I have a crush.......on crushed velvet!! I can’t even stand how comfortable yet super stylish this dress is!!! I can’t wait to wear it again and accessorize better (when I’m not running super late!).
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If building an outfit solely around a pair of earrings is wrong....I don’t wanna be right. These metallic cowhide gems are life today!! You know what else? I used to worry if “these go together” in my outfits (color, pattern, etc)....and I FINALLY realized the sure fire secret to being able to tell if your outfit is 👌🏻 know what that secret is? If it makes you feel kicka$$ and puts a pep in your step, it goes together. The end! (Please note some outfits may come with an extra but of sass) 😝
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A plea to the universe on this hot Friday.... #ootd
A hodge podge of layering is what you see before you today. You know I love this dress. It's too sheer to wear alone in this weather (which I still love - no complaints here), so I thought I would "winterize it" today! Nothing really matches and I think that makes me love it even more! Also, lipstick......I'm still obsessed :) So, you got an updated review :) HAPPY TUESDAY!!!! Almost there, folks! Christmas break is right around the corner! #shoppinginmycloset #lipsense #floral #oldnavy #hodgepodge #zenni #zennioptical #ootd #psootd

#fbf to that one time i did my own swimsuit shoot and said friggin flip to the world that doesn’t accept women the way they are.
Listen, ladies. It’s as simple as this. NO MATTER your current physical state, you were made by a creator who thought you were to die for. To think anything less of yourself would be an insult to Him. ❤️
I don’t know if I have ever been more excited about a #fbf 😝 I’m mad at myself for forgetting these and letting myself think less...think I will just print a copy for the bathroom mirror. 😎
Swimsuit blog at

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I wasn’t going to get out tonight. I have been quite the hermit lately and really haven’t seen a reason to celebrate much.
But OF COURSE I have things to celebrate. Tons of things. Like friends who make me get out, when I don’t want to. Or celebrating some REALLY good progress this year (like TRULY not giving a rip about what people think and TRULY LOVING being alone). Plus, lots of exciting things already on the horizon for 2018. So by golly, I will curl my hair and wear something cute....and pass out hugs at midnight!
(And I’m still meeting you to workout tomorrow Chelsea)😝🎉

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Someone asked me when I was going to stop posting outfit pics or if I ever worry that people probably judge or unfollow me for it.......I’m still laughing 😝
And I’m laughing in this fab rando outfit I put together and couldn’t decide if I liked enough to put out to the masses.....
Sooooooooo...short answer is....I’ll@stop on the 13th of never.....Longer answer is I love clothes and putting stuff together (in an affordable way)... if you ever thought it was about me sharing pics of don’t really know me at all! As a matter of fact, if you let me dress you, then I’ll happily put your pic up instead of mine 😝
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Not a paid or sponsored post. I just hit the jackpot with this brand new perfume at the Torrid store yesterday (sneaky to keep it at the register and make it irresistible) and felt like everyone should know it😜! I’m super picky about perfume. So if I find something I like, I try not to pass it up. Plus, let’s be honest. The bottle is pretty enough to have, even if there is nothing in it! Also, good perfume just makes you feel I right, ladies? That’s why you should treat yourself to wearing the good stuff everyday (not just for special occasions).
#torridinsider #perfume #sultry Torrid Torrid

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I love that I have really talented friends, who make really great accessories, that make a really casual outfit a little bit spicier. Thank you for the awesome earrings, Erica!!
I also love that I finally got the “wearing mineral foundation wet” approach in a better place! 😝
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Couple things you should know:
🎉 you absolutely can wear glitter to work. Even as eyeliner and even on your boots. Maybe it will hypnotize everyone into giving me what I want today 😝
🔥🌪wearing a cape is a must. It will automatically make you feel like a force to be reckoned with. Never mind that there is really no good way to pose it for a pic.
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Holiday concerts are one of my favorite things about this season. And since I haven’t done much else to get ready foe the holidays (don’t even have my tree up), i thought I might as well attempt a holiday look. Not that easy when its 70 degrees in DECEMBER! ANYWAY! 🎄⛄️
Two things:
1. A good makeup mirror will change your life. And the Limelight is hands down my fav
2. The lace detail in this shirt is awesome
@rachasboutique #ootd #psootd #holidaywear

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Well. I am going to a ball. And I tried all day to talk myself out of it. But, like I have said before, probably the most important time you should get dressed up is when you want to the least. So, I called reinforcements and we pulled this together. It takes a village somedays. I have a pretty good one. So here I go.
@eloquii #mercyball #nwamercyball #ootn #charityballin

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Can you make plaid professional? We are sure giving it a shot today! And I don’t hate it!
I firmly, 300%, believe that when you are in a funk and not a fan of yourself, is the exact time you should force yourself to wear the “out of your comfort zone” stuff anyway! Get up. Get dressed and act like you mean it. White, big legs, chubby face and all!! 😎
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If it could go wrong this morning, it has. BUT, greatness still has a chance and I intend to help it along. PLUS, this thrown together look isn’t awful...AND a blingy necklace fixes anything.
It’s wine week...and I don’t mean the liquid. I mean the theme of this week’s closet and the million pieces of clothing I have in that color!
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Make fun if ya want, but Dollar General has some great deals on clothes right now (as in 70% off)......and basic staples like this too is part of the goodness! Can’t beat this $3.00 lifesaver when you only brought heavy sweaters home!

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Thought if I wore my glitter shoes and clicked my heels, I might get home faster. This is the first time in a long time, that I woke up on this holiday, without dread. Can’t wait to get home and soak up my family!! Hope everyone has THE BEST Thanksgiving weekend ever!! ❤️🦃

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Team Dolly. Team plaid. Team casual. Team TGIF.
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When you are dressed and ready by 7am, you slept good, you can see your breath when you walk outside AND the caramel brûlée is back at know it’s gonna be a killer day. If anyone tries to be mean to me today, I’m just gonna politely point them to my shoes...bc how can you be mean to anyone with these? 😝👠
#ootd #psootd #shoppinginmycloset

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