I just heard that the patent office will be looking at the patent application in the next week or two.

We haven't gone away we're just having a really hard time finding really cool floats for the new design


It's grilling season

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Happy Friday everyone. It's getting warmer outside.

These are SO easy and really good. The hot sauce gives it an extra kick and cuts the sweetness. They can help with patience while the rest of the grilled feast comes together, but be warned, they go quickly!

We are still looking into different float ideas for the grills. Hopefully we'll have something soon that looks good.

What shape would you like to see the floats resemble?

I think the new supports for the floats are pretty cool. Now I have to find a good looking floats.

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Check out the new design

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I'm thinking about using bamboo poles for the floats on the grills instead of plastic pipe. What do you guys think?

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Here is a design for the support that goes from the grill to the floats so this would be on the base. Let me know what you think. The white areas would be cut out.

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We have made these and they are sooo good

Jalapenos are stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped with bacon, and barbequed on the grill.
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Thanks for mentioning us Dane Carlson!

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I'm amazed how many site have found out about the grill

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