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Amanda Porterfield
· September 14, 2016
If you loved Flaco's excellent fish taco, don't bother going back. They got rid of them. Well, they have one fish taco -- a fries mahi mahi that tastes like a fish stick. The old grilled mahi mahi was... so much better! Why a restaurant that made its name with fish tacos would get rid of them is beyond me. This was one of our favorite restaurants and I am so disappointed. We never had problems with service and would go about six times a year. No more; never again. What happened to you, Flaco's? No wonder we were the only diners. Also, they raised the prices and the tacos are smaller. See More
Brad Peach
· June 15, 2016
I'm not one to complain, but this place missed the mark on every level this evening. Decided to go somewhere different to change it up and I totally regret choosing this place. The service was slow and disorganized and there was only one employee who was at all helpful and acknowledged guests that were coming and going. The burrito I had was bland and required some queso and hot sauce to make it edible. The waitress, for some strange reason, kept taking my drinks before I was even done with them. The dessert we ordered was the churros and they should have given us a saw to cut through them because I nearly chipped a tooth on the things. I also went with the intention of getting their Wednesday special, which was paella, only to find that nobody in the building (manager included) even knew what paella was and insisted they served nothing with that name (even though it was scrolling on the marquee sign outside as their daily special). Just an all around disaster that I will not be taking part in again. See More
Mindy Epps
· May 5, 2016
A friend and I went at lunch time on Cinco De Mayo. Don't let that fool you. We arrived earlier than the normal lunch hour and it was not even really crowded. They only had one waitress and maybe 5 ta...bles. It took almost 25 minutes to get our order taken. We ordered chips & queso, 3 mahi mahi tacos w/ mango salsa, 3 smoked chicken tacos with corn salsa and sour cream. After a long wait, we had to ask for our check and our food to be packaged to go to so we could get back to the office. After another good wait, our food arrived (minus chips, queso, sour cream, and either of our salsas) as if we were going to dine in. We again asked for it to be packaged to go and asked for our missing items. After a short wait, they arrived with two to go containers and two soda cups full of two different salsa. Upon getting back to the office, we realized both orders of tacos were random flavors - not what we ordered. Neither salsa was what we ordered. We never received the queso or sour cream which we paid for. There was absolutely nothing positive about this experience. See More
Hal Bierman
· January 22, 2017
My first time there and it took my cousin performing to get me there. But now that I've been, I'll go back often. The Korean Beef taco with the kimchi and the Chicken taco with the corn salsa and jala...peño aioli were spectacular. This is a great place for friends. I'll be back soon. See More
Mark Madonna
· September 4, 2015
Terrible service, less than mediocre food. It's sad when the rice and beans are the best thing. Had three tacos, fish (they're ruining the original Flaco's good name) Pork Pastor (burned and dry) and ...chorizo that left grease running down my arm. Thankfully I had a groupon but it was not worth the 15 I payed for 30 (that they only took $29 off for some reason) See More
Sammi Seligsohn
· April 10, 2015
It's really unfortunate that I have to write a negative review. This is the second time I have visited Flacos Cocina and I have to say that the food is great but the service is absolutely terrible. I...f you are wanting good food, make sure you aren't hungry upon arriving- you'll be waiting so long for the food that by the time you get it you'll be ready to eat.

Had my second experience during lunch time today- a small group of us (4) were sitting on the patio. Sat down and ordered our drinks no problem. We were placing our order and they were out of some items so we couldn't order what we originally wanted, the waitress was not experienced and didn't come back to refill our drinks or chips/salsa, and lastly we walked out before our food had arrived.

I typically am not one to complain but after waiting over 30 minutes, with barely anyone else at the restaurant I might add, not once did the waitress come out to apologize for the food taking so long. When I asked how much longer the food was going to be her response was, "I'm not really sure. We are out of a lot of food and the chef is being an a-hole so I really don't know."

