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Take your place at one our prestigious events. We will be offering Open Houses, Course Trials, Campus Tours, and our Community Health Services for those interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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We provide winning opportunities to enhance your knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so that you may start an amazing career or simply benefit yourself and your loved ones.

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Students and staff gather together for Chinese New Year Eve celebration; organized by the Student Council at Five Branches San Jose campus. We wish everyone a wonderful Year of the Dog (Gou); live long and prosper with Five Branches.

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Petra Alt
· July 27, 2017
Yes, I used to take many different allergy pills and they did not work for long so I had a prescription for shots but I decided to try Chinese medicine and after 3 month of accupuncture, I never had take western meds again and have maintenence treatments for allergies See More
Ulisses Blas
· April 16, 2017
I feel great after just one session. try the acupuncture i had student do it while a licensed sensai was pointing out the key areas of stress tissues muscles where located. Most of all my pain went aw...ay almost emediatly of not after 24 hours I feel great thank sensai and students. See More
Sharla Jacobs
· December 7, 2016
I loved my education at Five Branches (1999-2002). Great teachers who care about their students being equipped to handle real cases and get results for patients.
Maria Schechter
· October 7, 2016
I absolutely enjoyed my experience. I will be a committed member for life. �❤️
Ibraham Ahmed Gm
October 31, 2011
Don "The Dragon" Wilson-upcoming movie "The Liberator",Cynthia Rothrock to appear at 40th Battle of Detroit and offer fighting seminar.Big K Guiness brick breaking record holder to demonstrate and hol...d seminar at event. see as we update details See More
Christine Elizabeth
· April 23, 2015
Extremely thankful for FBU. Lucy Hu , Kevin Zhu and Kiyoko
Caroline Burdulis
November 6, 2011
In an ideal setting to facilitate learning, Five Branches University offers skilled clinicians dedicated to their students' growth in both skills and knowledge.
Elizabeth Wong
February 25, 2012
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Ali Zambrano
· October 11, 2016
Muy amables y te explican pasó a pasó el tratamiento que te darán, atención rápida, oportuna y de primera calidad
Mood Swings due to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

We are celebrating the Chinese New Year by wrapping dumplings here at Five Branches San Jose; organized by Prof. Stephine He and our beloved Song Song.

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The first Five Branches University Community Service of 2018 has been held in San Jose campus on the past Sunday afternoon. About 60 patients have been treated by our senior intern practitioners and a few volunteer alumni practitioners, who are Licensed Acupuncturists.

Many patients expressed their appreciation with the service received and booked a follow-up clinic appointment with the interns.

Our next community service is scheduled for Feb 18th. To sign up, please vi...sit

For more the public events prepared for you to experience Traditional Chinese Medicine in person, Please refer to this list:

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New students starting their entry level of clinical training on the second day of Spring 2018 Trimester!

Five Branches University offers a higher standard of clinical training, which is based on the master-disciple training model. Before graduating, each student must complete 400 patient-count and 990 hours of clinic practice.

Many Five Branches graduates surpassed the required quota before graduation. This allows for a good foundation to be built, and a great experience in the clinical setting.

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New student orientation for MTCM/DTCM today at Five Branches University San Jose Campus. Students enrolled for the Spring trimester enjoying their orientation in a live setting, as well as online.

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Dr. Wen Chung-Kai came to Five Branches U. DAOM program and hosted a postgraduate topic of Acupuncture Reconstruction and Modern Medicine over the past weekend. More than 100 postgraduate students and the licenses acupuncturist from overseas joined.

Dr. Wen is trained and licensed in both Western medicine and TCM. He received his Ph.D. from the Graduate Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chang Gung University.

Dr. Wen holds many prestigious roles as the board direc...tor and honored member of various TCM associations, and is an advisor to the government.

Dr. Wen specializes in treating various difficult and complicated conditions such as neurological disorders, Myasthenia Gravis, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic injuries…etc; Dr. Wen has garnered international recognition for treating rare and incurable diseases such as Meta-chromatic leuko-dystrophy, Rett Syndrome, Bardet-Biedl Syndrom, Cerebral Palsy, Essential Tremor, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Macular degeneration, Sjögren's syndrome, Ocular Hypertension...etc.

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Five Branches University
Medical & Health

Start your journey towards becoming a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Spring 2018 Enrollment Deadline is December 8th. Enroll as a part time or full time graduate student!

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Five Branches University
Medical & Health

On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, Five Branches University Internship Level Students and Supervisor Stephanie He were at Align Tech for their Corporate Health Fair. They treated over 23 patients in 1.5 hrs.

Five Branches University is committed to being involved in our local community and is always open to attend Corporate Health Fairs to treat patients.

Contact Five Branches University if your business or corporation would like to experience the amazing benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Effective January 1, 2018 over 3000 hospitals will be required to hire Licensed Acupuncturists to provide non-pharmacologic pain treatment.

The announcement was made by the Joint Commission (TJC), the largest U.S. accreditation body for health care facilities.

In 2014~2016, Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine completed a successful pilot program with the Central California Alliance for Health examining the efficacy of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Med...icine for pain management. The results were overwhelmingly positive with greater than 80% of the participants having a tremendous reduction in their pain levels and need for opioid medications.

Since beginning 2016, Five Branches students have been both licensed acupuncturists and residents in our Highland Hospital Residency Program. They have worked alongside MD’s and Medicine Student Residents in training at both the outpatient clinic and the inpatient wards in Highland Hospital, a leading community hospital in Oakland, California. The residency is available to all students in the MTCM, DTCM and DAOM programs at Five Branches University.

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Meet Stephanie He, L.Ac, who has over 30 yrs of TCM practice experience specializing in the treatment of stroke, gastrointestinal disorders, geriatrics, neuropathies and internal medicine disorders. She will be the supervisor at the Community Healthcare Services (10AM-1PM) in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Festival on Aug 12th (Sat.)

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Five Branches University
Medical & Health

Meet David Chi, L.Ac, Pain Management, Alzheimer's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease specialist, the leading practitioner for our Veteran's Clinic. He will be the leading supervisor of Community Healthcare Service at Traditional Chinese Medicine Festival.

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Five Branches University
Medical & Health

Meet Jeffrey Pang, L.Ac, world famous TCM Herbology master. He will present the Herbal Dietetic Food Prep and Tasting at Traditional Chinese Medicine Festival. His mini-lecture topic will cover the Chinese medical perspective on nutrition for the improvement of clinical conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux, migraine headaches, and more.

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Five Branches University
Medical & Health

Meet Dr. Ching Ching Chi, L.Ac, Ph.D specializing in stroke rehabilitation, pain management, diabetes and its complication. She will the presenter of mini-lecture: The path to become a professional acupuncturist at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Festival.

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Five Branches University
Medical & Health

Meet Ken Chang, L.Ac, Five Branches alumnus and owner of Chong Ching Tang Chinese Herb Dispensary in Cupertino, CA. Chong Ching Tang was established in 1950 in Taiwan. Ken will be the presenter of: Dietetic Herbal Tea Prep and Tasting at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Festival.

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