Sometimes I make things for me. This is one of those.

An exploration of Multiball Contact Juggling.

Portfolio shoot w/ Bri Crabtree today.

Need photos for your artist portfolio? Let me know.

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Working on the sizzler reel for Beau & Arrow's full 1 hour show. So hilarious! Multiple award winning at various fringe festivals and well deserved.

Working on a trailer for Romeo and Juliet presented by the American Circus Theater. O.O

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Working on the sizzler reel for Beau & Arrow's full 1 hour show. So hilarious! Multiple award winning at various fringe festivals and well deserved.

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Sorry for the long break, but I'm back on my film game!

Been working very heard on the Give Props Documentary and the funding requirements behind that. BOOM! It's going down. Our first campaign got funded at $3,000 which goes towards upgrading Fine Grain Film's camera equipment to get the best possible shots of adults playing with toys (ahem...skill toys).

Seriously can't wait to start showing off what I can do with this new gear. I'm in my bedroom filming my jeans and watching it over and over again because it looks so good. Imagine what's going to happen what talented people get in front of the lens. O.O

Been working hard on the Give Props FlowArts documentary the last few weeks, prepping for campaign launch.

This past weekend, I was in Chicago performing and doing a bit of filming. Give Props on Instagram will be hosting these types of recap videos alongside behind the scenes, tutorials and general shenanigans so head on over to IG, enjoy the content and click FOLLOW.

#GiveProps #BTS with Noel Yee.

Crowdfunding campaign video filming is complete! We're on schedule for an April launch. Stay tuned.

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Draft script/storyboard is complete for the IndieGogo campaign for the Give Props Flow Arts Documentary. Filming in 2 weeks. O.O

Been working hard with Noel Yee on the Flow Arts Documentary. We have a name! We have a mission! We're close to a logo! IndieGogo Campaign launch will be in late March.

Stay tuned.

It's been a while since I've done a photo remix. Latest inspiration comes from Brandon Malzahn's Contact Juggling skills, originally shot by Wendy Simpson Malzahn.

Brandon says "I hear the Zelda item acquisition music in my head while looking at that."

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This was the very first intro / splash video I've ever made. It was for a now-defunct web blog / video show about current events and opinion pieces called The Fallout Show. This was the first draft and it ended up being chopped down to about 10 seconds for posterity, but here's the full version for your enjoyment.

As always, If you need any work like this done, don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your needs and pricing.

“Whether it’s Contact Juggling, or Polo or Beer Pong…Practice! The importance of practice and the self-evident benefits of technique are really stated in the Flow Arts.” -Richard Hartnell

Going over interview segments for the upcoming Flow Arts Documentary. Everyone has had some amazing insights thus far. The clock is ticking, we're getting closer.

Last year Fine Grain Film was contacted to create an introduction screen for videos being submitted to the FireDrums XII Video Tutorial Contest. They've decided to use it again for this years contest. Here's what I came up with.

If you'd like to participate this year for a chance to win comped or discounted tickets to Firedrums 2014, check out the guidelines and submit a tutorial video before Feb 1st.…/1vFJcc5uHCS4Ypas9-kAB_SoKC4…/edit…

50 following in less than 24 hours. I could get used to this. Big thanks to all of the early adopters!

Please share this page out to anyone you know who may be interested in seeing FGF videos or working with me in the future to make their own video.

Working through the second installation of Guy Kaplan juggling in Los Angeles. Hold onto your balls.

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Check out Roy Two Thousand!!'s latest work at Burning Man.

Roy is part of the triad including myself and Noel Yee that are working together on the largest videography project I've been involved with to date: a documentary on FlowArts culture. Couldn't be doing it without Roy.

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The Temple of Whollyness at Burning Man 2013 & ART for TREES

Roy 2k captures another indelible playa moment during the Temple build. He writes: “the daytime/sun rays picture was taken just before an epic storm rolled thro...ugh. I had no idea there was a storm coming, but fortunately we were there to time-lapse the whole thing! One of my cameras stopped working afterwards, but it was well worth it.”

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