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Haley Alexandra Tyler
· January 25, 2017
I miss this place every single day. I wish the states had more vegan restaurant options like Berlin does! Indra is the sweetest and told my friend Mary & I many helpful things about the city. The food... is great and the fries with the vegan mayo is the best! See More
Matt Frevel
· March 23, 2015
Best wraps in Berlin. Only place I know where each roll is made with a freshly made wrapper from fresh dough freshly baked/grilled. Super delicious fillings. Great salads! I would go here every day if I could.
Renee Janssen
· February 15, 2015
Some quite original food and drinks here. Enjoyed it! Kinda weird that they had cow's milk as well though (for the coffee) - which unfortunately makes it only 4 stars for me, not 5.
Justin Boyle
· October 9, 2016
Trekked all the way across the city to find that they're closed when they should be open
Daniela De Angeli
· July 20, 2015
I love it! The food is amazing, the staff friendly and the location very pretty.
Benjamin Kunath
· October 9, 2013
This concept shakes up the vegan scene in berlin. The Dirty Roll is delicious as f*ck, hell yeah! Drop by on a sunday to get the whole impression!
Lucia Isabella Parks
· August 27, 2016
Good vegan food, I'm sorry they have cow milk though
Gerlinde Vassen
· September 20, 2016
Dirty Asian roll was fabulous ! Delicious & awesome value for money.
Andrea Tripmacker
· February 11, 2017
Closed unfortunately 🙁loved their food.
A.M. Baer
· March 7, 2016
Great place with nice service and delicious food.
Jan Luft
· May 29, 2015
love the spot, love the staff, love the food
Clara von Schneeweiß
· August 2, 2014
i'm so in love with fast rabbit! so delicious!
Marc Hype
· December 16, 2014
Amazing vegan fastfood directly opposite of the Mauerpark
Nick Kharchenko
· February 2, 2014
Nice price and interesting vegan food.
Marco Franzini
· February 20, 2016
Tasty food and charming place!
Lachezar Veselinski
· February 22, 2016
One of Berlin's bests :)
Artin Ghookassi
· December 2, 2014
Yummy Yummy for my tummy
Mico Muller
· October 6, 2013
My new yummy Sunday hang-out!
„Ein guter Kaffee muss schwarz wie die Nacht, heiß wie die Liebe und so süß oder bitter wie das Leben sein.“ Wir haben neuen Kaffee am Start! Die Crew von den Bonanza Coffee“ beliefert uns jetzt mit frischen Bio-Bohnen. Der Kaffee wird jede Woche frisch im Wedding geröstet. Er besticht durch seine sanfte Röstung und einen vollmundigen Geschmack. :D Kommt vorbei und überzeugt Euch selbst! See Ya!

Hallo Ihr Lieben.

Nach 3 schönen Jahren am Mauerpark ist die Zeit gekommen weiter zu ziehen und neue Wege zu gehen.

Der Hasenbau öffnet das letzte mal in der Eberswalderstraße am Sonntag, den 25. September 2016.


Wenn Ihr wissen wollt, wie in zukunft der Hase läuft - Stay tuned

Liebe Grüße
Das Fast Rabbit Team

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Hello dears. After 3 beautiful years at the mauerpark, the time has come to move and to go new ways. The Hasenbau opens the last time in the eberswalderstraße on Sunday, September 25., 2016. If you want to know how in the future the rabbit runs - stay tuned ;) Love greetings The fast rabbit team
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Wilder Hase

Never change a winning team - guess who's back!