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  • Cost AccountantOctober 2008 to presentCairo, Egypt
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About Mohamed
  • I wonder what life has in store for me

    I would be lost without my family and friends

    I am Saudi born and raised

    I am Egyptian

    I love cuddling on the couch

    I'm addicted to chixo

    I have extremely brown hair

    I love to give kisses

    I love huge hugs

    I love rainy days

    I love any music I can shake my ass too

    I love horror movies

    Pink is my new favorite color

    I talk a lot

    I have 0 tattoos (soon to change)

    I work in the airport for a living

    I try not to go a day without smiling

    I sing loudly in the car

    I am probably the coolest dork you will ever meet

    I don't discriminate (feel free to add me)

    Q: Đίđ Чσυ эvәя ℓόvэ мә?
Favorite Quotes
  • ♥♥
    لايهمني :
    شكلكْ . . أهلك . . لون بشرتك . . عمرك . . منصبك . .
    و لا أموالك . . !!

    تهمني :
    [ شخصيتك و عقليتك و أخلاقک ]

    و على هذا الأساس . . ~
    . . . " سأحتَــرمك " ♥♥

    if you ignore me , i will ignore you. if you don't start the conversation, we won't talk. if your not making a effort , why should i ..