The FamilySearch Tree mobile app makes it possible for you to connect with your roots while on the go. You can see possible opportunities for expanding your family tree through the Tasks feature (the checkmark at the bottom). Learn more about three ways to identify possible tasks that can help you build your tree.

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Genealogical meetings, workshops, and conferences are all resources that can be beneficial to genealogists. Read about one woman's journey that started at a local genealogical society meeting and resulted in meeting her distant cousin in Germany. 🇩🇪

Who would guess that Jeanne Fogler Meek would accidentally find a blood cousin when she visited Adersbach, Germany? Vogler immigrants to the U. S. changed
Ron Tanner - Changing the starting person in your family tree
Family Tree Mobile App
We have 200 different apps that we’ve partnered with to make doing family history both easier and more fun. Take a look at the different features of the app gallery and the unique twists these applications can put on genealogy.

Last year at RootsTech's Family Discovery Day, President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy W. Nelson issued a challenge to sacrifice time to do family history. One way to give your time to family history is by indexing records. Preserving your living memories by recording your stories is another way to devote special time. Learn more about these and other ways you can feel joy from doing family history.

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When it comes to writing your personal or family history, it can be tempting to make sure the tale is perfect and without errors. But authenticity is what matters most when it comes to telling our stories. Learn more about how you can write more authentically along with other writing tips:

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One of the new and improved features in FamilySearch is the capability to do better research within your own home. You can search through the vast collection of records, catalogs, and books on the website. Read more about these research options.

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Obituaries are valuable resources for discovering information about your family. Information about the date, place, and sometimes the cause of death are included. Also, names of immediate family members can be found in obituaries. Learn more about how these and other key pieces of information in obituaries can enlighten your research.

You probably know people who are avid obituary readers. They regularly scan their local papers, looking for people they know. While reading about other people’s deaths might strike you as an …

When we learn about our ancestors—their challenges, misfortunes, and disappointments—one possible effect is that we feel an added measure of strength to overcome our own challenges and an increased measure of empathy and care for others. ❤️

Descendants of refugees are more likely to back measures in support of incoming asylum-seekers if they are reminded of their forefathers’ experience, according to a new study which suggests that leveraging past experience can be an effective way of increasing empathy and reducing out-group discrim...

Family History is a great area to apply some new year resolutions to. One such resolution could be as simple as deciding to start writing your own personal history. Use the #52stories daily writing prompts, or gather your family around the table to share stories. Read more about these and other sure ideas to help get your mind's wheels turning!

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Throughout 2018 we will be posting monthly quizzes with questions to help inspire you to write your personal history as part of the FamilySearch #52stories project. Since the beginning of a new year can be a great time to press the restart button, here is one question to get you thinking: What goals are you actively working toward right now? How do you hold yourself accountable and track your progress?

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As we like to say, ready, set, search! The Family History Quest Badge Keeper, found in The Friend Magazine, is a great way to engage little family history researchers. In this quest, a badge is earned as one accomplishes tasks that help contribute to family history. Learn more about this fun activity and how to help even the littlest genealogist.

Do the activity and earn a badge each month. By the end of the year, you’ll be an official family history finder!

Did you know FamilySearch recently published 51 million Dutch records? If you have ancestors from Dutch heritage, discover the wealth of information that is available in these new records! 🇳🇱

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As a new year begins, we look to the future while remembering the past. This article offers a sweet reflection on some good people who gave their heart and service during their lifetimes and left us with examples to learn from. Who are some elders in your family who have left a legacy on your heart?

As 2017 draws to a close, an appreciative look back at some exceptional elders no longer with us. There is much pleasure in the memories.

It's New Year's Eve and celebrations and traditions are commencing worldwide! Regardless of culture, ethnicity or religious beliefs, this holiday is celebrated communally and uniquely! In Guatemala and the Philippines, they celebrate with coins to symbolize prosperity. In Italy, green lentils and sausage are served to symbolize wealth and a life of bounty. Read more about these and other global traditions. #familysearch #happynewyear

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“Family history work has the power to bind and heal families.”
—Carol F. McConkie

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We hope you have enjoyed the #52Stories Weekly Questions shared throughout the year to help you think about and record your personal stories. We would love to hear about your experiences! What did you learn?

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Giuseppe Martinengo, Wiki Manager of FamilySearch shares some helpful insights regarding how to use the Online Genealogy Records in FamilySearch Wiki. You can search records by location and by record type.

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