Once that was said, we paid for our drinks and left. I have never had to walk out of a restaurant like that due to the terrible service.
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Luis CoRo
· October 30, 2016
Very good service,waiters are very friendly and nice......but horrible food , very expensive for what they offer, also taking about a hour to serve 2 plates .....Not Caribbean Food it all like Menu s...ays, it's just more like Mexican/Californian style ....Not coming back again. Thanks. See More
Marti Christman
· September 18, 2016
Great place, great company. Thanks girls for suggesting it to us. Thanks to JJ and the staff for great food and drinks. See you all next time we are in town.
Nico Krehmeyer
· July 20, 2017
Miss this place so much! Hopefully, Maz will open something new, sometime soon!
Barbara Woods
· July 1, 2014
Worst food EVER! Had Groupons for several meals so I felt obligated to use them. Neither my boyfriend nor I enjoyed any of our meals and we are foodies. The owner is nice and the place has great atmos...phere but neither of these makes up for the food. The only decent thing was vegetarian options. We gave our last Groupon away just so we wouldn't have to go back. Awful! See More
Edvin Cehic
· February 5, 2016
Great place too have lunch or dinner with family , friend's or even by yourself the customer service is fantastic and the owner is the best friend a person will ever run into I highly recommend too come out and check out Flacos Cocina ☺ See More
Mary Alice Lile
· January 3, 2015
this was the worst excuse for a fish taco i have ever put in my mouth. It had ranch dressing all over it. The menu was covered with dried on food, and the margarita tasted like soap, glasses not rinse...d? will never go back and will make a point to tell everyone that i know to never go there. server was very nice. the only bright spot. live and learn and never go back. edible food was extremely bland, maybe we are spoiled by cherokee street tacos? See More
Sean Johns
· February 21, 2015
Absolutely the worst service I have ever experienced. The food was great. The server was completely useless. I won't ever return. The sudo manager made excuses then tell the patrons at the bar while l...aughing. I hope the owner knows what kind of employees work here. See More
Michelle Schempp
· September 17, 2016
It was great place, fun and relax! Great food Great drinks... Thanks Nory for the suggestion... My ultimate ultra girl...
Bruce B. Grossmann
· July 19, 2015
Two words; IT SUCKS!! Arrived at 7pm to a sparsely crowded place, and yet it still took 10 minutes before anyone even acknowledged us. Finally, the owner/hostess came over and took our drink order. Th...e sangria was ok, but had NO FRUIT in it. Chips were stale and the salsa had too much cilantro. Min ordered the lobster empanadas, and I had a "cup" of Tortilla soup and Grilled Mahi Mahi Burritto. Well Lo and behold, out comes my "bowl of soup and the burrito all at once, and Mindy's entree was nowhere to be found. I immediately said, that I wanted the soup 1st and then the entree's next. The server apologized and thought I wanted them both at the same time (DUH!! who in their right mind would figure that out) The soup was the highlight of meal, chunks of chicken plantains, corn, etc. Definitely home made! Min said the empanadas were good, but the sauce was HORRIBLE. My Mahi Mahi burrito had NO TASTE and you could tell the fish had been frozen then See More
Caryn Crow Blankenship
· December 28, 2014
Best cactus taco I've ever tasted. Wonderful fish tacos as well! The staff is friendly, courteous, and prompt. Great job. Thank you and we'll be back for more!!
Michael Eagan
· October 14, 2016
They still have the grilled fish tacos ! All of the fish is fresh and delicious ..
Drew Mattson
· November 20, 2015
Terrible service. This is close to my house so we come often. The only thing that brings me back is convenience. Terrible, terrible and terrible
Julie Frerichs
· July 4, 2016
We will be coming back for hurricanes and fat fish tacos! Loved listening to the impromptu jam session provided by the Brothers Jacob and Gary
Johnny Holzer
· June 12, 2015
This has become my new favorite restaurant in St. Louis. The food, service, and atmosphere have all been excellent every time. Quite reasonable prices, and where else are you going to get a seared s...callop taco or southwest Baja tempura fried ahi? See More
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Join us for a complimentary appetizers and drink specials all day at Flaco's Cocina and enjoy watching the Super Bowl with your friends at your neighborhood bar.

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