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About Fred
  • U.S. Navy (retired), All around nice guy for an old coot.

    Are you looking for “spa” quality products at affordable prices? If you are then…… Welcome to “Studio 74 Naturals” –wonderfully luxurious face and body lotions that will pamper you - without breaking the budget.

    Studio 74 Naturals is the creation of Fred and Gail Castle. We are a retired couple living in New Jersey. I am a former corporate professional and my husband is retired from the Navy.

    He is the creative “genius” behind our products. We became interested in “natural” products for personal use and realized that many people were looking for affordable skin care that did not contain chemicals, alcohol and other harsh ingredients.

    So we researched, learned, tested, and perfected our products before bringing them to you.

    We do not claim to “cure” anything, but we do claim to have used the best quality natural oils in all our products. We offer quality and luxury on a budget, because we understand that in today’s economy, this is important.
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  • while it is great to soar with the eagles - remember weasels don't get sucked into jet engines