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Visual of soil creation

Miguel Cifuentes shared Minga Verde Permacultura's video to the group: Regenerative Agriculture.

Bioturbation in action!

Tomato stalks are thick & strong

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Letting select ground covers grow after clearing away guinea grass. Nothing needs to be planted. The small flowers will feed beneficials.

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Wednesday, Tuesdays daughter. Because Wednesday comes after Tuesday

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Short season

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The beginnings of a hedge row and a seeding bed at our new project site. Internet is sketchy for a little while but watch this space to see how a project develops using #naturalfarming

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Beauty is everywhere

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Foundations: build a house foundation, build a planting foundation. These nursery beds will be used to supply plants for the property as it develops

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New project, new nursery bed. 1st Soil Foundation. #lemongrass #knf #soilfoundation

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La'au days mean I'm out harvesting & processing medicinals. Did you know scientific studies have shown the Hawaiians were right? Medicinal compounds peak during the la'au phase of the moon.

The day starts when the moon rises.

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Who uses the lunar cycle for agriculture?

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Mele garden soil from a garden that has been cared for by the family of our friend for over 300 years. It's like dark crumbly sand that clumps when you squeeze it, then crumbles back apart. This was created from sand & coral rock. I now it's full of worms & others wonderful crawlies (zoom in).It supports literally tons of food. Beautiful! #naturalfarming #permaculture Utopia!

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Soil from a 300 year old permaculture/traditional Pacific island garden.

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The cucumbers we're started in egg cartons. Look how furry! How can there be no damping off? No disease? Balanced microbial ecosystem. #naturalfarming

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Cucumber crop 100% germination, thick upright stems, no disease, nice green color. Thank you #naturalfarming #seedsolution

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