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Glenda Smith Bower
· October 19, 2017
I was very disappointed and frustrated with Final Touch and the manager, Mercedes.I had three issues with Final Touch that affected my daughter's wedding on October 14/17. The first involved the table... toppers which were chosen and confirmed on the day I made the deposit. Suddenly, after the deposit was paid, there were no longer sufficient numbers. A phone call advised us of this situation and that a second color would be added that was slightly different but the same material, we agreed to accept this. However, what was ultimately a completely different material and color was what we had to accept. Second the delivery was set for 1 pm in the afternoon, at 1:25 no delivery, phone calls and messages were left to please call me, no return phone calls. At 1:40, I called again, Mercedes answered and her response was my driver needed to get gas and did he not call you. Then she argued about the set delivery time being 2 pm, which it definitely was not, as that would only have left us two hours to decorate. Mercedes should have called me herself, not say her driver was supposed to call me and not wait for me to call again. The late delivery added excessive stress to what was already a busy day. Third, the backdrop sheers were ordered in white shimmer. The driver came to me at 3 pm to tell me that they were not all the same color as they did not have them at the store and he did not know what had happened. So yet another call to Mercedes, because she did not tell me herself, she did not call me, she left it to her driver and installer to tell me that the sheers were three different colors! So I call her again and it goes to voicemail, then the installers phone rings and he leaves the room. Then my phone finally rings with her telling me there is nothing to be done and to make the best of it. Mercedes said she would be in touch the first of the week, it is 4 days later and I have not heard from her. Very poor customer service, very poor management of product and just unprofessional to deal with. I would not recommend this business, making a deposit or a reservation does not mean anything to them and they are not prepared to accept responsibility or deal with the issues as they arise. See More
Janelle MacKenzie
· September 10, 2017
Our wedding was on September 2 at Parker's Barn. We rented everything from tables and chairs to a huge back drop for behind the head table to the biggest rolls of material to decorate the rafters in t...he barn. Everything was delivered on time and was exactly what I had ordered. The backdrop I had chosen was from a picture in Mercedes book and when it was set up (by her employees who did a fantastic job) it looked exactly as the picture in the book- it was gorgeous!

Mercedes was great to work with- she was 100% committed to making our dream wedding come true. She lent us a chair for weeks in advance so we could tie homemade chair covers and made it work for us to get 90 additional chairs for our outdoor ceremony just over a week before the wedding!

Highly recommend Final Touch :)
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Crystal Roach
· August 24, 2017
I don't even know how I can ever truly explain how much appreciation I have for Mercedes at Final Touch! My wedding was last weekend, I hired a decorator, who did not have anything, stayed at the hall... for 3 hrs and did nothing.. I was out 1400, and panicking the night before my wedding!!! My wonderful aunts called Mercedes and told her the trouble I was in! It was 9:00pm the night before! She came running!! They stayed until almost 2am and she did an absolutely amazing job!! I am so thankful! My family and Final Touch saved my wedding! I am so grateful! I would highly recommend!!! Perfect experience! See More
Devan Coldwell
· September 5, 2017
I rented items from them for my wedding, and they were beautiful!! We had them delivered and had help setting things up, they were always fast in responding to me and had great customer service, I had... lots of comments made about how beautiful the decor looked! See More
Sara Marie
· June 24, 2017
Final Touch Thank You so much for bringing 2 tents from New Glasgow with only one days notice AND for offering a substantial discount because it was for a fundraiser. The men who assembled the tent very courteous and answered all my questions. Thank You again! See More
Alannah Ross
· September 6, 2015
Two days before my wedding, I got an email asking me to call them, that there had been an error. So at my earliest convenience (As I was very busy 2 days before my wedding), I called and was informed ...that they had double booked the dance floor that I had paid a $96 deposit on a mere 5 months before. But not only was it double booked, but that it had been delivered to someone who had booked (and paid their deposit) AFTER I did. I was told that they would give me a 10'x20' dance floor, and that I would have to accept this, as they could do nothing else for me. Which I must point out is illegal, as we had a legally binding contract with an exchange of money, saying that they needed to provide me with the services promised in said contract. This was (obviously) not acceptable. So when facing me not being alright with this, you initially refused to even refund my deposit, saying that it was already paid and could not be returned, even though at this point you were not able to offer me the services promised anymore. Staff changes and pure human error aside, you were legally obligated to find a solution and provide me with the 20'x20' dance floor as per your own rental agreement. You instead gave me a phone number to call of someone else that MAY or MAY NOT have one available. Instead of being a professional business, and seeing to it yourself that you reserved another and had it delivered for me, you left me to do it myself. And then on top of that, refused to pay for any extra costs that I may have incurred by needing to go through someone else, due to YOUR human error. Which again, violates your legally binding contract. The best solution you could have offered me to make up for your human error mistake, would have been to book a dance floor through another company, and have it handled for me. That is what any professional business would have done, but instead you argued with me on the phone and refused to give back my deposit, or to pay any extra charges. Luckily, the other business (in Antigonish) was very understanding, and let us have the dance floor size that we booked for much cheaper than you were trying to charge us. And lucky for you, they had one in stock. It doesn't matter to me if you made changes in how you do bookings, because the problem wasn't that you double booked, the problem was your professionalism in how you handled double booking. The problem was telling me that I would "just have to be ok with something smaller." While refusing to refund my deposit, and refusing to solve the problem, instead leaving me with the problem 2 days before my wedding. But don't worry, I let everyone I possibly could know how you handled the situation, and that you cannot be relied on to handle any problems that may come up with your own rentals, as per my own personal experience in dealing with your company. See More
Heather Cameron Thomson
· September 9, 2015
I have the pleasure of using the services of Final Touch Party Rentals on a regular basis and they are always knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. Their products are well taken care of, well pres...ented, and Paula and her team are always willing to go above and beyond. Top notch service! See More
Noreen Cunningham
· August 28, 2016
Excellent !!!! Mercedes has such a calm way about her ! From my first phone call until my daughter's big day, everything went very smoothly. Such a wonderful help, and never a problem when I had to rental changes. I would recommend, and have recommended Final Touch to everyone I know ! The services and the prices are the BEST !!!! Thanks Mercedes !!! See More
Kelly Carrigan
· September 14, 2015
My husband and I thought the staff went above and beyond for our wedding, with great decor options and quality. We are fortunate to have this rental business in our community. Thanks for everything
Kathy Morrison-Hine
· September 5, 2015
We booked a dance floor rental and the two days before our event we were told that they double booked. When we asked for alternatives we are basically told we are sorry but you are on your own. Even t...hough we paid a deposit months on advance. See More
Chris Lewis
· October 5, 2016
Wow, these folks are on top of their game. Friendly and Professional. I highly recommend them.
Ashley Shelton
· October 5, 2016
The staff are so knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with!
Andrew Hopper
· October 5, 2016
The only place to go for your party catering in Pictou county.
Paul Clark
· October 5, 2016
Mercedes is an awesome person to work with.
TJ Millz
· October 5, 2016
Awesome people, awesome service. Recommended highly.
Danielle Carrigan
· September 10, 2015
Great selection with fantastic service!!
Thank you!
Jan Keefe
· October 5, 2016
Great ideas and a creative approach to event rentals.
Helen Buchan
· December 17, 2013
Their manager, Amy, is super to work with. Very accommodating and professional. :)
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