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Marcia Merrifield
· April 20, 2018
The food was awesome and so many different pizzas and dishes to pick from and you get so much and George was amazing.
Krysten Ashley
· August 25, 2017
I can't believe the audacity of the staff to speak to their paying patrons the way they think it's acceptable to. We were hung up on twice and didn't have an opportunity to order our pizza before we w...ere verbally assaulted with name calling and telling us that they don't need our business. Guess they don't need anyone else's business either. I highly recommend that all steer clear. HORRIBLE. With such SLIME working for them, we can imagine how dreadful the "food" must be there too. If we could give less than one star we would. See More
Yeyé Vèlez
· March 27, 2017
I had the lasagna that comes with knots, and a salad. The lasagna was really good, service was okay nothing spectacular, but, they forgot my salad. Since I was on lunch break it was ordered to go and... well, could not go back and pick up my salad. The garlic knots did not have that much garlic at all, they were old, and very black/burned at the bottom and hard to chew. I'd go again but, I would not leave without checking my food and making sure the food I am given is fresh. See More
Becky Keeler
· June 9, 2017
Had the chicken alfredo and was very dry and tasteless. Chicken had no flavor and waited over 30 just for one dish and reason being was they forgot to make it � spent my whole break withing for nothin...g. Very disappointed because I use to eat here all the time. See More
Jerry Mathes
· March 25, 2018
Service, good food and cleanliness...3 things you expect from a food establishment...they hit all 3 perfectly.
Jose Antonio Luis
· February 7, 2017
My wife and I have enjoyed Lunch there a lot. Normally it's a pretty good place (worthy of 4 stars.)
Unfortunately, their delivery is sub-par. I ordered a salad that I order often while at the restaur...ant for delivery... it was pretty bad. The size was significantly smaller and the overall quality and presentation was terrible.

Still going to come back for sit in, but I'd avoid getting delivery from here.
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Stephen Cardassi
· April 28, 2017
I love this place! I ordered a half pepperoni and garlic half cheese with knots (naturally,) to almost the shores. I am rather picky in delivery, but I must say that they did a great job in getting i...t to the house hot and fresh. Thank you. See More
Lisa Marie Lech
· August 2, 2015
The one on 17th street has some awesome employees very helpful I asked about the gluten free pizza although it was too much pizza for me they answered all my questions and treated me as a valued custo...mer. I wanted chocolate cannolis and they only had one but they insisted I wait a few minutes while they made some more. Im a NY transplant and felt like I was at home that night (July 31st at 5pm. Thank you...... See More
Katherine Vega
· November 29, 2016
I used to love love love this place. Used to have great food served by awesome staff. Over the past year quality of food has gone down. Overall customer service quality has gone down. Ordered pizza th...e other day that arrived cold with garlic knots that had absolutely no garlic. Just fried dough. Miss the old staff. See More
Susan Ristano
· September 8, 2016
I ordered XL pizza w/ meatball & Philly cheese steak Monday night & the pizza was excellent!!!! Delivery was very fast! I order food from their about once every 2 weeks (sometimes more) and the food i...s always great!! See More
Paula Rae Shuster Montgomery
· September 10, 2017
Only real pizza in Ocala. Awesome people. Love our pronto pizza at Churchill square!
Monica Zayas-Barrera
· June 9, 2017
Amazing food with great flavor. Can't wait to come back for a visit for the delicious food and beautiful staff.
Lauren Burros Taub
· July 8, 2017
Great pizza, just like New York style pizza Everyone must try this Pronto Pizza. People are friendly and have a good heart.
Adam Boomhower
· August 8, 2014
Won't be going to pronto pizza anymore. Got a $10 salad that we always share and it only has a handful of lettuce. So skimpy you can see the bottom of the container. And all they could say was sorry y...ou can drive the 20 minutes back and get another one! Really!? See More
Mary DePesa
· June 11, 2014
Will never order pizza from this place. Went in as a first time customer and the cashier was VERY rude, we had a coupon from THEIR own website, which they refused to honor. I told her that it is not t...he public's problem that they have an expired coupon on their website and she had the gall to say it wasn't her problem. I disagree, having worked retail all my life, it is definitely her problem when a customer comes in to purchase something. Needless to say we walked out the door. Then called the Manager/Owner, George, not sure of his actual title since NO ONE would actually say what his title is, just that he is the "big man in charge", he was more rude than the cashier, when asked who we were speaking to the answer we got was "whoever you want me to be". Obviously this company has no desire to get new customers. They do not even know how to speak to a customer, all I can say is WOW I have NEVER been treated so badly. I will definitely make it know to all who want to know - NEVER under any circumstances go eat at this horrible place. Truly I hope George is not the owner because if he is that place is doomed from the get go. You can not teach customer service from someone who wouldn't know customer service if it was staring him in the face. Didn't know I had to put a rating on this to post it, if I could it would be a negative 5 star See More
Renea Franklin
· February 7, 2016
Was thinking about trying this place for the first time but after reading the reviews.... I'll pass! Sounds like you need to work on your customer service skills! After all they are the ones creating ...your paycheck!! See More
Kelsey Maliszewski
· December 14, 2015
Great food but the manager called and threatened to send his driver with a gun because we had no smaller bills. Yet, we had food delivered the night before with a similar large bill with no issue. W...e have ordered food from them several times a week for the last couple of years, but we will never order from them again. See More
Manny Cabezudo
· June 9, 2017
Home style Italian restaurant great atmosphere, affordable price, and above all great food! You will not regret coming to prontos
Elizabeth Nazario
· November 7, 2016
Best Pizza ever!!! Love the pizza, salad and Pasta! Very friendly staff always going a extra mile for the customer. I will said is #1 Pizzeria in Ocala. Keep the good work!!!!
Bobby Greene
· October 4, 2014
We stopped in and I had a salad and a slice of pizza and some lasagna, it was all very good. It came with a small order of bread that was as hard as a rock - I think it was supposed to be like that. ...But the food I ordered was good and the waitress was a hottie :) and was quick with the service, it was a nice place and very clean, I don't eat alot of pizza but when I want some more I will go back - 5 stars See More
Happy st Patrick's day !!

Pronto Pizza is looking to hire experienced Cashiers , must have customer service skills must have transportation , thick skin and the ability to multi task , 303 south east 17 street , Ocala Florida Churchill square , come in for an application , interviews will be conducted in house not on face book thank you , 18 and over please

Pronto pizza will be closing early Sunday today , 7pm to be exact , Sorry if this inconveniences anybody thank you so much for your support