We here at Flick Lit are so sad to hear of the passing of the great Miss Sharon Jones from pancreatic cancer. We often featured her music in our pre-show playlist. We loved her original soul music with the Dap Kings. She always did great covers, too. Here's the trailer to a documentary film about her life. She went from working as a corrections officer at Rikers Island to being labeled the "female James Brown" .... RIP, Miss Sharon Jones.

"Opens New York July 29 | Nationwide August 2016 Two-time Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA) shines a powerful, ins...

What spectacular stories last night!
Tremendous and sincere thanks to our wildly talented performers.

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Many thanks to those of you who came out to our show last night. We had a blast! And a special thanks to our performers. You guys were the BEST: Kelsie Huff, Nestor Gomez, Archy Arch J, Jessica Wolfe , Eileen Tull, Suzy Kahn Weinberg and Bex Chapman.
And thanks to 826CHI for being part of the event!
It was a privilege to host all of you!
See you at the movies.

....and our show tonight is SOLD OUT!!!!!!

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Don't even think of missing tomorrow's fierce Love/Hate Debate on ANNIE HALL (1977) at our final show.

Two powerful storytellers (Eileen Tull and Suzy Kahn Weinberg) square off on this iconic Woody Allen film. Does it deserve to be beloved? Or does it deserve to be be-loathed? It's up to you, the exceptionally magnificent audience, to decide.

There are only a handful of tickets left, so get 'em now.

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There has been a great disturbance in the Force ....

As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happned. The clip is from "Star Wars: Episode...

Happy Friday, Flick Literati! Because we know you love good storytelling, we want to do our small part to help promote it for years to come. We're talkin' about turning kids into writers. That's why proceeds from Tuesday night's show (11/15; 8pm) will go to 826CHI. We'll tell you more about this organization at the show (including how you can get involved). Suffice to say it is basically a ninja training center located behind the storefront of an inconspicuous-looking secret agent supply company. But don't be fooled. Behind those walls, young warriors are sharpening their words and imagination to be used for GOOD against E-V-I-L.

Read more about this superfly enterprise here. And get your tickets for Tuesday night NOW:

826CHI is a nonprofit tutoring & writing center, located at 1276 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago.

THIS TUESDAY, November 15th in The Music Box Lounge: Our musical guest Bex Chapman will be performing music from HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH (2001).

Bex Chapman is a glamdrogynous, singer/songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Bex is a graduate from Columbia College, currently living the dream as a server. Hobbies include: being alone in their room, drowning in sadness, whilst listening to Lana Del Rey.

Tickets are limited and going fast so get yours today @

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Our next show is less than a week away now (a wonderfully welcome distraction)!

We hope you can join us for the final show of the year on TUESDAY, NOV 15th, 8pm in The Music Box Lounge.

In the meantime meet 2 more of our fabulous storytellers: ...
(Telling True Stories Inspired by the Movies):

Kelsie Huff ... JAWS (1975)
Jessica Wolfe ... SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL (1987)

Check out their movie info and bios and get those your tickets NOW!

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Since this is a slow news day, you might be interested in a list ....

From 1934’s *Gabriel over the White House* to 2012’s *Lincoln*, these films represent Hollywood’s best examinations of the only American institution more powerful than itself.

You go, Tracy Flick ....

Americans may finally be ready to pick the smartest girl in the room.

Our next show is just over a week away!

We hope you can join us for the final show of the year on TUESDAY, NOV 15th, 8pm in The Music Box Lounge.

In the meantime meet 2 of our excellent storytellers: ...
(Telling True Stories Inspired by the Movies):
Archy Jamjun ... REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (1955)
Nestor Gomez ... PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (2003)

Check out their movie info and bios and get those your tickets NOW!

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Here's the latest Friday Film Wrecks from Flick Lit alum Nathalie Lagerfeld. Check it out.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: PART II came out in 1989 and predicted a Chicago Cubs World Series victory in 2015. Cleary the 1994 MLB strike disrupted the space-time continuum, thus resulting in a one-year delay. Just ask Michael J. Fox.

Plenty of movies and TV shows have poked fun at the unlikeliness of a Cubs World Series championship — Rookie of the Year, Parks and Recreation,...

What did Cubs manager Joe Maddon say to his team during that tense rain delay?:

"Now listen to me. This game of baseball is only 1/2 skill. The other 1/2 is something else. Something bigger!" (DAMN YANKEES, 1958)

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs AND the Cleveland Indians for a series filled with heart.


See you November 15th at the Music Box Lounge. 8pm. You'll be there because you are FULL of heart.

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It's the first day of the MLB season! What better way to celebrate, than with song. This1958 film was made by Warner Bros. and directed by George Abbott and...

Hey there. That was a fun game last night, right?

Time for the trophy presentation ....

Our next show, our last of 2016 (our 7th game, if you will), is Tuesday, 11/15 ....

The Bad News Bears movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESC...

Our last show of the year is LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AWAY!
November 15th to be precise.

Tickets are limited so get yours right. now.


Just look at this incredible line-up.
Just look at these killer movies.


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