lettie Brown, who was the most thrilled with the discovery. Jones said it was her reaction, and the chance to bring her some happiness, that meant the most to him.|By

Caring for audiovisual material can be similar to caring for documents, photos, and other historical items. Keeping audiovisual materials in moderate temperatures and away from dust will help preserve them for longer. These other tips can also help secure your memories for future generations:

While documents and photos can provide valuable insights into the lives of our ancestors, audio and video recordings give an even fuller look at family members by communicating their personalities …

For Anne, her mother’s spring rolls provided an opportunity to discuss life in Vietnam and better understand their Vietnamese heritage. Every meal can be a conversation piece! What do your favorite foods say about your family history?


Have you been preserving your family documents electronically? For many of us the biggest threat to the safety of our family history information might not be papers yellowing with age or photos fading in the sunlight, but instead it's the possibility of our electronics crashing. Two main tasks can save the day for your electronic files: organizing your information and backing it up. Check out these other tips to learn how to maintain technology to properly preserve your family history.

For many of us, the biggest threat to the safety of our family history information may not be papers yellowing with age or photos fading in the sunlight but instead the possibility of our computer …

What was your childhood home like?
Use #52Stories to help record your personal history:

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Are you one of those people who keeps papers and documents stashed away? Do you have everything from the love letters sent between your great-grandparents to the original birth certificates or naturalization papers of your ancestors? Whether those papers were handed off to you in neat file folders or were stuffed inside an overflowing box, these tips can help you keep them in relatively good condition.

One thing every family seems to have is an abundance of papers. Stacks of paper can accumulate in basements, in desk drawers, and even on kitchen cupboards. Somewhere in the stacks of junk mail, ki…

On April 6, 1917, the United States declared war on the German Empire and entered into what is known as the Great War, or World War I. The World War I Centennial Commission is asking descendants of WWI veterans or participants of any sort to post photos to their website to record and honor those veterans' service and sacrifice. Do you have ancestors that served in "the war to end all wars"?