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Google is dropping the #Google merchant center feed integration with #Magento and other cart platforms come March 20, 2018.

Just a few #Magento sites from our portfolio. In need of #security patch updates? We can help.
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Google's #AI is now focussing on context and user intent in the content it indexes. This is going to change the results in ranked sites quite a bit and cause for a lot of changes in writing style from here forward. Need top-notch #SEO that's cutting-edge? Drop me a DM.

No need to say more!

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Here are 3 quick #SEO tips. 1) Optimize for mobile. 2) Optimize for speed. 3) Optimize your content for quick wins.

Google's #AI engine is replacing the value of #inbound #links with what they're calling "Real User Intent" RUI. This is going to change the entire landscape of #search as we know it.

60 percent of #Snapchat users are under 25 according to Nielsen, and 41 percent in the U.S. is 18- to 34-year-olds. #Instagram skews older: Pew estimates that the platform does well with 30- to 49-year-olds, with 33 percent of Internet users in that group.

FIS Web Design updated their cover photo.
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Want to boost your energy without a drink or food?
A #Harvard #Business Review study showed that a positive interpersonal reaction will boost your energy WAY more than a Snickers bar or a cup of joe. So go pay someone a compliment, it will help you and them.

Do what you love or parish trying. We love #SEO and #eCommerce, it's in our DNA.

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Another change coming to #Google's search listings, this time related to AMP. February 1, 2018, Google will require that your #AMP and #Canonical pages match.

Google's Featured Snippets are slowly disappearing from #search results. So don't be too concerned about going through the trouble of customizing service pages to try and be snipped from #Google. Here's are snippets that Google has already stopped showing; CRM, #ERP, MBA, Buddhism, web design, anger management, hosting, DSL, ActiveX, ovulation.

Excellent article if you are interested in hiring an #SEO such as us. We've never sold cheap services and we can prove measured results from our efforts…

The SEO industry is becoming more difficult than ever, and columnist Jeremy Knauff explains why that is a great thing for the industry as a whole.

Two site launches this week, one brand new #Magento, and one #Shopify migration. Will post the links as soon as they're live.

What a great work week, 4 new #Magento #ecommerce #webdesign clients.