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It’s Fearless Friday y’all! Being fearless means blocking out the projections of others and having confidence in yourself and your decisions. Being fearless means trusting God, the universe or whatever higher power you believe in. Being fearless means sometimes you have to stand alone. Being fearless means taking a lip of faith and trusting the process regardless of what you hear, see and feel. Faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things unseen. So, today I challenge you to be fearless!
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{NEW EPISODE ALERT} Where are my late 80's & early 90’s babies?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Vanessa Baden Kelly on the podcast. She formerly played in some of our favorite 90’s children TV Shows such as Kenan & Kel and Gullah Gullah Island on Nickelodeon.

Vanessa currently plays the character Journee who battles bipolar disorder on Giants which is executive produced by FOX’s Empire Jussie Smollett. You can see Giants, it premieres on Wednesday, February 21st on Issa ...Rae Presents YouTube Channel.

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Giants has officially premiered. Check out the episode and learn more about the character Journey who battles with bipolar disorder.

When Journee’s mental illness becomes too much for her sister, she is forced to crash with her best friend Malachi, a sex worker, who has already over-stayed...

No spoilers so go ahead and give this a read. "After watching the Black Panther movie, I needed a few days to digest what the movie meant to me and how it related to black mental health. When I was a little girl, I struggled with my dark skin and hair texture. Like many black kids, we are taught to believe that having light skin and soft long loose curls meant that you were pretty. So, it should not be a surprise that darker skin tones and nappy hair were interpreted as being ugly. India Arie said it best “Good hair means curls and waves. Bad hair means you look like a slave.”…/what-the-black-panther-movie-me…

After watching the Black Panther movie, I needed a few days to digest what the movie meant to me and how it related to black mental health. When I was a little girl, I struggled with my dark skin and hair texture. Like many black kids, we are taught to believe that having light skin and soft long lo...

I am participating as a panelist for the Still I Rise: Rising In Leadership, Purpose & Vision event on Saturday, March 24 at 755 8th Street NW Washington, DC. The event starts at 5 pm. Event is FREE but please register.

Sat 5:00 PM EDT755 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20001-3721, United States

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my love birds!…/how-does-falling-in-love-impact…

Sweet kisses and constant “butterflies in your stomach”; the time when you cannot stop thinking about that special someone. The smile that comes across your face when his or her name pops up on your screen. Is it love or lust? In honor of Valentine’s Day, the time where flowers, candles, choco...

In the words to Meek Mills “It’s levels to this”, said DrKarinn Glover referring to mental illness during her interview. “You would never tell someone who broke their ankle to smoke weed and their ankle will heal on its own.” So many times we hear that taking medication for mental illness is for crazy people or it will make you feel like a zombie. It actually discouraged me for taking medication. According to an article by NBC, one in six Americans take psychotropic medication---mostly antidepressants. This week's episodes address taking medication for mental illness with two psychiatrists of the Thrive Mindfulness Project, Dr. Doomes and Dr. Glover.

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In the words of Toni Payne, "I rather be living my truth happily than living a lie miserably.” I'm a two-time suicide survivor that discovered my passion through my pain and now I'm living out loud, and leading a movement about mental health within communities of color.

This Is My Brave, Inc. is giving me the opportunity to share my story with clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder and surviving suicide. Tickets are on sale now and my goal is to sell 15 tickets. Cl...ick here for tickets:

If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation. I am asking 25 people to donate $20 to help reach my goal of $500. Your donation will help with the production costs, rehearsals, cast refreshments and future shows. Please donate to my page by clicking this link: Thank you in advance for your generous donation.

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This is one of the many reasons why talking about mental health is so important. This certainly rubbed me the wrong way but that is why I advocate. "Angela Neal-Barnett, a director of Kent State’s Program for Research on Anxiety Disorders among African-Americans within the school’s Department of Psychology, told NBC News that for years, no one was writing about anxiety and blackness because researchers assumed anxiety disorders affected African-Americans the same as whites. While on an internship as part of her studies, she was told that the only things African-Americans were afraid of were roaches and rats."…/look-how-anxiety-affects-african-…

As experts shed light on mental health conditions affecting African-Americans, some say resources and awareness are still lacking for disorders such as anxiety.

For those near Montclair, NJ looking for a therapist, please check out Heart's Empowerment.

I was interviewed on 12 Minute Convo With Engel Jones. Check it out here:

T-Kea Blackman- Described by family and friends as an inspiration, T-Kea Blackman, affectionately known as Kea, is an entrepreneur, mentor, mental health advocate, speaker, and writer. She is the creator and host of the Fireflies Unite Podcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to normalizing the conversat...

Do therapists need therapy too? During this episode, I interviewed Akoma Counseling Concepts, LLC & Shivonne specializes in maternal mental health. Due to her sexual assault, she battled with anxiety, depression & panic disorders. Learn more about her story and dedication to women and girls to ensure they are mentally healthy.

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I joined the "This Is My Brave (Arlington)" cast and will share my story with depression, anxiety and suicide. I really would like to see your beautiful faces in the audience.

I need your help! I am responsible for selling 15 tickets. Can you help me reach my goal? If you can not attend, please feel free to donate to this amazing organization (This Is My BRAVE) that is fighting to end the mental health stigma.

This is a live presentation of touching essays, original music, ...and poetry will be performed by BRAVE individuals living with―or loving someone with― a mental illness.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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Sun 7:00 PM EDTGunston Theatre One

Happy Black History Month! Here is a great way to educate and encourage our beautiful black and brown babies. Representation is everything as it impacts the mental health of our children. They need to see people who are successful who look like them.

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A support group is vital when to managing your mental health. Here are a few tips to help you create a great team.…/4-tips-when-creating-a-support-…

Taking care of your mental health is essential to living your best life. For those of us who live with a mental illness, it is imperative that we find balance. This includes building a support system that is available in crisis and recovery. A healthy support system can put you on track to success.....

“You can’t heal a lifetime of pain overnight. Take your time.” If you are not watching GiantsGiants, you need to catch up on Issa Rae PresentsYoutube channel before the new season premieres. This show highlights black mental health as the character Journee battles bipolar disorder. Here is the link so you can start binge watching lol.

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