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"Step forwards 50 or so years and imagine a time when experts possess the ability to bioprint a whole human being. Not a Frankenstein future, but, far, far more excitingly, a revolutionary answer to paralysis and limb replacement. In the future, there may be no need for a donor register or anti-rejection drugs as our limbs could be grown from our own stem cells in a lab. Imagine the sci-fi-like possibilities that look set to become fact."

You know that slightly niggly, slightly crazy feeling you get when you feel something or someone is watching you? I have that feeling that today as I sit writing about a tech subject that’s very topical and very exciting.

Nice write up on ITEMS MoMA The Museum of Modern Art including a mention of 3D printed fashion innovator Sylvia Heisel and mushroom boots for Mars

What will we be wearing in 5, 50, or 500 years? It’s all on view at MoMA.

“It may look cool, but it’s 35 years old, smells like a locker room and there’s some discolouration on the inside”

Astronauts venture into space wearing 35-year-old, sweat-stained relics. The $200 million, high-tech replacement togs are anything but down to Earth

"...outer space [has] become a genuine branding opportunity for the fashion industry, rather than just a source of inspiration."

As we move towards space tourism, the apparel we set out in to explore our solar system is becoming a genuine branding opportunity for the fashion industry, rather that just a source of inspiration.

Space Updates

SpaceX just passed a huge milestone. The company launched a used spacecraft with a used rocket for the first time ever.

Fashion designer Lee Anderson of Starkweather has a message for the aerospace industry.

Lee Anderson, fashion designer and founder of FAAR and Starkweather Labs, recently posed a question on LinkedIn which caught my attention: Does anyone care about fashion + aerospace?” I care about both individually but I couldn’t immediately see how they worked together, so I asked Anderson to t...

Have an idea on an advanced fabric product or service that can form the basis of a great company? Apply to AFFOA's new Advanced Fabric Entrepreneurship Program! – More info via link below

Advanced Fabric Entrepreneurship Program – Bringing Innovative Advanced Fabric Ideas to Market Advanced Fabric Entrepreneurship Program – Bringing Innovative Advanced Fabric Ideas to Market If you have an idea on an innovative advanced fabric product or service that can form the basis of a great...

"Beyond physical, or even psychological fitness, future passengers will need to consider something even more basic: the overall risks inherent to space flight."

Wealthy passengers who can afford a ticket will endure only a few days of training, but questions remain about the “freak out” factor.

Buzz Aldrin hooks up with Sprayground accessories for this Mission To Mars limited edition collection.
Fashion+ Aerospace!…

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Garb: Cape Canaveral – fashion uses space

Betabrand Space Jacket ($298). Betabrand Best Travel Pants ($118). Betabrand Logo Tee ($30). Nasa Standards Manual ($79). Reebok x Kasina ($109). Cutler and Gross Sunglasses ($430). Fischer Space Pen ($29). Presented by Betabrand....

"This represents a first step toward building systems that go beyond recommending existing items from a product corpus, to suggesting styles and helping to design new products..."

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence 'fashion designer' that can create custom apparel designs based on a person's preferences.
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Slutsky & Mamourian chat with Amanda Cosco, founder of Electric Runway and Fashion Tech entrepreneur! We unpack a ton of info including how Fashion Tech can help build better Cities (thing big data), how retail is changing and how fashion tech is evolving. Basically we’re all going to be cyborgs s...

Late on January 20, 2016, the Van Allen Probes observed chorus waves from its lofty vantage point and immediately after, FIREBIRD II saw microbursts. The new results confirm that the chorus waves play an important role in controlling the loss of energetic electrons — one extra piece of the puzzle to understand how high-energy electrons are hurled so violently from the radiation belts. This information can additionally help further improve space weather predictions.…/scientists-locate-whistling-space-…/

New research using data from NASA’s Van Allen Probes mission and FIREBIRD II CubeSat has shown that a common plasma wave in space is likely responsible for the impulsive loss of high-energy electrons into Earth’s atmosphere.
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A group of women organised a fashion show this weekend in an attempt to lure young girls into the world of IT by amalgamating the two. Organised by MissInTech, which gets young women interested in IT by providing them with information about the sector, the Dresscode: The Untold Science of a...
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Researchers have successfully incorporated washable, stretchable and breathable electronic circuits into fabric, opening up new possibilities for smart textiles and wearable electronics. The circuits were made with cheap, safe and environmentally friendly inks, and printed using conventional inkjet…