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Jason Etherton
· July 5, 2017
I think their cute and I want one as a pet. I have always wanted to try showing cows but don't know anyone who has an extra cow in Greene County.
Renee Homelvig Osier
June 14, 2013
Have you all seen the Fluffy Cows? It's got to be one of the fastest growing pages, over 11K likes in under 2 weeks! Go check them out and like those Fluffy Cows!
Halle Harvick
October 15, 2013
I love the page and looking at all the show steers and heifers.I think 1 time I met Matt at a show when we were showing.Love the page!
Danica S'ghetti
· November 7, 2014
The only page people should follow on FB! Fluffy cows are love, fluffy cows are life!
Julie Brannock Davis
August 13, 2013
I've got to have one!!! Is thre any in or close to nc?
Guthrie Lynn Meyer
· August 27, 2015
I love show cattle and this is a great page to remind me of upcoming sales
Farmer Phil Rea
· August 1, 2014
I live on a farm myself so I love these guys, we also show too
Pam Raper Phillips
July 19, 2013
Love this page. Wonderful to see I am not alone in my love for cows!! Check it out!!
Rashell Harcourt
· April 28, 2014
I want one of these cows!!!
Misty McGrath
June 13, 2013
Christie Collins, they looked like they were hand scissored! How adorable!
Diane Hoffman-Hankins
· February 26, 2014
What makes them so fluffy? Is it a certain breed?
Chelsie Flinn
June 18, 2013
Brings back a ton of awesome memories :)
Amy Sue Wilsdorf
· June 16, 2013
BREED LAUTNER and you'll get fluffy cows #nuffsaid
Kaylee Osier
· June 14, 2013
Look at these Fluffy Cows!! Go ahead, like em'!!!!!
Heather Kessler
June 15, 2013
Fluffy cows. Enough said.
Lauri Thorp
· August 31, 2013
The dedicated youth that raise and show fluffy cows
Kurtis Reid
· August 9, 2013
Check it out!!
Shergill Baldeep
· May 8, 2014
Very niceeeeeeeeeeeee................

From Kim O'Neil | Colorado
No Guts No Glory Steer Looking Good!
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Show Champions From Lesky Show Cattle In Southwestern Colorado

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Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle Office At 515.391.9540 To Order Semen For Shipment Today

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