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Hey I just wanted to say... anybody who is looking or has plans to go looking for Fenn's treasure do it with the intent of not finding it. Go have fun and if by chance you do find it Great!!! But do not finance, borrow, or risk everything on a pipe-dream. It is easy to get wrapped up and obsessed with it. There literally is 1000's of different ways a person can interpret the poem. Me personally I don't think it is out there. But I will still occasionally grab one of my kids and go looking just because we have a good time and we do find some really cool places to go check out. I basically use the poem to find some really interesting places to go that i wouldn't normally take the time to go see. Have fun and feel free to check out my pictures.


Never made it out looking for Fenn's Treasure, Ended up on a new venture last week. found a really cool Treasure on a different level.

Well on a short notice, I decided to put together a quick solve for my 13 year old. He hasn't got to go hunting yet. So after a quick look and a little research we will be heading out on Tuesday to check out a new area. One thing about the poem, with a creative mind and a good map you can almost make it fit anywhere. But it doesn't matter, because it is all about the fun and what you find other than the box of goodies. The new area we will be checking out has a lot of history and my son is big on history. I will be posting pictures and the quick solve when we get back.

Walked over this I can't even guess how many times. There is an old rock retaining wall built back in the 1800's I am guessing to keep the high water away from the old cabins/town. Then there is a dry creek bed that the water from the north hills would run down to the creek. While following the dry creek bed south I come across two unmarked graves dating back to the 1800's. Funny thing is my mind was on a different location. It wasn't until I got home I realized huh maybe I walked right over it. The X could just mark the spot.

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Jerry Johnson to Fenn's Treasure

if you are brave in the wood. no warm showers you have to get in the cold water. your efforts will be worth the cold. its close just down stream across the rive...r. to walk you'd have to go along way to get to the other side. heavy loads of treasure await and the waters deep. as your floating look where tree line begins get out find the tar looking rock. Get in the trout river by the blaze.

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The Old Cattle trail is really hard to find, you need to follow the blaze to the end.

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Blaze trails that where marked back before the 1970 have been taged with stakes like this. To ensure the blaze would not be detroyed or lost in time.

few critters we found

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pictures from the 2 mile hike off the 31 mile rd

We had to take a back road in, 31 mile Rd. follow it until you reach mile marker 16. Park and hike in about 2 miles. county rd 456 is washed completly out. so this is a better choice. But the road is really rough (wash board)

The name Farmer Brown, was a way to reference to an unknown farmer or was used in math problems in school books.

county rd 456

Where the warm waters halt. I think it would be chilly. (Chili NM)

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