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FLUX Delta+ - Craft Your Imagination
The Slapping Module
My Computer

FLUX Delta+ is now exclusively on Indiegogo! Last stop to get FLUX Delta+ at an unbeatable price before it hits the market at retail price.
Plus, we're offering FREE shipping, there is no other chance better than this, seriously.

The only 3D printer to flawlessly integrate laser engraving, vinyl cutting and more.|By FLUX Inc.

Truly a state-of-the-art.

Posted by FLUX Inc.

LIVE: guess which character from The Simpsons Mashable UK is printing with our FLUX Delta+

Mashable UK was live.
June 9

Take a break from #GE2017 chaos and guess which character from The Simpsons we're 3D printing with FLUX Inc.

Live printing show on Mashable UK!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Mashable UK
Mashable UK was live.
May 12

We are 3D printing the face of a mystery Game of Thrones character with the help of FLUX Inc.

Can you guess who it is?

[ FLUX Delta Family Warranty Policy ]

Hello, FLUX Delta and FLUX Delta+ users!

After busy months of production and shipping of our new product, FLUX Delta+, our community is growing stronger and more people are enjoying the fun of digital creation.


To provide better customer support, we will update the FLUX Delta Family (FLUX Delta / FLUX Delta+) warranty policy, the new policy ( will be effective in one week (2017/5/5).

[ FLUX Delta Warranty Policy Update ]

The road for FLUX Delta was quite bumpy at first, thanks to the continued support from all the FLUX Delta users, we found solutions to the issues together. Though the process wasn’t easy, the team managed to provide RMA service without any charge and the free upgrade kit ( campaign, which will end on May 5th.

To strive for better quality of our customer service, the team will start to enforce the warranty policy. We will charge repair costs and shipping fees for RMA service if the warranty of the product has expired. The warranty starts from the date of delivery to the end-user purchaser.

For warranty periods of FLUX Delta products and modules, please see below:

*FLUX Delta: 9 months
*FLUX Delta Printing Toolhead: 3 months
*FLUX Delta Laser Module: 9 months
*FLUX Delta Holder Module: 9 months

[ FLUX Delta+ Warranty Policy ]

Howdy newcomers! We’ve been shipping out FLUX Delta+ orders and receiving some great feedbacks from users. Although some users are still waiting for a second shipment for the modules, don’t worry, the warranty starts from the date of delivery. Within a month after delivery, FLUX Inc. will pay the shipping cost for RMA service. Subsequently, during the warranty period, the customer is responsible for shipping costs.

For warranty periods of FLUX Delta+ products and modules, please see below:

*FLUX Delta+: 1 year
*FLUX Delta+ Printing Toolhead: 6 months
*FLUX Delta+ Laser Module: 1 year
*FLUX Delta+ Holder Module: 1 year
*FLUX Delta+ Blade Module: 1 year

Feel free to submit a request to our support staff if you have any questions regarding the warranty policy. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Happy creating!


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[ FLUX Delta+ Pre-Order Campaign - Ending in 12 hours! ]
(Get the best discount up to $250 off:

Your last chance to get the best deal of FLUX Delta+, a multi-functional 3D printer that does it all! Following the previous model, FLUX Delta, which raised $1.6 million on Kickstarter, FLUX Delta+ comes with even better output quality, stability, and versatility.


Also, after placing an order, your could share your referral link with your friends and family to get an extra $50 off, which could be accumulated up to get your order 100% FREE!

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FLUX Delta+ offers a more precise and stable performance than its predecessor while perfecting the integration of its multi-features. FLUX Delta+ is the ideal companion for digital crafting in education, design, engineering, and daily life.

FLUX Inc. updated their cover photo.
March 20
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[ FLUX Delta+ Pre-Order Campaign - Starts Now! ]
(Get the early bird discounts up to $250 off:

It's our pleasure to announce that the FLUX Delta+ Pre-Order Campaign is officially launched! Go on our official website now and read all about it. Make sure you grab one at the best price and get up to $250 off!


Also, after placing an order, your could share your referral link with your friends and family to get an extra $50 off, which could be accumulated up to get your order 100% free! Please see the website for details.

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[ FLUX Delta Upgrade Kit ]
[ Quest 2 - Share Your Work/Project ]

Hello guys! Once again, we’d like to express our gratitude to all the FLUX Delta users. As mentioned in our previous update report (, we will be releasing the FLUX Delta upgrade kit soon. And if any current FLUX Delta user finishes three simple quests, he or she can get FLUX Delta upgrade kit (worth $150) with only shipping fee charged.


Since October, we’ve received generous feedback through the quest 1 - product feedback survey, which takes 40 minutes in average to complete. Now the second quest is up! It is way easier compared to the previous one, which will only take about 10 minutes to finish!

(*Quest 2 Link:

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[ FLUX Delta+ - Coming Soon ]

We are thrilled to announce that information of the FLUX team’s latest product, FLUX Delta+, is about to be released soon!

For anyone who has interest in getting one, please enter the main page of our official website ( Submit your email to enter the FLUX Delta+’s waiting list. We will be releasing more information in the coming days. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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[ How to Get My FLUX Upgrade Kits? ]

Hello guys! It’s been a while since the previous update. During the past two months, the FLUX team has achieved many great milestones. Now it’s a perfect timing for us to conclude the progress and share our future plans! Please read the mega update here:

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[ Slapping Machine ]
With different tool heads in hand, we can expand the boundaries of imagination.

As an initial attempt, our designer made a futile yet somehow therapeutic device by combining multiple features of FLUX Delta. In a couple of days, we will release a DIY kit with the instructions, printable files and parameters that you can make one yourself without buying extra materials.


Please make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss it! To subscribe, please visit our website: or you can simply click on the "Subscribe to FLUX News!" button on the right.

*Features: 3D printing, Drawing, simple G-Coding

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Posted by FLUX Inc.

[ Sneak Peek ]
The visual design guy on the team has been working on different approaches to FLUX Delta. Without any mechanics or industrial design experience, he actually did something pretty cool. Let's take a peek at his sketches, can you tell what this is?

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[ Kinetic Practice ]
[ Mouse Stalker ]

Kinetic machine is mesmerizing. We made a linear motion device controlled by mouse coordinates, so it can do pirouettes when you’re at work.

Posted by FLUX Inc.

[ FLUX Project ]
[ Kinetic Practice ]

Imagine what a motor can do when it puts objects in motion.
What would you activate with one in hand?

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The world is constructed in sizes, as large as architectures, as small as objects. The holes and the notches of the components indicate the next joint, and shapes are formed with different numbers.
This is why digital crafting is enhancing, you jump from virtuality to reality, and back, creating the object that is now in your hands.

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