Thanks Ann Brown!

Ever have one of those days where you have a million things to do and just not enough time? Well, a new company called Fetchmob can come to the rescue. Here’s how it works: just go online and find someone in your area who can do your errand for you. The minds behind are Alisa Boguslavs...

The most epic classroom exit ever (well, would have been more epic if he'd checked the exits first, but...). Can anyone top this??


DRUMMMMMROLLLL.... 42!!!!!! That's the number of times our t-shirt made an appearance on Black in America 4 (or so we counted...). Ironically, that's also the length of the documentary itself (in minutes, without commercials). So, that's 1 sighting a minute.

Thanks to all who mailed in their guesses and congrats to the winners!

Had a blast at NASPA yesterday. It was great supporting an awesome group of individuals who care about making the next generation better.

We're super excited about the NASPA conference tomorrow! If you're going to be at the Sturbridge conference, please stop by and say hello. We'll be giving away lots of goodies!

What you didn’t get to learn about Fetchmob (and its Founders) in CNN's Documentary

Many of you have noticed that while Crisson Jno-Charles and Fetchmob were part of the NewMe Accelerator, which the documentary was about, we didn’t really get any talking time in the CNN Documentary Black in America.

Ok so, now that we're rewatching and trying to count the Fetchomb Tshirt appearances, we have to admit it's kind of tough -- so we'll be lenient

Ok how's about a challenge! Watch the Black in America documentary on CNN in 15 minutes and count how many times you spot the Fetchmob t-shirt. Tell us immediately and we'll send one of these epic t-shirts to the first 10 people who are right!

Happy counting!

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Thank you to all for all the Twitter love post-viewing of the CNN documentary. We know you didn't get to hear from us on TV but we're here for you now!

Catch us on TV tonight - we're in the CNN documentary "Black in America 4 - Silicon Valley: The promised land" - tonight at 8pm EST.

We are now official sponsors of NASPA!! Catch us at the conference in Sturbridge on November 14-15. We'll be the colorful and rowdy ones...

NASPA, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education

Bank of America is going to start charging you $5 for using your debit card, starting 2012. Who is this going to affect hard? College students, of course. UGH

The fee and other changes are ways for banks to recoup some of the money they won't be able to charge merchants anymore. Experts' advice: Shop around for the best deal on a debit card.

Our favorite new username of the day is "yourfriendlyneighborhoodsnyderman". Nicely done, sir.

Apparently, our founders are now "community and business leaders". We'll take it.

Innovation District Officially Welcomes Babson College to Boston. created a poll.

Have you ever done your grocery shopping at the pharmacy...? Don't lie.

Hey students who signed up! Check your inboxes for instructions on how to get access fastest - and how to get some free schwag.

DJing in the Fetchmob Jams room. Come hang out. Today's theme is oldschool throwbacks.