Flyffnitak Enthusiast.. Coming Soon! (No wipeout)

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Flyffnitak Forum is now open!!! All questions must be posted in forum help section.

Server is now online!

Updating Server Files...90% Checking Items in-game... Uploading Files to Server... Server Connection Setup... Applying Patches... Uploading Client... Test Mode...

Sino ang may gusto na ibalik ang flyffnitak without wipeout?

Please like...

Dynadot has encountered problem on their domain name system but they already fixed.
They said that wait until our ISP DNS will refreshed. It takes about 3 to 48hrs depends on country.
Please note that we will having our question and answer event this coming Saturday and Sunday in random time. Don't missed these great opportunities to grab your reward items.

While waiting we will give some x20 exp rate and x10 penya drop rate until March 10, 2012



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First of all, I would like to say thank you for waiting and apology for delayed.
Our server host has been successfully upgraded. Thank you.


Dev/Co-owner and flyffnitak owner

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Secured Servers offer us to upgrade our CPU to high clock speed with Hyper Threading (HT) Technology for free. We don't wanna missed this good opportunities to upgrade our server host for free.

Schedule for this update will be this coming 4:00pm (GMT+8) and it takes about 1 to 3 hours.


We will also release our new manual patches.

Thank you.

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Server is now online!
NOTE: Expected attack will happened later, but don't worry, our new server host has IPKVM tool. We can still access our server even is under attacked then blocked those suspect IP.

PATCH NOTE: If can't connect, please delete itak.exe found in your flyff folder then re-patch. Some ISP DNS will refreshing about 3 to 48hrs.


Domain is still still propagation..

Please download this new patcher

Thank you for waiting.. Enjoy!

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Finally, the attacker stop flooding our old server host. Now, we can get our lates database.
No rollback will happened.
Please wait for further notice.

New server host has been successfully setup.
But the old server host is still under attacked, we need those lates database to avoid rollback.

We will update you later..

Our new server host has been activated.
Please wait for further notice.

We're successfully backup all data.
But there is unexpected delayed to our order due to massive of orders queued.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
We will update you later. Thank you.

We're currently moving our all data to new server host.
Please wait for further notice. Thank you.