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Artists of Soviet Europe brought their own visions of the Star Wars saga to life with these stylistic and abstract film posters. Enjoy! Artist info in link.

Here is a storyboard template for Univisium (2.00:1) frame ratio for DIN A4 horizontal sheets. Read more about Vittorio Storaro's Univisium format:

A storyboard template for Adobe InDesign (InDesign Markup / IDML format). The frame ratio is 2:1 (18:9), which is cinematographer Vittorio Storaro's Univisium film format. The number of feature films using this format has been growing in recent years. Immersive 360° films such as virtual reality vi...
Animated skeleton test

Storyboard / right from sketchbook / Work in progress

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Storyboard template for 1.33:1 ratio (4:3), traditional television & computer monitor standard.

Paginated storyboard template for Adobe InDesign (InDesign Markup / IDML format). The frame ratio is 1.33:1 (4:3), a traditional television & computer monitor standard. The sheet is a Din A4 horizontal (portrait), is ready to use for print and screen presentations. This template lets you write your....

⚡️ “Storyboard tips, advice, and samples” by @dagnificent

Storyboard — Les Rivères Pourpres — TV series

“Les Rivières Pourpres” (The Crimson Rivers) directed by Julius Berg, produced by Umedia / Europacorp Télévision – storyboard for episode 3 & 4 “Le jour des cendres” – VFX sequences, TV series, 2017 Scenes #302, #308 &#349

WIP — storyboard

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“Focused writing is coming to Windows.

Adobe InDesign is great but when it comes to speed, Apple Keynote is an even faster way to present storyboards. Here is a Keynote theme for feature film storyboards for widescreen (2:39:1 aspect ratio), available on Gumroad.

This is a flexible Apple Keynote theme for storyboards, in 2.39:1 ratio ( 2.35:1 “Scope”, and sometimes also referred to as 2.40) set on DIN A4 landscape format. Flexible layout: chose your desired frame number per page (1, 4, 6, 9, 12 or 16), whether you use text or not, page numbering, scenes ...

2017 in #illustration by @nytimes — The New York Times

Every year, The Times commissions thousands of illustrations from artists around the globe. Here are some of the most notable from 2017.

"it’s worth wondering if there’s some other voice" — Two Different Kinds of #Illustration by @khoi —

In late December The New York Times published “The Year in Illustration,” a round-up of the dozens of commissioned illustrations that adorned their pages in 2017. Most of the work is re…
Learn From Artists That Have Worked At the World’s Best Studios and Become a Successful Professional Story Artist

Here is a film storyboard template for 2.39:1 ratio (Scope) in IDML format, to use and edit with Adobe InDesign.

Paginated storyboard template for Adobe InDesign (InDesign Markup / IDML format). The frame ratio is 2.39:1, a common widescreen format for feature films (sometimes also referred to as 2.40 or Scope). This 18 pages storyboard template is set on a DIN A4 horizontal (landscape) format ready to use for...
Watercolour — From sketchbook (detail)

Storyboard for the US Army Center of Military History – Fort Riley, Kansas, USA. Content design for illustrations (storyboard phase, 2015) for the US Cavalry Museum. In collaboration with Whirlwind Creative (NY). More samples at

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