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Abigail Hackney
· February 25, 2018
helping cover up that one of there bus drivers aka karen bowling is putting the kids in danger by hit my sisters car getting out looking at the damage then driving off wonder how many times this has h...append and just been swept under the rug. hope you can sleep at night knowing your drivers are hit and running. See More
Kat Valentine
· August 24, 2017
I only have one issue with this school,
The lunch rule that says my child can not buy lunch for another child without..
I raised my children and grand childern to share and help those in need id like... to know how its the schools business what my money buys...its my money" and if my child / grandchild wants to help a friend
Or child have a lunch that has nothing' what concern is it to anyone, thats part of the problem today people not caring for the fellow man.. It just spreads hate and. Selfishness maybe we all should show a little more compassion for the kids and less hate and greed
Thats all
Have a blessed year
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Robin Hamblin
· March 17, 2018
my little girl sub teacher keep calling her a hag in school today me and her was walking back home he yelling hag at my 13 year old girl
Richard E. Sheriff Sr.
· May 22, 2014
I still remember my ‘first day’ in the Felicity-Franklin Local School District in September 1949 – most of those students that began their ‘first day’ was also present on their ‘last day’ at graduatio...n 1961 – I was one of the lucky students to have the privilege of attending that school during those years – the same teachers who taught my sister and older brother were the same teachers that taught me and my younger brother – those teacher had quite an impact upon our lives – as is true for all the students that was fortunate enough to part of that system during those years – all of us who sat under the watchful eye of those teachers did not know it when it was happening – but now we know – they really cared about what they were doing – they were shaping our young lives – not only teaching ‘what’ to learn but also ‘how’ we learned – equipped us with the tools (some crude by today’s standard) to prepare us for what lay ahead in this adventure of life – the journey has been rewarding because we had teachers who cared – teachers who understood how important it is to shape the life of a young student who had not yet been exposed to the discipline of learning in a formal setting – thank you teachers and staff for your devotion to your honorable profession – it is a great challenge to fill the ‘empty’ heads of youngsters with information that has benefited us all these years – I trust those who have followed in the path of those teachers from years gone by have had the joy of knowing that your job was not in vain – if only I would’a while I could’a when I should’a – but then a-b-c and 1-2-3 was still a mystery to me – and even now it still is – thank you for all the memories See More
Helen Hudak
· January 9, 2014
I worked at Felicity my entire teaching career. I loved the staff, the principals, the superintendents, but most of all the children! It was a great place to work and I have many happy memories of my ...years there. See More
Gloria Matthews
· July 22, 2014
Worked for felicity school as a bus driver for 28 years,both my children graduated from there very satisfied with school and community was my home for 50 years.

It is hard to believe, but we are closing in on the last few weeks of the school year! Let's finish strong Cardinals!

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