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How To Sign Up

Soon we will be launching our premium platform. Pure unlimited hosting. As you know we do things differently than other companies. Our question to YOU is How much would you pay for such a service?

Boy you all love your free hosting! With the surge in demand we will be launching a new server in 30 days. Additionally starting August 1st pure unlimited hosting will be an available option to buy.

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Site is back up!

Don't worry you are still online. Our main node is having some I/O issues and we are sorting them out.

Why settle for 2/3? With Feedia you can have all three!

Feedia is approaching it's 2 year mark of being in service. Thank you to all who have joined the #hostingrevolution! Some new features coming this year are:
Free Reseller Account's
Free Cloud Storage
Pure Unlimited Hosting.

Feedia Cloud

Why bother with monthly subscription services? If you buy a hard drive should you have to pay monthly to access and use it? No Way! That's why at Feedia we think differently. $1.00 per GB of space. Pay once and have it forever! No money? No problem! Get started with our free for life plan that includes a free GB on us! Sign up in seconds and get your site online now.

Get your own website online in as little as 5 minutes!

Feedia Cloud

Stage 2 of Signups are live. Get an account set up and website online in as little as 5 minutes!

Beta Signups Are Live. Check out our website to sign up. Once you receive an email with an invitation you will get 1GB of data storage for FREE!

Feedia Cloud