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  • Our affinity for English Bulldogs started 40 years ago. As a kid, my father and mother wanted a family pet and they simply could not imagine having anything other than an English Bulldog. We purchased our first English Bullie a few days later, and they have been a part of our lives ever since.
    Like Pringles, we could not have just one. Over the years we bought several more females and began breeding on a very small level. With every breeding, we strived to improve the breed. We wanted to produce puppies with enormous heads, unforgettable wrinkles, and bellies that scrubbed the ground. We did this for many years and became infatuated with the Bulldog babies.
    Now, here we are; rather than breeding, our infatuation with Bulldog puppies has led us to a different place. We now take part in importing this amazing breed into the United States. We import with ONE purpose in mind; we have made it our personal mission to improve the English Bulldogs in the States. We personally hand-select the puppies we choose to import and will only usher in the most prestigious. It is clear that we are not interested in selling substandard puppies or puppies that are below-par. If you are looking for a “bargain”, this is not the place for you. If you are interested in the goal that we are, come on in, and take a look around.
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